How to Measure Event Marketing Performance and ROI

Events are often one of the biggest marketing expenses. If this is the case, why do so few of us measure the real impact of these initiatives?

According to Event MB, 85% of event planners use event registration software, 61% use event marketing tools, and 54% use survey tools. While this is promising, these tech stacks can often lead to uncertain attribution models that fail to calculate the true ROI of events.

In this article, I’ll share an ROI attribution model that will help you accurately measure the results from your events. It all begins with assigning the right metrics to your goals.

Attaching Metrics to Event Goals

Before looking at the metrics and tools needed to measure success, you must have a clear vision on the outcome you want to achieve from your events.

Setting marketing goals is nothing new. But it’s worth mentioning here, as event goals can vary depending on the shape and format of your event. For example, a workshop that accepts onl… Read More

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