How to Leverage Your Internal Influencers: Key Findings from Onalytica’s Latest Research

The modern buyer journey is changing and becoming increasingly more social. At the same time, a buyer’s trust in brand messaging is at an all-time low. More than ever, consumers (both B2C and B2B) are seeking out authentic feedback in social media as part of their decision journey. Simultaneously, brands are encouraging employees to become that trusted voice through employee advocacy programs.

In their recent report, Employee Advocacy 2.0: Leveraging Influence to Drive a Connected Organization and Employee-Led Buyer Journey, Onalytica (with help from Tribal Impact) produced a thorough guide to help companies build and optimize these programs while avoiding common missteps.

Employees Are Powerful People

The reason employee advocacy is so impactful is because of an employee’s unique position within the company. They know all the details of the brand and product and are usually perceived as having valuable “insider information” to share.

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