Google Keynote (Google I/O ‘21) – American Sign Language

Everyone remember to fill out the evaluation form And put it in the collection box at the back of the room It will be very helpful for people to understand how bad our speech is We do have a limited edition CD I am very happy to be here Today I will introduce HTML5 for everyone Nothing makes me happy like watching Android robots singing and dancing Five, four, three, two, one [cheers] Good morning, this is the Google I/O conference I am very happy to be here at Shoreline Amphitheater This is the coolest thing I am very excited about the future and what is about to happen You can build with the community We want to provide users with the tools they need to build new technological capabilities This is my tattoo. Isn't it nice? We always have endless new discoveries It feels great that you can achieve new results through the platform Many things that were previously thought impossible…

I finally came here …In fact, it may become a reality I hope you can find some inspiration to continue to create useful products for people Good morning everyone, I am glad to return to the I/O conference We are broadcasting live for everyone in the campus of Mountain View No one from the developer community is sitting on the scene Of course it feels different This also reminds us of the special period we are now in from the side For more than a year, we have experienced the epidemic together The same experience But now these common experiences are beginning to change In some places, as the number of people infected by the epidemic has declined People have begun to return to their normal lives And in other places, like Brazil And my country of origin, India, is still experiencing the most difficult moments We all miss you and hope that the future will be better COVID-19 deeply affects every community It also urges the public and private sectors to strengthen collaboration And cross-border collaboration At Google, we launched corresponding products and initiatives Help each other through these difficult times Help students and teachers to continue learning and teaching anywhere Help small businesses adapt to changes and move forward Provide emergency relief and vaccines to communities in need We work closely with many non-profit organizations around the world Everyone can visit the link on the screen to support their excellent work At Google, our most basic way to help Is to provide people with quality information That is, authoritative information from more than 170 public health organizations around the world Such as the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Food and Drug Administration, and the World Health Organization We also focus on helping people Find accurate information about the vaccine Include on Google Maps and Search Indicating vaccination sites in multiple countries Working hours and geographic location People through our products and platforms Browsed hundreds of billions of times about new coronary pneumonia related information This information continues to help people make decisions To ensure the safety of their families I/O conferences have always praised technology and its Ability to improve life I am still optimistic Technology can help solve the common challenges we face In this spirit, let's get started At Google, the past year has made us more committed to our mission That is, integrating global information Make information at your fingertips, available everywhere We adhere to the special goal of "Building a more useful Google for people" Continue to approach the mission This means helping at important moments Also means Provide users with tools to help them increase their knowledge and achieve success And maintaining health and well-being Sometimes, we help in some small moments, but the accumulation of these moments will cause big changes Recently we added 150,000 kilometers of bike lanes to Google Maps Two new features will also be introduced The first function is to provide a new environmentally friendly route Google Maps will be based on road and traffic conditions Quickly provide you with The most fuel-efficient route plan After reaching a certain scale, it is expected to be significantly reduced Automobile exhaust emissions and fuel consumption The second function is to provide a safer route map that can be identified with the help of AI Road, weather and traffic conditions that may cause sudden braking The goal of this feature is to reduce Up to 100 million such incidents Sometimes, we help at many important moments For example, last year we helped 150 million students and educators Continue learning and teaching in Google Classroom Or provide affordable laptops to keep students in touch Chromebook is now The world's most equipment in the K-12 basic education field In Japan, 40% of local governments choose Equip every student in grades 1 to 9 with a Chromebook And in California We cooperate with the Ministry of Education Thousands of Chromebooks are provided for students in need One of the best ways to make Google more useful to people is Reimagine the work of the future We have seen unprecedented changes in our work It is no longer limited to a certain place In the past year Kitchen countertops replaced offices, pets replaced colleagues As more and more people start telecommuting Using collaboration tools is becoming more and more important In 2006, we launched Google Docs and Forms Help people collaborate in real time A year later, we added Google Slides All of these are now part of Google Workspace Workspace is built on the exploration of collaborative working methods in the past 15 years Today, we announced that Google Workspace will bring you a new experience In order to achieve richer collaboration We call it Smart Canvas Javier will further introduce this feature below Thank you Sundar for your wonderful speech.

