Graphic Design Tutorial: Web Design Review pt. 2

Hey everyone. Im Chris from The Process. In the first bout, you received that we are rebuilding the Blind website design, wireframes, and so on. Now we have received notice from the developers that they will show us the results of the first draft. Its the portion theyve done and the code they wrote. Now its alive and its starting to breathe. Im really excited to see it, but its too an adventure but its also an adventure.Sometimes what you get is precisely What you miss, sometimes its not. Im quite optimistic. Makes is now going receive. Ill try again. Youll all hear me say I design sandwiches. Im Jose Caballer. I talk about business design. I talk about a lot of things. Im Chris Do, Im talking about the design business at the centre for human rights of this operating system. Its about … Jose, can we tell them the specify of this line directly? I hate you, old-time iron. What you are watching now is The Process column. There are some boasted recommended clauses on the blog homepage and they will be loaded when you scroll down the page. Why is it showing a exertion sheet on it? This is the blog page. That should be another page … oh yes, the prominent one should be the blog sheet, realise? Nothing can escape my noses, I know! This is just a demo version, Chris pull it down, what’s the content below? There was no wrong with this one. I believe I have to add a page number here so we can locate it and browse page by page.Okay, scroll down to see these paraphrases. They are inspired by the blog. How countless labels are there in total? Is it precisely one? Only this one is not good. I dont like it. It should be the same size for a while. It should be the same size for a while. It can adapt to long quotes and then hinder that immensity unchanged. I make most of our paraphrases are quite short, so I didnt. Considering this situation, person will lend this long sentence. Yes, its okay, but it should still be a defined length. I dont like it for a while. Can it be downloaded for a while? Okay, youre okay, okay? Okay, makes take a look at the next page. From the blog homepage, you can click on any section. This is a sample article page, which means that more in-depth content will be displayed now. In the blog, each connect leads to a specified item. There are corresponding project pages, both of which are very good. I like its candour and openness. This is very similar to your scheme, right? Then I wont talk too much. Yes, this page is almost completely designed in terms of design. It fits well. All these typeface sizes look right. Its a little bit bigger. You said that it fits perfectly.Does it signify pixel excellent? I think its almost exactly that, and the expression is called pixel perfect. All motion effects should be. Its still faster than now. Yes, you know me … And this part is too high. Okay, it should be about 2/3 of the current size. Then causes remained unchanged here. This is the ability page.We I will put an overview on each service that we are capable of providing, and then highlight a few specific things we can do. It appears good, yes, it looks great, and it goes well with the overall cleanliness and openness. I dont want to keep these pages. The living of the deed is a bit too much. I think we have to pay attention to where and how much we use. I agree. Then we may add a featured recommended activity at the top and then an index of all activities and add one now. The call-to-action button( call-to-action) is used to arrange speech tasks since the last time we started doing this. When do we tell them the specific details? Like now, we just let them run. Should we make them do the next step, or will you write them a comment, telling them to speed up the time and adjust sure-fire material? Uh, maybe we should email them and ask them when they are ready to read our documents and finish their first edition.Okay, because I’m not sure how much era there is a requirement to, so how do you plan to write the documents? How do you tell them whether one should be larger or smaller? Uh, I is more likely to open the CSS immediately, and then give them the CSS value, so … No, its okay, its not possible, you cant do this, why cant you precisely get it on like that? This is not your mode of labouring. Imagine that the client opens you, Then move the graphics and say: “Yes! This is what I want” Then if I look at this, then, uh, how should I keep it I envision the font sizing is too big or too small but I dont know How much is the specific size? Then I can open Firebug and adjust the ethic to make sure that the size is right.Do you think I want to hear what you say about Firebug? Are you a man on the Internet? No , no, forget about Firebug. I’ll say to reduce this place a little. You can enlarge this by 1pt or 2pt, and then figure it out I have a suggestion that you are a designer. If you pass the entire project, I would like you to take a screenshot and make a markup. For example, suck a colour arrow and say to move it up here to make it bigger and smaller now. No … Can you limit your desire for control? Well, it should be fine if it is not within the margin of error. In general, “were not receiving” big problem , good-for-nothing will reach me say “This is the worst! I’m going to call them right away.” Phone” This is a good thing, indeed, it is a good thing.Sometimes when you visualize the working draft, you will foresee, “What the hell is this, I’m not the same as what I said” Look at my arm! At that time, I was pretty stylish. Look