How to Make A Good LinkedIn Profile For Sourcing Leads: The Ultimate Business Marketing Strategy:

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social
networks out there. If you're in the B2B space, it's actually
the best social network out there. Why? Because it can drive a lot of leads. Hey, everyone. I'm Neil Patel and, today, I'm going to teach
you how to drive B2B leads with LinkedIn. The first thing you need to do is share your
existing content on LinkedIn. If you have a blog, share your blog post. If you also have a lot of old content, take
the first few paragraphs of those blog posts, publish it on your LinkedIn profile, and put
at the bottom of the first few paragraphs, "Click to continue reading." That'll drive people from your LinkedIn profile
back over to your website. That's the first thing you need to do because
the more traffic you get from LinkedIn back to your website, the more leads you can generate. The second thing that you need to do is completely
fill out your LinkedIn profile.

To where have you worked, from what do you
do, the more specific you can be, the better off you are. If people know what you're doing, and they're
interested in your products or services, they're going to hit you up. If you're really vague on your skill set,
no one's really going to contact you to hire you. The third thing you need to do is use LinkedIn
InMail. What LinkedIn InMail is it's a paid feature. It costs roughly $79 a month. It allows you to contact other members on
LinkedIn, even ones that you're not connected with. That one simple thing allows you to generate
leads. If you look at most B2B companies and their
sales team, almost all of them generate the majority of their leads and sales, especially
when they're doing outbound sales, through LinkedIn InMail. It's a really good feature for pennies on
the dollar. The fourth thing you need to do is get skill
endorsements or recommendations. The more people that recommend you, it shows
that other people are vouching for you, and you provide a good product or service.

Or, if you're getting skill endorsements,
that means people are going to be, like, "Wow, this guy is a good marketer, or a designer,
or project manager," whatever it may be. The more you have, the more likely you are
to get leads from LinkedIn. Fifth, which is last, but not least, you should
use LinkedIn AutoFill. Not everyone has this feature available. You can go to LinkedIn and apply for it, and
you can email them. What this does is when you have lead forms
on your website, and you're asking people for their name, email, company address, company
size, telephone number, etc, it's a lot of information. No one really wants to fill it in. But if someone's logged into LinkedIn, and
they're on your website, they can just click a LinkedIn AutoFill button, which LinkedIn
gives you, and it automatically fills all those form fields out for the user.

It's a quick way to boost your conversions,
and get more leads because there's very little friction for someone to then fill out all
their information. It's just a click of a button, and that's
how you generation more leads through LinkedIn..

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