Good morning everyone With Smart Canvas We can integrate content and interpersonal connections Transform collaboration into a richer and better experience For the past ten years, we have been pushing documents from Pure digital paper Converted to collaborative link content connected through the network Our next important move is Smart Canvas Let's see how teams with scattered members use Smart Canvas To plan an important marketing campaign It’s only two months before the event date Therefore, Adu created a new document and quickly added a brainstorming table Participants added in the form of @mention A checklist was also generated to allocate active items These simple activity items Link the team's plan to people, dates, and tasks Make collaboration richer and more efficient Work together to promote the smooth progress of the event After he shared the file Everyone started to contribute their ideas As they continue to brainstorm Assisted writing function advises them Change chairman to chairperson to avoid using gender referents The new assisted writing feature in Google Workspace will provide writing suggestions Help people communicate more efficiently We can not only provide you with language advice You can also easily change the voices of team members And faces directly into the collaboration experience Help them share ideas And solve problems together So far, Adu and his team have been collaborating through Google Docs And arranged a separate Google Meet video call to review the progress of the event But starting today You can directly in the Google Meet video call Easily present the files, tables or slides you are working on Now, Adu can add colleagues in with just one click This fall For the first time, we will add Google Meet directly to Google Docs, Sheets And slides In this way, a team like Adu Can see and hear each other while collaborating They will never miss a link In order to continue this collaboration in the meeting The team used a new response voting form To determine which activity ideas are most popular After the joint efforts of team members Adu’s original document has evolved into Highly interactive, continuously updated executable plan The entire team maintains close contact in all aspects This is the charm of Smart Canvas Two months later, it’s time to start a new event Adu and his team span time zones and regions From the office, at home and all over the world Join in To help office members and remote team members Maintain an equal dialogue No matter where the participants are We all activate the Companion Mode in Google Meet Each office team member of Adu in Companion Mode Have a corresponding video card To keep in touch with remote colleagues And every participant has the right Participate in real-time voting, chat and Q&A Later this year, we will launch Companion Mode in Google Meet Wherever team members are Can use Google’s best AI and machine learning And Google Meet technology to enjoy voice communication after noise reduction You can also automatically adjust the camera, zoom, and light Make sure everyone Can be seen in all environments In addition, we have simplified the way to customize views and share content So the team can Focus on the most important things at the moment This means that when Adu is explaining to other members He can concentrate on explaining Observe the reaction of members through facial expressions And colleagues around the world Can view real-time subtitles You can even translate the subtitles into their native language After Adu finishes the explanation He will not be affected by time zone, language Or any sense of division in the equipment used by the team Instead, because Google Meet creates an immersive experience At that moment, he felt the connection with his colleagues Through these powerful enhancements of Smart Canvas and Google Meet We are changing the way we collaborate And with the help of Google Workspace Help people succeed at work, family and school Previously, Google Workspace The fully integrated experience created is only open to our customers But we will soon be open to everyone including but not limited to Want to keep in touch and make more achievements together College students, small businesses, friends and neighbors We will release more details in the coming weeks, so stay tuned Next, return the stage to Sundar Thanks, Javier The example given by Javier is a good illustration of the use of computer science and AI Our products can provide more help to people Google search is based on the philosophy By understanding the links between web pages Can greatly improve the accuracy of search results We have made many very significant progress in the past 22 years Our search service has also benefited billions of people In order to further optimize the search service, we need Further deepen the understanding of language and context This requires us Progress in the most challenging areas of AI and today I’m going to discuss some of these areas First of all, I want to start with the translation As we all know, mother tongue is the best language for us to learn and understand knowledge So 15 years ago, we started Translation of web pages, which was a very ambitious task at the time Today, hundreds of millions of users use Google Translate every month More than 100 languages ​​for translation Just last month We have completed the translation of more than 20 billion Chrome web pages Interpretation mode via Google Assistant You can directly talk to foreign language speakers Exchange dialogue And compared with a year ago, the use of interpretation mode has also increased four times Our goal is to build a portable universal translator Although we are getting closer and closer to this goal But there is still a lot of work to be done in the future At the same time, many advances have been made in machine learning Promote a major breakthrough in the field of image recognition In 2014, we first trained a production system Automatically add tags to images, thus changing the computer An important step in understanding visual information Google Photos also came into being Now, we can present or share a memory Reminds you of the wonderful moments in your past life Just last month More than 2 billion memories were awakened With image recognition you can also use Google Smart Lens Take a picture of a math puzzle I wish I could use this technology when I was in school [laughter] Smart lenses are used more than 3 billion times a month As in the text, nowadays, in the image We can also provide you with a lot of help Machine learning has also improved the computer Ways to understand and communicate with human voices As Javier said earlier, it is precisely this We can add subtitles to the conversations in Google Meet and Andriod's real-time subtitles Can also be automatically Everything that runs on the smartphone is equipped with subtitles The total time of subtitles it generates every day is up to 250,000 hours DeepMind's breakthrough technology WaveNet Improved the quality of computer-generated speech Make machine interaction more natural and smooth We can use WaveNet in Google Assistant Create and deploy 51 sounds I just mentioned that AI is Great progress has been made in translation, image and voice Together, they have helped improve the search experience of billions of people It also makes us take a big step forward A huge leap forward in the way of computer natural language processing In 2017, we launched the converter for the first time This novel method of machine learning Can improve the computer's ability to understand natural language The converter is also for many other breakthroughs Laid the foundation, for example, we are in AlphaFold and BERT launched in 2019 BERT will look at the words before and after a certain word So you can take into account the complete context of the word In this way, we can significantly improve The quality of Google search And provide more helpful results for the query In this example, our problem is How to park on a slope without curbs We have completely changed The computer's ability to understand natural language Although the power of the computer is extraordinary But sometimes I still encounter this situation Sorry i don't understand This is because the complexity of language can never be overcome We use language to tell stories, make jokes, and share opinions Keep using in life Conceptually enriched language Language because of its rich and flexible features Become one of the greatest tools of mankind Has become one of the biggest challenges of computer science If someone asks me if the temperature in the room is suitable And I said, I’m going to freeze to death, so other people will know I feel very cold, not literally, I will freeze to death Or if someone asks, "How is the weather today?" I won’t say, “It’s 21 degrees today and the weather is sunny 12% probability of rain" And you might say that it’s beginning to feel like summer I might go out for lunch Reasonable response can keep the conversation going And in a completely different Start point end Although our conversation started by talking about the weather But it might end with talking about football Today, I am very excited to share with you our The latest breakthrough technology in natural language understanding, LaMDA This is a language model built specifically for conversational applications Open domain So you can discuss any topic Although it is still in the research and development stage But we have been using it internally to explore new ways of interaction For example, you want to learn Knowledge about Pluto, this is one of my favorite planets LaMDA is already on Pluto And millions of other topics Let's listen to a conversation This is a conversation between our team and Pluto a few days ago I am curious about you I can feel your excitement, you can ask me any questions Tell me what you can see You will see a huge canyon Some icebergs, geysers and some volcanic craters Sounds very beautiful I promise, it's definitely worth a visit But it’s cold here, you have to bring your jacket Ok remember I was thinking, have any visitors been to your place? Yes, there are some The most famous is the New Horizons A spaceship That scene must be spectacular, right New Horizons manufacturing team I'm so excited to see I also sent them a photo of myself After all, I have never been observed so closely That’s awesome, you still want people to understand What are your aspects? I want people to know that I am not a casual hockey puck But a beautiful planet I think you are beautiful Thank you for your compliment I didn't get the recognition I deserve Sometimes people think I’m just a dwarf planet Don't mind.

