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hi in this video i show you one of the best apps you can find online does not take my word for it continues ser Video marketing blaster is the perfect one tool for you to discover lots of easy to rank YouTube keywords in each niche Phenicia's analysis allows you to quickly spy on your competitors and gives you one clear breakdown of what to do for your video for ranking in the top positions and enjoy free views can use this program to download your videos ranked from page 1 on Google and you will see if I bring this across, but video marketing blasts Pro is what the program looks like as yes, so you have your dashboard keywords video information competitor videos and a rank tracker of your videos, so if I come to the keyword section this is the most important part okay, so what you want to do is here, I just have to go back to Google and I copy this to get paid to collect emails, let us says you're making a video called get paid to collect emails, or it could be all it may be a review of the new iPhone 11 Pro it could be a review of the new Samsung stains everything you want to be able to use a master keyword for a search term, but in this case I will Use get paid to collect emails you want Attack your term in the most important keyword section here which you can see get paid for Collect emails you will be sure to find competitors and get your search results checked what it means when you click on keywords for research and you have find competitors Make sure it basically takes a whole a lot of other popular videos or content with the specific keyword in it, and it is will combine a whole lot of tags and you can build a great description for you and title for your video based on our competitors who are already on top page of Google and make a whole unique new meta-doctor or into the ground to your video that makes your video unique and obvious beyond Google a number one page you want copywriting eg.

Your title tags and description must be unique and that's what this is the program will generate for you and just copy and paste it so if I examine keywords it takes about maybe five minutes two to five minutes until you can see it gather competitors and it will also investigate keyword more for you and get more in-depth insight into it so I need let this end then I'll be back with you when this is done and you will see when the keyword has searched it gives you a whole lot relative keywords to the most important keyword as you search so you can see the top keywords are, of course, the use of the keyword search which is the one you want to use to you how to make money online ways to make money online money online 5 and it gives you one a whole lot of keywords based on keywords that you search for so what you want to do is that you want to check your head keywords that you think you put in main keyword section it will be on top and you want to go coffee to reports, then once you have copied it came to the video details then this is where the program will generate a great description tags and titles and phrases for your video are real will increase the metadata of your video to be ranked on the top pages of Google as mine here was indicated on the number a page of Google, so now I go from you should click the button on top left from competitors or to generate details that you now insert main keywords in this main keyword the section you copied you want ensure that research keywords generate phrases by scrapping from Google and Goal-related videos are also kicked out you can let it check these two is not so important that you can leave these two not checked and you will Click on start generation so what now the program will do is it will take a whole range of tag descriptions puts titles from a whole bunch other popular videos blogs on The internet pertains to your keyword and it should build a great description title and tag and general is the old one structure to your video to get a lot highly ranked on YouTube and Google which will essentially give you a ton traffic and prospects and again I have to wait until this is done and then I am will show you what to do with this title description and tags and how you can add it to your video and really get your video boosted up to the number a page on Google like mine was reinforced and when it's done, you can see it got a title for you and description of all the tags you need to copy and paste on the YouTube upload page and drag a number of alternative suggested titles such as Well, then what I have to do now is that I am will open YouTube okay so I have to go to normal on YouTube website and you will click upload your video I have to click at the top right.

I am going to upload video I want fast find the video I want to upload here it is I'm pulling this here and you can see you've now got your title, so I'm just will clear this that my description this is my default template description which I have when I upload videos I am just delete some of this and then you have your tags okay so you can see you have your tag section here so now what you want to do is I go to put this quickly a half and a half here so you can kind of see what I'm doing there we go so now that you have your title tonight is all you want to do you want to copy your title from the video marketing blaster and put it in your arm title on video upload page and all you want to do is you want to do me meet this up by giving it some capital then get paid to collect emails and just neaten this up a bit and then your description if you want to scroll down to the bottom of this description copy the entire description and what you can do is that you can scroll down to the bottom of your normal template description and what I used to do is me usually just type metadata and then under it I have inserted all this description, so I just want to remove these spaces because it clearly is the description has a limited number 5,000 characters and these spaces take up unnecessary signs there we go then now you can see I have it all description added to my description on YouTube upload page as metadata which YouTube then uses all of these phrases and phrases to rank your video higher up in YouTube and Google pages and algorithms and then your tags you will copy all these tags if i scroll down to the bottom you want copy all these tags again so you can go right click on the copy you want to access your roof section you want to click on your tag section from Youtube upload page and paste it by pressing ctrl V or right-click and you can see all my tags that i need, added to the video and then finally you just want a decent thumbnail like you can use you can Google can you get one decent thumbnail can be calmly bothers a beautiful thumbnail of here related to your niche, which is really convenient so I come to I shows you the YouTube panel section how to get a real professional thumbnail and you are really bound to get a lot of views and you can watch the landing page on that is an option called youtube thumbnails so you click on it and it goes to open an entire design page for you where you can select default photos default emojis icons that you can use in your YouTube thumbnail for viewing you have music food Beauty Guide travel and then all results, so what is nice with canva and really filters everyone of the default thumbnail settings for you different different categories or niches so if your channels for music food beauty tutorial travel or thereabouts you have a whole bunch of all results if you need to make money online like me you can use it and you can see let's use mad-ish for example or let's just write e-mail here, it's obvious the entire email is paid to collect emails when the whole Nisha ok could not find an icon based on it, then what you can do is that you can have something in the direction of this and I have to choose this one here weekend morning routine so you can edit this text I get a dollar fifty per.

Email you collect is quite nice idea you can delete this image I want to add my own image I have my own photos, then I just go to download a basic email icon from Google I save this in my folder and Then I upload to I am will upload it to canva and then i will must pull it and paste it on this thumbnail section this is a very basic down there I give you an idea You can then download this thumbnail and upload it here or add it to custom thumbnail section on this video, then this one is exactly what I did to get my I get paid to collect emails passive income $ 1 for people you know trick to the top page on Google so I get paid to collect emails again prefer going to the end I am still at the top YouTube section or number one Google Page for number one videos Google page for the specific term, which is really amazing, it's the first time I've ever had this and that's all thanks to this program blinds for marketing video you

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