How Marketers Can Reach Peak Personalization in 2019

“Basic” is a bad word. OK, maybe that’s a stretch. But it’s certainly not an inspiring word.

If basic is all we aim for, we fail as marketers. That’s especially true when it comes to personalization.

Addressing an email to an individual, sending a prospect industry-specific content, and inserting a lead’s first name and company logo into a retargeting ad is the bare minimum. It’s what everybody does. It’s basic.

Today’s marketers must go the extra mile and shoot for peak personalization. You need to understand your customers and prospects intimately. When they receive one of your custom-tailored communications, they should think, Wow, that company really does listen to me. It cares. Only then can you truly wow your audience and maximize campaign performance.

Marketing automation systems enable you to take personalization from basic to brilliant. Here are a few ways it can help:

Creating a foolproof data strategy

Data makes persona… Read More

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