How I Plan, Organize, & Create My Marketing Plan Content [Blog, Instagram + YouTube!]

well it's a new year let's get that marketing plan in place right now so you know exactly what type of content you need to create so you can promote your services and your products hit those sales goal numbers and rest in this video i am going to walk you through an exact piece of what i teach thousands of students inside my prime to launch content for creatives program let's organize and create a realistic marketing plan how's that sound no matter what your publication outlets are [Music] well hey there if we've not yet met my name is ashlynn carter i've helped thousands of creative entrepreneurs like you as a conversion copywriter and launch strategist i'm all about helping you figure out how to make more money with your words with your copy if that sounds good then hit subscribe if you've not yet done that and hit the bell so you know when these videos drop every single week and let's get into the tips all right step number one planning i posted last week on instagram but lately i have been in the weeks it's usually about two weeks of a planning period before a new year starts i'm obsessed with doing this process i've done it for years now in my business and i actually love this calendar i'll link it down below it's just on amazon it's been the easiest to do this it's also relatively inexpensive which is great actually behind me on the floor is last year's calendar can i do this i'm going to do this there it is so i also thought it would be fun to flip the camera around a little bit and show you that plus the spreadsheets i use as i plan out youtube content blog content etc i don't know about you but the content creation game can feel like a treadmill that you're never gonna get off of and all the different antidotes out there never really worked for me the concepts of well just rotate through your content buckets or just pick one major theme a month and focus on those none of those as i tried them over the years ever really actually helped me like aim towards my revenue goals which is the point of me being in business i needed to make my business work and make money if i was going to leave my corporate job this plan that i'm showing you actually did work and helped me run a profitable revenue generating business and that's why i love it here's the secret i call it my quarterly champagne campaign system it's essentially a cheesy way to say i pick four weeks out of the entire calendar year and i plan my big promo marketing campaign launches whatever you want to call them i plan them in those four slots these are my massive go big or go home moments in my business that's it just four click like if four sounds like something you could actually do i'm not recommending that that's all you have you can absolutely do some spotlights during the other months or affiliate campaigns or whatever but i'm talking four big everybody knows you're launching moments every year if you've ever felt overloaded when you're creating an actual marketing plan for your business then i would absolutely suggest starting here perhaps this part goes without saying but i'll say it anyway start with the end in mind so actually start knowing your numbers know how much you need to hit know what brings in money know what products and services actually bring in some income and those are the ones we're going to start with and put in your calendar first what i like about picking those four as i'm going to show you when we're figuring out how to create content that backs up before that big launch campaign you really get to do what copywriters know and love and call the rule of one we get to focus with one message on one reader with one idea and one offer and go big on that concept again this is why i like the champagne analogy for this because champagne isn't exactly something you have every single day it's for special occasions it's used sparingly when it does come out you know it's time to celebrate just like your lunches you have a runway up to it you enjoy it and then you take a break for a little while let me say this too even if you don't have any products or services don't forget your one-on-one service offerings i definitely before i ever had products or digital products in my business i would launch my services and this is absolutely something you can do i've had many many students launch their services go ahead and comment below have you done this before if you're in prime to launch maybe this is a little bit of a refresher i'm also going to show you a couple of things in a moment that i've never shown before i'm excited about that but comment below if this is starting to make sense does it feel a little less stressful to plot out your annual marketing campaign around four big quarterly launches so there's your step number one look at the next year 2021 coming up and go ahead and outline those four weeks out of the year that you're gonna be at your desk you're gonna be working hard and everyone's gonna know that you're in launch campaign season step number two organize so inside prime to launch i break this down in depth but as a refresher i teach primarily that there's three types of content you're creating all the time it's hero content hub content and hygiene content i'm going to focus in this video on hero content and explain what that is your hero content is your meat and potatoes thick and juicy educational piece of content you're spitting out every single week out of the whole year your hero piece of content is what your blog is about your podcast episode your youtube episode anything else that's auxiliary and comes off of that just drives back to that hero piece of content maybe it's your email newsletter you've got a series of social media posts smattering of those going out about it you've got five pins scheduled about it this piece of content has been keyword researched you know it's going to help you rank on seo so let me explain how this piece of content ties back into that those four quarterly champagne campaign moments what you're going to do what i'm going to do is look at the calendar i see a big week where i'm going to be in launch mode and i count back a set number of weeks that is up to you and i've made recommendations for students based off what they're doing somewhere in the vein of four six eight weeks back is where you're going to start this is why our friend the calendar from amazon is so great because i can visually see what's going on in the world what holidays are going on i've already put our personal family calendar on there of any vacay time that we're out so what i'm doing is seeing that launch week backing up a set number of weeks and then i'm mixing and matching content both that i know i need to cover up blogs that people have asked for youtube's people have asked for and i'm trying to fit it in based on that it'll probably help to explain this a little more by flipping the camera around so let me do that and then i'm also going to take you behind the scenes and show you a spreadsheet that i use in my business and it really helps me again visually see what piece of hero content is showing up each week all right pardon the bad lighting it's pouring in atlanta this is what i wanted to show you last year's calendar because specifically i wanted to take you down to a launch and show you how i would count back um so this is the month of october of this past year um and what what i would do so the the red and the black for me signifies on this and the new calendar i have a launch week what i'm going to do is count back however the plc stands for pre-launch content so i would count back at least for me i like an eight-week-ish window so week eight that's cart closed seven six five four come back over here three two one so i'm going to start doing pre-launch content on this week do you see how that works and then i'll count back all the way um to the launch itself and figure out so