Google Rolls Out Click Share Metric & 6 More Recent Ad Updates

Alright—here’s the deal.

We don’t want you clicking around to a bunch of different sites every morning, hurriedly trying to figure out what’s going on with Google Ads or Instagram Stories.

If you’re a restaurant owner, that’s time you could use to perfect tomorrow night’s special. If you’re an account manager at an agency, that’s time you could use to get a better understanding of your clients’ verticals.

Regardless of what you do to put food on your table and fund your drunk Amazon Prime purchases, there’s almost always going to be a better use of your time than keeping up with the latest online advertising news.

Sup, Friday at 3 a.m.

That’s why we’re going to regularly publish an online advertising news round-up that covers the most recent developments across search and social.

You have more time to run your business. I have a purpose in li… Read More

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