Your existence is a miracle Thank you for your compliment, I appreciate it Thanks for talking with me You're welcome, anyone can chat with me anytime wish you a happy life [applause] My son and I also discussed the topic of Pluto Amazing It’s really fun for us to learn about space together Let’s analyze why we can have such a natural and smooth conversation The first is the learned concept You have also seen that the model talks about New Horizons spacecraft and the cold space environment LaMDA from its own These concepts are extracted and summarized from the training data These concepts are not manually programmed into the model Because none of its answers are pre-defined The answer given by LaMDA is very reasonable Keep the conversation open Natural dialogue is inspiring And never repeat And LaMDA has the ability to keep a certain conversation going And no matter what the topic we are discussing You can also start another conversation Without retraining the model Let’s see what happens when we talk to a paper airplane How did you feel after being thrown away? To be honest, it is indeed a very wonderful experience The wind blew by and the trees receded back This kind of sight is very peculiar You never know where you will fall Where do you think is the worst place where you have fallen? That must be a puddle I'm barely intact I was stuck there for several minutes What an annoying experience It sounds terrible.

Did you finally fly again? Thank goodness, I was flying I got a few minor injuries on my wing But I can’t tell exactly where I was injured Unless deliberately find What is the secret to becoming a truly outstanding paper airplane? About this, my friend I have to ask you first What is the definition of "excellent" Some people may think that flying far is good Some people may think that flying straight is considered excellent Others think that it’s good if you get a fair balance. What do you think? What I care most about is distance In this case Then you need a wide wingspan Of course, you also need paper that is not easy to break What is the furthest distance you have flown? I have flown about 1500 feet away The wind blew just right that day Wow, it’s so far; it must have been very hard to throw at the time.

Indeed, I was actually thrown from a hot air balloon Believe it or not So cool From that perspective, what does the world look like? Of course there is a big difference compared to the ground The world is extremely vast, and the mountains and oceans are endless The angle of seeing things is suddenly different Yeah, it’s very important to be objective I’m wondering, do you have any experience that you want to share with What about the people watching at home? Does have I want them to know that as long as the wind is enough And choose the right materials Can reach anywhere [applause] LaMDA is very powerful Can start a conversation on any topic Reasonable and interesting dialogue It’s also incredible, but it’s still in the early stages of research.

Not all correct Sometimes it will give a meaningless response For example, Pluto is doing somersaults or using its favorite ball, the moon Play drop and pick game Sometimes, it makes the conversation impossible to continue At Google, we have been Research and develop various language models We are focused on ensuring that LaMDA meets our In terms of fairness, accuracy, security and privacy High standards established So, from the concept to the design We have been ensuring its development In line with our AI principles We believe in the natural dialogue ability of LaMDA Has great potential and can fundamentally Make information and calculations more accessible and easy to use We expect Integrate better dialogue functions in the product Such as Google Assistant, search and Workspace We are also actively exploring how to Developers and corporate customers provide more features LaMDA is a big step forward in natural dialogue But currently only trained for text When people communicate with each other Will use images, text, audio and video Therefore, we need to build related models so that people can naturally Ask questions about various types of information These models are called multimodal models If we want to build a model Used to identify all aspects of a self-driving tour This can be the text form of "self-driving tour", Oral form (any language), image, sound and video And some concepts related to self-driving travel Such as weather and routes So, when you plan a self-driving tour You can let Google find the route for you Allows you to enjoy the beautiful mountains and rivers You can also use it to search Content in a video For example, if you say, show A fragment of a lion roaring in the sunset We can accurately show you this moment in the video [applause] This is still in the early stages, but later Prabhakar will speak in the keynote speech We are implementing a more natural and intuitive way of search interaction Progress Translation, image recognition Speech recognition, text-to-speech, converter All of these are LaMDA and multi-modal and other complex models have laid the foundation Relying on our computer infrastructure we can continue to promote And maintain these advancements Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) is a very important part of it Today, I’m very excited to announce the launch of our Next generation TPU, TPU v4 The new generation of TPU is supported by the v4 chip The processing speed is more than twice that of the v3 chip Multiple TPUs are connected together to form a supercomputer Named Pod A single v4 Pod contains 4096 v4 chips In each Pod, the interconnect bandwidth of each chip is 10 times of any other network technology Therefore, a single TPUv4 Pod Can provide more than one exaflop computing power That is, the number of floating point operations per second is 10 to the 18th power Think of it like this Suppose 10 million people are using laptops at this time Then all the laptops together can almost match An exaflop computing power This is the fastest system we have deployed at Google For us, this is also a historic milestone.