i know that every thursday i'm going to be putting out a pillar piece of content then okay let's take that same example and let me show you how i would build that off in a spreadsheet so essentially we're talking about that october launch was what i wanted to show you so what i'm gonna do is let me move my little face over here okay so pl remember like for me plc pre-launch content pre-launch whatever i want to call that but i can count back here so i know that i had um the 29th remember i talked about cart closing sometimes i don't do a big piece of pillar content um on a like a cart close day of a launch or a big when i have something big going on that day just truly because energy i want to pour all into getting to talk to people and will count off though based on that so i showed you how i'm going to back up about eight ish weeks and here you can actually see that so each one goes back pre-launch pre-launch pre-launch pre-launch all the way back into september and then i'm gonna go ahead and sketch out some ideas now again remember that this um and i i've said this before that this content plan the spreadsheet kind of the way it's set up is a riff off of something that sonny leonard doozy first uh created so i just want to be clear that this is not my original spreadsheet but it has helped me um so if you do something that is more seo focused like youtube then you can sketch things out in here but hopefully you can see a little bit where that leads back and then look right here for one two three and this would count on so forth back into august and july we were setting up an evergreen funnel and so i needed to create some like content to just be able to run in the background on that so that's the pre-launch content for that so can you see again just one more time how this backs up from the cart close date the cart open date the launch date this is the launch these two rows right here and then everything backs off that and then i know when to start actually planning my content that would go right here because all of these are going to drive into as hero pieces of content the launch itself i've been creating marketing campaigns since like 2009 2010 and i just love this process and this way of doing it because it doesn't make me feel so burnt out i don't have to worry and stress out about being all the places because i know at the end of the day that hero piece of content has got to get out every single week if nothing else if the sky's falling down that piece has to get out because that is the piece that's helping us inch towards bit by bit our revenue goals our profitability goals other stuff if it falls to the wayside that's okay but let me explain too and i'll do this more in step three how i'm spider webbing off of the hero piece of content to build out multiple pieces but it all stems from the hero piece so when i am planning and organizing i know that this i have to get it right i have to get the concept right the topic right because from these come everything else to organize this i'm leaning on a few tech tools primarily google drive asana and that spreadsheet so again you guessed it let me flip the camera show you this here's a juicy one okay i feel like everybody loves when i show how we organize my google drive first of all huge fan of using emojis in your google drive organization color coding helps me as well but what i want to dive into specifically is the youtube folder because this is where i would keep most of the information that i'm using to promote um my hero content so what you can see here is this is every single week's hero content let's go down to again like one of those that's fine okay this one was clearly free launch content and what i'm going to do again i did not come up with some of these names for this i want to be clear i um sunny lenarduzzi introduced me to some of these this file structure but what i do this is very helpful too if you have a set of folders that you use every single time i keep them down here and i'm going to open this up rename it and i copy it so when i create a new folder because you cannot in google drive just go in and duplicate a file structure with the folder names inside kind of frustrating if you're a nerd but what i can then do is come in here and i would just hit paste new folder paste that and then i backspace so that and i do that for every single every single one so um i could also have you know maybe like number five one choose a little picture um blog coffee we put that in typically in transcript is where we have the blog copy that lives the blog a ties version of the script but you could do that or your pen imagery again we we tend to keep our whole folder structure a little bit um tight but that is something that you can do to stay organized within your big folders of hero content and finally step number three of the whole big marketing plan and content plan actually creating this is the fun part you the content creator this is your paint brush you get to now make your art your masterpiece so to speak this part the creation really comes alive inside the workflows that you need to be hammering out i've said it before my love language is systems i love processes and rhythms because then i get more room to be creative because i know if i can just check off the boxes as i go through i can have all the crazy ideas and come up with all sorts of fun things to try because that the rhythms are set and in place i've got the blueprint to follow i'll show you a little bit of the creation workflows that i've used but this is going to be dependent on the publication platform that you're going with but i would again recommend primarily you've got that hero creation process nailed down then towards the end of that workflow you can start to figure out do you want to build off five pins from this do you want to create a reel off of this do you want to create three images to post on stories on this creation will look different depending on you and your business and when you work i have talked in the past about loving a marketing monday where i tackle as much content creation as possible on that one day that's worked well one thing i'm gonna start doing next year is planning three days i've already got them blocked out my calendar is up here for next year two to three days at the top of every single month where i'm batch filming and creating content i have done this where i've spent one day every month building all the content i've done multiple days i've done one day a week it's kind of figuring out what works for you if you want even more ideas about how you can create a content plan that has people salivating for your offers i would encourage you to look down below and check out my prime to launch program this is my answer for how to strategize organize and craft marketing content that power glides into your upcoming launch inside you're gonna find launch calendar templates you're gonna find weekly content planners there's so much packed into this head to or again look down below and you'll have that link this is one out of a million ways that you can create a marketing plan for your business i've been doing this long enough to say there's not one right way it's figuring out what works for you the size of your business the size of your team etc but this you've seen is my system and it's been profitable yes but probably more importantly importantly it's enabled me to have fun hopefully get to serve with content that actually moves the needle for people and then at the end of the day it is profitable which enables me to do what i love and then go rest and be with my family if you liked this video let me know by hitting the like button and subscribing and now that you know all about how to craft this plan if you want to see a little more about how i would repurpose and take one piece of content and stretch it be sure to watch the video i've got teed up for you next

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