over there, can you consider my deltoid muscles? Can you still see your abs. Its simply the ability page. Do you think Im getting fat now? No , not at all. We deepened the core value of the corporation is a slither prove. Thats Matt. I dont so wishes him. He remains his organization too good. Well, this is our team. Let take a look at this … This will be Matthew again. Its okay. I understood that I felt that someone was a little bit eccentric. These are basically moved from our aged website. Projects or announces are like Amazon shopping carts “recommended for you”.For various intellects, we need to redesign our website. One is because we have not changed our website for several years and people often make this mistake. Design a website, and then ignore it. Neither update the content nor update the format. However, many things in entanglement scheme specifications will change. More and more screen immensities need to consider how to adapt, and there are new technologies but more The important intellect is that if you have been watching this story we have to change the information that the website conveys.What we want to do now is to talk about what we are doing. Show some instance studies and see the work in it. This rank is like this. We want people to pay attention. What are we talking about? What do we are intending to do? What we are intending to do Before we was an indication the undertaking, it is now a case study. This is a catalog of client studies. Its good to have big pictures to promote the boasted components. They are all our brand activities, right? Well, causes look at the details page of the case study. It is advisable to. Well, it should be. This draw need now extended on this window.Write it down because it shows the wrong effect. I cant insure the liberty arrow. Here are some parts that describe everything we do. Including printing and web pages, we can group these draws together. How to define the spacing between portraits? It’s not … oh it’s vertically aligned? Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, there might be a gap here. Yes, in theory, we should be able to filter works in a specific category here or by the person in charge. This page moves to the bottom and will continue to load immediately so that you dont need to click extra to see other toils. Classic infinite scroll infinite scroll The epitomes reform from pitch-black to emblazon duets when the mouse is poised. Should they become colored and perhaps they should also show that the project name is not exposed now? Its not exposed well. This is the last homepage. It contains three types of use. There is a case study of boasted recommendations. We employed a full-width picture and all the items were divided into three towers. Here is the last page of the two pillars. It’s the last page, which is the work details page.This is very similar to the case study page, but the preamble constituent has a little bit of difference. The report is different. When you looked at, the layout changes fewer and the previous spaces are left out. There are no more pieces here. This examinations more instinctive and a bit better. Maybe at most two articles. “Were not receiving” full bleeding. The copyright signature is placed at the bottom instead of as a label at the top. This is good for showing related items again. This first edition is good. At the start, there are a few small things to pay attention to. I know they will definitely be able to change it in the next copy. When should I give the prime text of the homepage? You can frame the content on it anytime, from now to when you want to upload it. I goes to show you something. I always make a list. Its just so beautiful. Thank you. I always make a list. Where is this one? “Write the text of the Blind landing page” this one hasnt been verified and its been a while ago. Well, I have to calm down for a while before I can have the force to write the text on the homepage, but Im sure this is right I should say something. What? This gapes super awful, I am especially looking forward to its successful release. Do we have anticipations for the secrete year? The growth part should be completed at the end of this month. The mission of September is good, which intends it will not be later than the end of this month. The terminate of September is enormous. When I come to proofread this with you next time, it is likely to be the next episode when we keep up with Jamie. Pay attention to the functionality of the website, that is, if the link does not work because there is nothing to change in the design, this is good news for us. Its enormous. Because this is an internal job, I can manage the customers good, thats me. I have to say it myself and wait for the new website to go live. We should also pay attention to using some new sell feel. Our marketings staff will likewise use new ways to promote us. Now we are leading the brand programme instead of solely designing. Our first two and a half years The effort around is about to come to an end.In other names, we are seeking to and showed the belief. Well, we have accumulated fairly event and can confidently say that this is the work we are doing now. Please affection us. Thank you. Everyones watching, well told you in the next topic. Let s see that the two girls will talk to them next time, but not today. They suppose that they cant hear me, cant visualize me, or I dont exist at all. May you are ready to be Has it been reviewed in front of the camera ?.

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