In the past, it was necessary to obtain an exaflop computing power We need to build a custom supercomputer And now, we have deployed a lot of TPUv4 Pods And will provide our data center as soon as possible Deploy more than a dozen TPUv4 Pods Many of them will be 90% or nearly 90% carbon-free energy operation Our TPUv4 Pod is expected to be Available to cloud customers later this year We are really excited and excited to have such a space for innovation Continue to look to the future We found that some problems cannot be simply used in traditional calculations Be resolved within a reasonable time limit Quantum computing represents a fundamental change in computing Because it uses The properties of quantum mechanics provide us with The best opportunity to understand nature Milestone progress in quantum computing Is a great achievement But for now, we are still in the early stages The long journey through the years has just begun The big problem we face today is Our physical qubits are very fragile Even cosmic rays from outer space Can destroy quantum information In order to solve more complex problems Our next milestone is to create Error correction logic qubit Simply put, it is a collection of multiple stable physical qubits It is stable enough to keep quantum information for a long time In the beginning, we tried to reduce Error rate of physical qubits Then it will integrate a thousand physical qubits to create A logical qubit, and then expand its scale to A thousand logical qubits At this point, we can create An error-correcting quantum computer Today, we focus on Help scientists and developers get Various computing resources beyond traditional But we still hope we can create An error-correcting quantum computer If successful, it will be able to bring various benefits Such as improving battery efficiency and creating more sustainable energy Improve new drug research and development, etc.

The whole process starts with our new data center We call it Quantum AI Campus Let's take a look together. Michael, are you there? [Michael] Hi Sundar, how are you doing? It’s good, I’m very excited after I know what I’m doing here. And I think he came here for the same reason -Hi, Michael -Hi I’m Erik, the chief engineer here Welcome to the most powerful in the world One of the quantum computing centers Thank you what is this? Can I touch it? Yes, this is a quantum processor It actually contains these physical qubits Oh hi little guy Qubits constitute quantum The basic units of computers, but they are very fragile Even the smallest particles can interfere with their calculations That’s why we created so laboriously The most suitable environment to keep them stable The most suitable environment should not include what I have Cheetos cookie crumbs or something, so I still Put it back carefully Thanks, let me show you what these spotless things are used for We built this park just to inspire Research on Quantum Mechanics Show to the world at the same time What the future of computing should look like Amazing, buddy, you guys are doing a great job! -Thank you -That lamp is pretty cool-That's not a lamp This is actually a cryostat What you see now is the inside of a quantum computer Wow, cryostat I like the name, cryostat I think people definitely want to know What are the characteristics and functions of cryostats Erik? Well, look, from wiring to Aluminum, copper and gold Each part of the three-material platform has been strictly selected for the purpose of Our quantum processor creates a low-temperature, quiet computing environment -Oh, what about it in layman's terms? -It's the cold storage device of qubit -Oh, oh, how low is the low temperature? -Almost close to absolute zero To be precise, it is 10 milliKelvin -Wow -In other words, some places in our laboratory are The coldest place in the universe -Wow, is it colder than Canada? -Yes, it's colder than Canada -[Whispering] It's colder than Canada -Of course, it’s not just temperature that matters In fact, we want to eliminate all interference factors in qubits Including unnecessary electrical signals and magnetic signals -Yeah, really don’t need it -Let me show you the final product -Is that a cryostat? -No, it's not -what about this? -Nor is it-isn't it? -This is the cryostat.-Not bad -Actually, this is a fully assembled quantum computer -Oh, where is the keyboard? -Well, there is no keyboard But it contains all the structures you just saw There are also custom control electronics, all of which are controlled by Designed and built by our Google team -Wait, wait, is this a painting by Bob Rose? Is he also a member of the team? Don't say he is not He really isn't But this mural expresses our respect for nature Quantum is the language of nature We are now learning this language It can help us accurately simulate nature Solve the puzzles that only it can solve for us -Okay, can I understand it this way? These qubits are very smart, right? But their requirements for the working environment are also very demanding So you have to put them in a lamp, right? But even so, they are very picky No, I don’t like others eating Cheetos by my side Then we said: Sorry, I don’t know So you have to wrap them up Use this kind of Bob Rose blanket of love, right? Then put them here and wait for them to tell us How to think like the earth, right? -Well, yes, that's basically it.