How To Build a Dream Marketing Team (From Scratch)

– You want to do marketing
for your business, you don't have the time. What should you do? Well, you can build a team. Hey everyone, I'm Neil Patel, and today, I'm gonna teach you how
to build a marketing team. (casual uplifting music) Now there's a few
approaches that you can go with building a marketing team. The first approach is let's say you have a lot of money, you can just go and hire someone who's done
it for your competition. I kid you not, the best person to hire in marketing is someone who's already done it for your competition,
and they've proven themselves. Not just being like, oh,
I ran marketing at HubSpot or Moz or American Express. Go find that person and say,
what did you do specifically? What were you in charge of? What were the results from the stuff that you produced directly? If you were to work at my company, what would you do? Alright, show me some of
the stuff you would do.

In the interview process,
don't just ask them what they'll do, but have them show you. If they say oh well, blog, alright, well if you're gonna blog,
how are you gonna blog? How are you gonna find the writers? Are you gonna write it? How are you gonna promote the content? Getting down to the nitty gritty will tell you if that person
was actually responsible for that company's growth. And if they're your competition, you don't want to just
hire someone from them, you want to hire the person who was the person who produced
most of the results. Because that way, it reduces your risk. The last thing you want to do is hire someone who
sucks, wait six months, and be like, ah, we're getting nowhere. So make sure you dig really deep. Now when you're entering that person, the last thing you need to do is ask them for reference checks. You can't just ask them
for reference checks for the last company
or the current company that they're working at,
it's your competition.

But you can ask them for reference checks for previous employers. And when you do these reference checks, don't just say hey, would
you hire this person? Are they good? You're not gonna get good answers when you ask those kind of questions. So you want to ask what
are their strengths, what are their weaknesses,
what could they improve in? And by doing that, you'll figure out if that person can truly help you or not. And that's how I would do it
and build a marketing team if I had money from day one. I was a venture funded startup where we're making some money. Now if you're not a venture-funded
startup, you're scrappy, you don't have any money to spend, I would go and find interns at, let's say the local college. So I'm shooting this
here in Orange County, technically Los Angeles County, I'll go to UCLA or USC, or try to find some interns, and you could try to pay them minimum wage, or you could do an unpaid internship,
and you can get them to watch all of my videos
or read my articles, or go learn from Moz or Brian D.

Have them create plan of everything that they should be doing
to grow your traffic, and you'll quickly learn that if they're a good fit or if they're a bad fit, but what I found is
you want to hire people who can learn fast, you want to hire people who are self-sufficient, in other words, they're independent, they can figure out things on their own, and you want to hire
people who really want to stick with your company, right? And if you're not sure
that they're gonna stick with your company, look for cultural fits. And if they're a cultural fit with you, they have the same beliefs, the values, they're much more likely to continue from that internship program to a paid job with you later on, and of
course last but not least, when you're working with that person, you want to make sure that person has an option to get a paid job with you.

If you don't give them a paid job, they're not going to stick around, and if they don't stick around, then you're gonna have
to find someone else and go through that process
over and over again. So don't assume your interns
are gonna be free forever. You should ideally want to pay them 'cause they're doing a good job. And now that you've found an intern, what I recommend doing is one, one, sending them to the Neil Patel blog, two, sending them to the Moz blog, three sending them to the Backlinko blog.

Once you do those three things, they'll see, hey, here's
how marketing works, here's some of the tactics, the tips, the tricks, make sure they also have a coding background, 'cause if they have a coding background, they'll be able to implement these things. And of course, as you're
finding these people, I've learned one super important thing that most people mess up when
it comes to their interns, they just say, alright, here's Backlinko, here's Neil Patel, here's Moz, learn, and go and execute.

If someone doesn't' have
a lot of experience, they won't know what to do
first, second, or third. But the beautiful thing these days is, there's a World Wide Web. You're watching me on the web. Go have them Google for case studies related to your competition or people who are in similar industries. has a lot
of this community stuff.

Have them read these case studies, it'll show you step by step how some of these other business
in your space grew, and then they can take that data, implement it into your business step by step, and then they'll start growing your business much faster. Now once you start
making a bit more money, send them to some conferences, some training programs
at these conferences, like SMX, they offer a
lot of training courses. Have them learn them,
and once they learn them, they can implement these things
in your business as well. But that's how to go about
building a marketing team. I would start off with one
person, whether you have a lot of money or no money,
start with one person. 'Cause if you have a lot of money, the person that you end up hiring, he'll figure out how to
build the rest of the team and he'll bring more people.

If you don't have a lot of money, just stick with one intern, get them up and running, once they're going, you can start generating more sales, more revenue, and then
you can expand from there. So that's it, if you're unsure on how to hire a marketer, leave a comment below, I'll give you some advice, I'll help you. If you enjoyed this video, like, comment, share, tell
other people about it, thank you for watching..

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