How To Get More Valuations Part 2 – Content Marketing for Estate Agents

in this video I'm going to talk to you about how to get more valuations using content marketing hi I'm Sam rushdown and I'd like to talk to you today about content marketing how you can use it to grow your estate or letting agency so what is content marketing well content marketing is any kind of marketing where you're teaching or educating your audience so it could be a blog post it could be an article could be in written form it could be in digital form it still or makes up content marketing perhaps the online threat in your area is getting really really high or maybe your corporates in your town and really pushing you on fee now you may not be able to outspend them but you can certainly out educate them how to do that with really good content marketing but you need to be writing about the things that your audience actually want to read about you can find that out by looking on Google and using Google autocomplete just start typing in a search term like should I sell my house and see what comes up next and that is a great guide to what you should be calling your blog posts or writing about in your articles you could also write an e-book or a guide or some kind of checklist that you give away to your audience in return for an email address all these things you could the corporates probably aren't doing in your area and the online certainly aren't so that's the way to get ahead of the corporates and the on lines in your area to get more valuations using content marketing and really smart digital marketing techniques now this is video 2 be sure to check out the other four videos in this series of 5 on how to get more evaluations thank you

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