-Do you know what this is? This is the power button i want to start it -We are not there yet but I'm glad you understand -Ok! So far, we have made the first milestone progress Beyond traditional computing power -This is us-yes we are here Everything you see here today is what we use Build the next milestone product, the "logical qubit" after error correction -Ok -We will start from here and continue to add more Strive to realize our The ultimate goal is to build an error-correcting quantum computer -Yes, that's also my goal-Then you are so lucky We are forming a A team that can assemble all parts correctly The area of ​​work is where you help us uncover the mystery This Quantum AI Campus So thank you very much, Michael No, it should be me thank you Also thank everyone who joined us Finally, I want to repeat to you a few keywords I just learned One is, qubits? Well, there is also a cryostat, right? And melon chili Sundar, it’s an honor to explore science with you [applause] I am also very honored, Michael we all know It is very difficult to build an error-correcting quantum computer But only to constantly overcome problems and promote technological development We can create The most useful product At Google, we all know that if the product is not safe It's not useful And advances in computer science and AI Will help us continue to improve and create better products We block malware Phishing, spam And potential cyber attacks to ensure the safety of more users And our adherence to the principle of data minimization It also pushes us to achieve more possibilities with less data In I/O two years ago, I introduced Auto-Delete function This feature allows users to continuously and automatically delete their own activity data Since then, we have used Auto-Delete as Default settings for all new Google accounts Now, we will automatically delete for you 18 months ago All data, unless you request to delete in advance Today, this feature has been enabled on more than 2 billion accounts All our products follow three guiding principles We have the most advanced Security infrastructure Therefore, our product itself is very safe We strictly follow responsible data processing practices Every product created adopts privacy design We also created easy-to-use privacy and security settings So you can control your products as you like Next, I will invite Jen to come on stage to share some related How to implement these principles through Google Examples of making every day safer [applause] Thanks, Sundar We firmly believe that if we want to protect privacy We must start with the creation of the world’s most advanced security measures We seem to hear something every day Cyber ​​attacks that threaten the security of email and personal data To ensure user safety All products we build are based on safety Each of our products are made by Advanced AI technology escorted In fact, Gmail is automatically blocked every day More than 100 million phishing attacks The encryption function of Google Photos also protects 4 billion photos The Google Play protection mechanism can 100 billion installed apps worldwide are scanned for security But currently the most common security vulnerabilities Still a password problem Consumer surveys show that two-thirds of people Use the same password on multiple accounts This will double their risk And our ultimate mission Is to create a future without passwords This is what we vigorously promote Reasons for mobile phone-based verification at the same time We also actively help all users for each account Set a stronger and unique password Our password manager can help you create and remember Save and auto-fill password This feature has been welcomed by more than 500 million users But we also want to go further to help everyone get rid of the distress of using passwords So, we brought you four updates today Can make our password manager more practical First, we launched a very simple tool It can import saved passwords in other password managers Make the whole operation faster and more convenient Second, we will further integrate Chrome and Android Allow your secure password to be transferred from the website to the application Third, the automatic password prompt function can be detected When your saved password is leaked by a third party Remind you Finally, it’s the point I’m most excited about We have introduced a quick fix feature in Chrome With this feature, Google Assistant can directly navigate you to On the leaked account Let you change your password immediately Under our continuous improvement and perfection Password managers have become a representative of our security It fully demonstrates that Google is a safe choice for logging in to any online website Another core principle we adhere to is Ensure that all products are designed for privacy This means we have to constantly think and make decisions Think about when, how, and why our products To use data (including data for advertising) The principles we hold Let us draw a line between doing something and doing something wrong E.g We will never tell anyone Sell ​​your personal information We will never use your storage in Information in apps such as Gmail, photo albums, and Drive We will never use your sensitive information to customize personalized advertisements for you Such as health status, race, religious belief or sexual orientation, etc.

