Internet Marketing Success: How to Speed Up Making Money Online

how can you accelerate internet marketing success hey this is Angela Carter with earn money with Angela's calm and in this video I want to share with you a really quick way to actually start getting results and start making money quickly on line so I want to share with you a key distinction that you want to make in terms of the internet marketing strategies that you're using if you want to get to the cash more quickly in your internet marketing business and start seeing internet marketing success more quickly you have to start using a blend of both passive and active marketing strategies and here's what I mean by that typically when we think about the two categories of marketing strategies that are available we think of paid we also think of free strategies right but there's also another key two categories that you want to keep in mind and that is there are passive strategies and there are active marketing strategies here are what I mean by those two here's the two number one passive marketing strategies our strategy is where you put out content or you put out marketing online where you hope some random person right that you don't know contacts and finds and sees your marketing and now they get you know in your marketing funnel so the key with passive is that is typically where you don't have a one-on-one interaction with the person but they're just seeing something that you're some sort of advertising some sort of marketing that you're doing and they're randomly finding it and then now they're engaged with you so let me give you an example what I mean by passive marketing strategy passive marketing strategies or strategies like it could be paid and free so paid passive strategies are strategies like so online it could be solo ads it can be Facebook Ads Facebook pay-per-click ads it can also be YouTube pay-per-click ads so those are passive marketing strategies passive paid then there are passive free strategies passive free strategies are blogging video marketing article marketing these are strategies like I said where I can put a video up and I'm not actually interacting with you one-on-one I'm doing it through video however I don't know you know who you are who's watching personally watching my videos I don't know their first name or last name unless they start doing more active I start turning that passive strategy into an active stretch and I'll show it to share with you how an active marketing strategy is one where now you're interacting with people one on one personally you're engaging in a dialogue in a conversation with them they're maybe asking you a question and you're responding back this is where you start doing personal connection and personal dialogue and a personal conversation so here's the problem the problem is with internet marketing a lot of people tend to only do passive marketing strategies the problem with that is traditionally those tend to be a little bit more slower however you can start to build up and start getting results with those however it's more of a kind of a farming strategy when you start doing passive it's kind of like you're putting a lot of content out you're doing and driving a lot of you know people to the ads or driving people to you know your video or to your blog post you have to put a lot of content I want to get results or start seeing some start converting that traffic into cash right so it may take some time so it's kind of like you have to put a lot of seeds out to reap a big harvest with active strategies there's more like hunting it's more like it I want cash or I want money coming in today if I want to eat today that I have to now start interacting and start connecting with people personally now I want to share with you how I actually combined both when I got started online I actually learned how to do this through the website that you see there on the screen if you're already on my personal email list you know that I've been using a power network to learn how to do this so if you want to if you if you feel like your internet marketing has been going going slowly and you're not getting to the cash in your business typically it's either you have not yet mastered the skill set of being able to create traffic capture leads and convert those leads into sales or you're using the wrong mixture the wrong blend of marketing strategies you probably are doing primarily passive and you rely a lot on these passive marketing strategies and kind of these automated funnels to do everything for you and it can take some time especially as you're learning and trying to master the skill set so what you want to do is you want to pick at least one paid one passive strategy I'm sorry one passive and one active here's how I did it now I'm about to give you my whole entire playbook I'm about to hook you up and show you exactly what I did so when I first got started I didn't have a big pay budget in fact I had a very small pay but I had $100 and that was it so what I did is I invested in the training that you see on the screen I'm investing in Power Networks training and I began to learn how to use free strategies free passive strategies and how to now take those leads those people that were coming on my email list from those free passive strategies how to now start engaging them with active marketing to down start closing the sale much much more quickly and start getting some cash flow coming in quickly into my business here's how I did it so I picked blogging and video marketing and I began to start doing blogging and video marketing every single day that was that was my passive but here's how I began to start doing some active strategies I began to not only female my list but personally email them some of you who are on my team us you know yeah yeah you did that that's what doing right so I you I email my leads personally so yes I do have autoresponders like automated emails however every single day I email live broadcast to my whole entire list and but I also personally individually contact my leads that come in I welcome you know I welcome them say hey you know introduce myself I let them know that I'm not a marketer who just want to hide behind my little you know computer but I want to engage with you I want to interact with you I want to know who are you what are you looking for what do you want what are the challenges that you're facing so I actually send a personal email if you haven't gotten one yet I am you're on my list so you expect one soon now what I do is I email them and what I do is like I said I ask them and I try to engage with them and ask them a question and say you know I see that you're interested in whatever it is that they came through whatever website so if they're interested in building an online business or making money online or using the Internet to promote an existing business that I say hey I saw that you're interested in this are you currently doing some online marketing now and then I send the email and then I engage with them if they respond back now here is also what I do and this is ninja I take the emails that I am getting right so the people that come on my email list I actually search for them by email address on Facebook so I can now again build that personal connection with them here's how and why I learned how to do this I actually