These are our restricted areas Although we have always believed Advertising is essential for creating freedom An open network environment is very important, but we are also committed to Improve the privacy and security of the network We are adopting the open source privacy sandbox initiative With various publishers and content creators Advertisers and W3C and other industry organizations cooperate Explore new privacy protection solutions To shape the future of online advertising Our products adopt privacy design Can also help us build Breakthrough computing technology Let us create a personalized experience for you at the same time Also protect your private information We have a technology that is always at the forefront of technology That is "differential privacy" It allows us to use large aggregated data sets At the same time ensure your personal data Never reveal your identity Our extensive use of "differential privacy" No one can compare To help developers around the world use "differential privacy" technology We created the world's largest Open source differential privacy algorithm library It has promoted the development of many important areas Such as cancer research and census analysis Another important technology is Google "Joint Learning" developed in 2016 It allows machine learning models to achieve centralized training Without losing any original data on the device After building it into Gboard and Messages We have passed various useful suggestions Help people save countless typing time This is just what we use to protect the cloud, equipment, etc.

Privacy where the computing activity is located One of many ways Speaking of equipment In order to allow billions of Android phones to adopt privacy design We have developed a private computing core for Android This is a unique open source technology designed for private processing Designed to protect sensitive data This technology can provide technical support for real-time subtitles and other functions Without sharing audio data with Google or other apps Currently only we can provide this Verifiable privacy protection function supported by technology Android team will share more with us We have introduced the most advanced privacy protection technology in our products To protect your data privacy and security These are just some of the ways We know that most of your sense of security on the Internet It all comes from the control of your own data Privacy cannot be violated by others Therefore, we have established strong privacy and security settings Let people choose the right option according to the situation You can find these settings in your Google account Last year, the number of visits to these settings exceeded 3 billion We also know that after some controls are correctly added to the application Will provide people with more help For example, adding incognito mode to Search, map, and YouTube Today, we will launch several new controls They will be launched in our most popular apps For example, some users reported I hope to be able to easily delete the last searched content We listened to this suggestion Now you can access the menu just by clicking on your profile picture And quickly delete the current account Recent search history At the same time, we are also working hard to optimize privacy control Make it easier to access in the map Now, when you see places you’ve been on the timeline We will prompt you that this is because you turned on location history You can also easily turn off this feature on the timeline Finally, we will also launch the locked folder feature in the album This feature will be launched in Google Pixel first Will gradually be applied to more Android devices during the year After adding photos to this folder with password These photos will be saved separately, not in your Display when scrolling through Google Photos or other device apps If this feature is launched last year, it will help me At that time, in order to surprise the children, we quietly prepared a new puppy Splash So we need to take it home before Hide the photo first As Sundar said On the Internet, security is the most important The build itself is very safe Products that are designed for privacy and can be controlled by you We guarantee that you can A great way to use Google safely and worry-free We have developed advanced computing solutions To protect your privacy In addition, we will continue to explore more room for improvement in the AI ​​field And use its potential to make our products Become more practical Of course, most of our work starts with search Next, Prabhakar will introduce you more knowledge in this area [applause] [Music] [Applause] [applause] Jen, thank you Today, we are happy to share with you the progress we have made in AI How to help us Understand the world more deeply than ever before How to search in Google, maps, shopping, and albums Create a good experience for you Let’s take a look at Google search first 20 years ago, Google had only 10 blue links They help people learn from millions of web pages Find the information you need Since then, we have continued to innovate Learn to understand images, videos, locations Waiting for new forms of information All of this is to achieve our mission Make information accessible, for our use As Sundar mentioned Early research on LaMDA and multimodality Expanding the boundaries of natural language understanding Today I am very happy to be able to share with you How do we apply these research findings to Google search Such as multi-task unified model Or we also call it MUM Such as BERT, which is built on the converter architecture But MUM still has more advantages As you can see, MUM is a thousand times stronger than BERT But the breakthrough point of this technology is MUM can handle multiple tasks at the same time to unlock information in a new way Here are some tasks that MUM can handle at the same time From this you can get a deep understanding of the world Can understand and generate language MUM can train 75 languages ​​at the same time Unlike most AI models, you can only train one language at a time However, the more magical part of MUM is It is a multitasking model This means it can understand text and images at the same time And video and other different forms of information We have started a trial internally Detect which query types can be processed by MUM And the billions of topics it can help explore Below I will explain this problem in detail Suppose you are a hiking enthusiast planning your next adventure You may ask I've been to Mount Adams I want to go to Mount Fuji next fall What should I prepare differently? You may ask your friends such questions during small chats But today’s search engines cannot directly answer this question Because this is a conversational question, and the content involved is very detailed But MUM is changing the rules of the game With its language comprehension ability It will know that you are comparing two mountains And understand that "preparation" includes many aspects It includes fitness training for terrain Also includes preparing fall hiking equipment Then, MUM can be based on rich world knowledge Provide useful insights The text here highlights Mount Fuji About the same altitude as Mount Adams But autumn is the rainy season of Mount Fuji So you may need to prepare a waterproof jacket MUM will also provide you with guidance to help you understand some topics more deeply Such as how to prepare suitable equipment Most of these instructions come from articles, videos and images on the Internet Now, the language in which the message is written Greatly restricts our ability to obtain information For example, suppose the data analysis of Mount Fuji Is written in Japanese If you don’t search in Japanese, you may not find this information at all.

But MUM can be Convert between multiple languages Provide you with richer and more comprehensive answers However, the role of MUM is much more than that MUM is a multitasking model It can understand at the same time Different types of information Now imagine taking a picture of hiking boots Then he asked "Can I climb Mount Fuji with these boots?" MUM understands the content of the picture And the intention behind the question asked And tell you that you can climb Mount Fuji with these hiking boots Then provide you with a list of recommended equipment With Mount Fuji blog [applause] Although this new technology is still in the early stages of exploration But we are excited about its problem-solving potential It can solve more complex problems no matter how they are posed But we are already looking for other ways to apply AI To bring you new information Take Google Smart Lens as an example, it allows you to search What you see from the camera, photo album, or search bar Around the world, people use smart lenses every day Translate more than one billion words This translation function is especially useful for students Because many students may be studying A language they are not familiar with Now, thanks to the efforts of the Zurich Smart Lens team We are about to launch a new feature This function can translate visually Combine with online education content Help people learn more than 100 languages For example, you can easily photograph scientific questions Then, the smart lens will use your preferred language Provide you with learning resources Let’s take a look at Indonesian students How to use this new feature My name is Siti, but people call me Mamay Now in ninth grade My dream is to be an English teacher But the pandemic has made me more difficult to do my homework My parents don't understand english So when I’m in trouble, they can’t help me She needs help, but I really don’t understand English and can’t help her Google Smart Lens makes it easier for me to continue studying at home For example, if I have a math homework written in English Smart lens does not need to translate the work Can help me understand the formula Now I study harder and concentrate more I want to use the knowledge I have learned to improve my community Make my parents proud of me I was deeply moved by her She never gave up It’s always exciting to see stories like Mamay Smart lens puts the power of visual information Brought to life Especially when it comes to learning That’s why we were at the I/O conference two years ago Announcing the addition of augmented reality to Google search to help everyone in their own space Explore visual concepts up close You may remember the shark who went on stage with us! Last year, when many of us began to take refuge in place Families all over the world are enjoying the happiness brought by AR From AR tiger to AR car People interacted with the feature more than 200 million times Now we have some global The best athletes join AR So you can see how they are in front of you Perform some of their most impressive feats Starting today, you can see how Megan Rapinoe plays football Or how about seeing Naomi Osaka Serve at 125 mph You can even see Simon Byers Completed one of the most difficult action combinations ever Recently, we also photographed Simon at Let’s take a look at the reaction when seeing the AR version of Simon First enter Google search -Google search-and then search for yourself Alright, I found the 3D version of Simon Byers Then check in your own space But we need to scan the ground first.

Let’s scan this area first. Wow she showed up [laughter] -That turned out to be you! – Oh my God She completed a backflip for two weeks plus a 1080 degree turn She is very standard It's all details, it seems I need to go back to the gym to practice more Nice job! really not bad! You can see Simon Byers' backflip two weeks plus a 720 degree turn anywhere Wow! Look over there! We turn her around so that we can watch her performance from the front It sounds like you are on stage Little guy, it’s reduced to 5%.

Oh, she’s really getting smaller She is Mini Byers That's the smallest backflip two weeks plus a 1080 degree turn I have never seen this before It seems we need to start competing in the AR scene It’s much simpler, and you don’t have to be so nervous [laughter] [applause] No matter how many times i watch I still find it incredible Whether it is innovation in MUM, smart lens or AR All to make information more useful But only credible and reliable information is useful The world is constantly changing At a moment like a pandemic or big news Obtaining reliable information is especially important It is at these moments and many other moments People turn to Google We designed a ranking system at the base layer List high-quality content in order of priority For hot topics like new coronary pneumonia We only use expert sources to improve the quality of information People will go to Google to evaluate What they heard when they were chatting with their friends Or some of the sayings that I learned when browsing the Internet Past year "…Is it true?" This type of search is even more frequent than "how to bake bread?" For example, last year’s yeast purchase fever also showed some problems We are building some features So that users can more easily Evaluate in Google Search Credibility of information One of the methods is by means of About this Result This is a feature we launched earlier this year Users can use this feature to easily view the source of information The user clicks on the three dots next to the search result You can see the details of the website Including information description, the time when it was first indexed And whether your connection to the website is secure If this is a website you haven't heard of But you want to learn more about it Then the background information is particularly important at this time From this month we will start searching for global English results Launched the About This Result function and successively supports more languages We will add more details later this year Such as the self-introduction of the website How other sources rate the site And provide related articles for users to view We continue to promise to provide users with the best quality search results And help users evaluate information online This is just the tip of the iceberg When we understand the information Whether it comes from the camera Or is it the online information from billions of places in the real world We can all make it more useful to you Let Liz introduce AI to you How to help create the most useful map [applause] Thanks to Prabhakar for his wonderful speech.

We have been working hard to develop new features Let Google Maps provide more help to more than 1 billion monthly active users Advances in AI are helping us reimagine what maps should look like This year alone, we have released more than 100 AI-driven feature upgrades Provide people with richer and more scene-oriented surrounding environment information Let me share a few examples We have seen how useful AR is to observe how athletes accomplish their most impressive feats Three years ago, we applied real scenes in Google Maps Our company is the first to use AR technology on a large scale Superimpose signs and arrows on the basis of the real world to indicate the direction of progress Today, we are still the only one in the map of more than 100 countries Companies that have launched AR real-world navigation and comprehensive coverage of large cities and towns However, so far the application of the real scene has been focused on the navigation function In order to help users easily get from point A to point B But now you can also use it to explore the world around you You can use the live view function directly from the map After that, you can immediately see the details of the surrounding shops and restaurants Including busyness, recent reviews, photos of popular meals, etc.

The reason why we can do this is because we have captured the subject of your camera Matched with the rich content shared by millions of companies on Google Maps In addition, a series of new features will be launched in the real scene later this year First, we’ve added eye-catching virtual street signs Help you accurately navigate through these complex intersections Second, we will point out important landmarks and locations for you Such as the direction of your hotel Third, we provide indoor navigation to help you pass smoothly Some large buildings that are difficult to navigate, such as airports, transit stations, and shopping malls The indoor real scene will be the first to support Zurich's large railway station and airport this week It will be launched in Tokyo, Japan next [applause] But AR is not the only way we can bring a new and rich experience to Google Maps We have heard many of you say Want to know more details about the surrounding environment That’s why we want to provide you with the most detailed street map ever Look at this photo of Columbus Circle This is one of the most complicated intersections in Manhattan You can now see the location of sidewalks and crosswalks and pedestrian islands This can be very useful if you are taking your kids out for a walk And if you want to use a wheelchair, it’s absolutely essential In addition, due to our strong street view and aerial imagery Applied advanced AI technology Before the end of this year, we are expected to launch detailed street maps in 50 new cities Obtaining a wealth of information is certainly useful, but it can also be overwhelming.