there's a training inside of empower network inner circle training products called the power of high touch marketing and is a guy who built a large business doing email marketing and I apply that one training and now has been responsible for bringing in probably a couple hundred bucks for me just from doing that and using that strategy and using that training inside of empower network it's all about engaging with people personally so what I do is I look them up and see if their email address if they have a profile on Facebook that's tied to their email address all you do is just simply copy and paste their email address in the search box on Facebook and then I send them a friend request and in that email that I sent out to them I'll say if I found them on Facebook I'll say hey also you know since your firm across on face but look forward to connecting with you there as well and what happens is here's the proper expectations what you'll see yeah about half of the people won't respond at all they won't respond to your email address your email they won't respond to your Facebook firm requests they won't respond at all however you'll find some people won't respond at all but you'll notice they'll start opening up your emails because now you're standing out now you're like who's this person that's you know actually trying to connect with me because for most people they don't have that experience a lot of marketers try to like just you know do this automated thing but when you start engaging with them personally by doing and taking action of what I'm sharing with you today you are going to stand out and is going to impress them I had a woman who I did this with and she actually became a lead like she joined my email list and on that same exact day I sent her that welcome email put my phone number she called me son and she purchased my product the same exact day I got her on the phone talk to her engaged with her she purchased my product the same exact day so that email was twenty five dollars for me there's actually twenty five dollar product that she purchased made money that way that quickly the same day she came through our website and she said the reason why is because she was actually on a lot of other people's email list a lot of marketers list and they didn't engage with her personally and she was so impressed by how quick I actually interacted and engaged with her that my friend is a nugget that you want to implement if you want to start getting casual coming in quickly into your business so like I said half the people won't respond at all but you'll notice they'll start checking out your emails and I'll start opening your emails and that is also critical because if they're not opening up your emails how are you gonna be able to sell whatever it is that you're offering in the email so that's another little killer strategy for increasing your email open rate the second thing is you'll have people who will respond back who will email you back and this is marketing gold my friend and here's why the reason why is when you start interacting with them you get to hear their concerns you get to hear their frustrations you get to hear their challenges you get to hear their questions and their concerns about your product or your business whatever it is that you're promoting here's why this is marketing gold you are now getting valuable valuable marketing target market research you get to see what makes your target market tick what they're looking for what they want and what they don't want what they're concerned about with your product and here's what happened for me I started realizing that there were some questions that my marketing wasn't answering so I began to take their questions and create videos and blog posts and content answering those questions so now I can start answering those questions on the front end so by the time that I interact with them through email or on Facebook they're that much closer to the sale so this strategy using it and interacting with people you'll get to see you get to hear what makes them tick and you'll start to realize you know what they're looking for what they want and you can now start melding and kind of you know really orienting your marketing around that and that's going to help boost your conversions which will help bring in the cash so so that's another benefit of using that strategy and like I said before you'll stand out as a marketer if you do this so you want to start implementing active and passive strategies a perfect blend into your business if you want to start getting to the cash more quickly passive strategies are great blogging the video because here's the deal for me now that I've mastered video marketing and blogging I have now videos up on YouTube that are ranking on the first page for a keyword that I was targeting so now I'm all over the place so when people are you know trying to find out information related to the video that I did my video keeps popping up I remember hearing a couple people that I've interacted with they're like I was like oh how did you find you know I found your video and I cut you know typing and different things in your video kept popping up everywhere so I just decided to click on it that's what you want to do you want to show up everywhere however as you're building that sort of exposure through passive strategies you want to start actively engaging with people to start you know getting to that cache much more quickly and to start serving them to start realizing who are these people who are their real life flesh and blood on the other end of the computer screen right there are people they you know they're not just email addresses right they're human beings and these are people that if you really have the intention of wanting to serve them you will want to figure out what their challenges are what you know they're interested in what do they want because as a marketer your job is to serve and you can't serve if you don't know what the people that you're serving what they want so those are my tips if you want to start accelerating your results online and start making money online quickly master the skill sets but also use a blend of both passive and active marketing strategies I do that for people that work with me we get a strategy session I do a strategy session with them where we pick the two passive and marketing strategies that will help them start getting cash flow in their business but strategies that actually work with their strength and their marketing budget and that's critical so if you want to learn how to really plug into marketing training like this that can show you how to get to the cash online promoting whatever it is that you want to promote but you really want to learn how to do this the right way and how to accelerate success or internet marketing success online you can go to recruit so you can go to sorry earn money with Angela dot-com that's earn money with Angela dot-com and if you are already on my email list and you want to now get plugged in you want to get started picking out and really figuring out your business plan and your marketing plan of a unique blend of passive and active strategies so you can start getting some increased cash flow online you can just click the get started now button on our below this video

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