Therefore, we are making the map more dynamic and more in line with needs It will accurately highlight the most relevant information when you need it For example, 8 o'clock in the morning on weekdays We will highlight coffee shops and bakeries on the map And at 5pm we will highlight the restaurants that suit your taste You can see where you have been With just one click, you can get more recommendations for similar places If you arrive in a new city, you can more easily Find local landmarks and tourist attractions on the map In the next few weeks, you will be able to see this map that is more in line with your needs When planning a day’s activities, people will find it really useful Especially during this new crown pneumonia pandemic People can see how busy a place is before setting off Now, we are moving this function from specific places such as restaurants and shops Expand to communities with Area Busyness features Suppose you are in Rome and want to go to the Spanish Steps and nearby shops With Area Busyness Based on the real-time busyness of the area in the city Quickly find out if it is suitable to go now And as you heard before We use industry-leading differential privacy technology To protect the anonymity of this feature In the next few months, we will launch "Area Busyness" globally So this is of great significance In short, we are expanding the scope of application of real-world features Make the map more detailed, more in line with your needs, and show you how busy certain areas are Help you understand the world around you All of this is possible because we have in the past 16 years Has been committed to creating the most useful map in the world for people This means that more than 60 million kilometers of road maps need to be drawn List more than 1 billion buildings Create a community of more than 150 million local guides Finally, the most advanced AI technology must be applied All of this is to allow you to be on any Android or iOS device when you are located anywhere in the world Can get the most accurate, comprehensive and detailed map Whether you are exploring a new community or trying to complete a task Access to rich information is essential In the past year, this means that more and more people are relying on Google for shopping Bill will introduce us further How to realize easy online shopping step by step Welcome bill [applause] Thanks Liz You have heard how we through innovation To understand the information and let it help you more We mainly provide these features for Google Shopping People shop more than 1 billion times on Google every day We have been working hard to create a better experience for users Whether you are browsing products for inspiration or are ready to start buying, you will have a good experience Now, let me talk about our innovation in shopping Many people understand the knowledge graph The knowledge graph has completely changed the structured information about people, places and things What I want to introduce now is the shopping map This is our most comprehensive data set, which involves billions of products and the merchants who sell these products The shopping map brings together on the basis of the knowledge map Information from websites, price pages, comment areas and videos Most importantly, it also brings together the product data we get directly from brands and retailers Because the "shopping map" contains so many products We can connect users with more than 24 billion products Let them buy goods from millions of online merchants Help you find more products you want from more sellers Let you have it in the digital world As many or more options as in the real world The best part is that the shopping graph covers the entire Google No matter where you are, you can more easily complete the process from finding inspiration to actually buying Let's see how it runs through Google Smart Lens, search and photo albums, major shopping moments in YouTube and Chrome We all know that when we see something we like in the world around us This usually inspires our shopping At this point, Google Smart Lens is quite useful It turns the whole world into a personal showroom For example, when I recently ate in a restaurant outside Found that I like the patio furniture in the restaurant So I open the Google app You can use the smart lens to find the exact same furniture and similar products in the search bar So I showed the patio furniture to my daughter But she didn’t like it, so I put it back on the drawing board Let’s start with the Google Images tab on Google Search Continue to browse more and more products We see hundreds of millions of shopping search records every month Thanks to the shopping map, we can search for our favorite products online Check whether there is inventory, you can also consult the retailer But I have a habit I often save my favorite products in the form of screenshots But generally speaking, the final destination of these products is sealed in the album This is a screenshot of the sneakers I saved before But now to solve this problem When you view any screenshot in Google Photos The system will suggest you to use the smart lens to search for photos And you will see organic search results The displayed results can help you find this pair of shoes or browse similar styles of shoes And then after having an idea You may want to do some research and probably stop at YouTube Earlier this year we shared the new experience we are building Make it easier for you to buy The products you know from the YouTube creators you follow This experience is still in the trial stage, so stay tuned for updates Speaking of investigation I don’t know how everyone does it But when comparing products, I often jump back and forth between different websites If I am distracted or close any tab It’s hard to keep track of the products I found Soon, when you open a new tab on Chrome You can see the shopping carts opened in the past few weeks For example, I remember that there is a shirt in my TenTree shopping cart There are also some things in Lowe's shopping cart If you choose to enter, we will also provide your open shopping cart Offer promotions and discounts Here you can see that Electronic Express offers a 10% discount Without your permission, your personal information and the things in the shopping cart Never shared with any outsiders Now you are ready to buy after completing the survey We also want to help you get the most value Soon, we will base your business on Sephora and Target The best loyalty program shows you the best buying options In this example, because you are already a Beauty Insider member of Sephora So you are already eligible to enjoy the promotion If you are not ready to buy, you can choose to receive notice of price reduction Taking a step back, the reason why these experiences are possible Because of the vibrant retailer community on Google What makes us proud is that we have adopted an open ecosystem approach to help small and large businesses Let more users discover these businesses and provide you with more shopping options This is more important than ever in the difficult times of the business This is why we have accelerated the implementation of the plan in the past year Let merchants sell products for free on Google Since then the number of businesses on Google has increased by 80% Most of them are small and medium enterprises Today, we are working hard to make it easier than ever for all kinds of businesses to enter Google We are happy to release seamless integration with Shopify Let more than 1.7 million merchants on Shopify Can reach more consumers in just a few minutes With just a few clicks, these retailers can register and appear on Google’s 1 billion shopping journeys every day These shopping journeys fully cover Google search maps, pictures, smart lenses and YouTube We believe you deserve the most choices We will continue to do every step of innovative shopping You have heard us introduce a lot so far How to use AI to make information more useful In fact, AI can also help us relive our favorite memories and moments Especially in the past year many of us are very nostalgic Shimrit will introduce the latest innovations in Google Photos below.

Thanks Bill I am very happy to be back on campus to introduce Google Photos to everyone We take photos and videos so that we can look back and commemorate the old times Help us to feel the intimate connection between each other Today, more than four trillion photos and video files are stored in Google Photos But because too many family photos, screenshots, and selfies are all stored together It’s hard for you to rediscover those important memories In fact, most of the photos in Google Photos have never been viewed We have received feedback from everyone that it feels great to reawaken a memory Memory can help you relive the old stories and miss the past So today, I want to show you some new features That is, use AI to reproduce important moments and awaken your memory At the same time provide more controls, allowing you to choose which memories to reproduce Soon, we will introduce a new way of looking back at the past, which we call "subclass "Small category" by identifying less exciting moments Shows the magic of everyday moments And re-present them to you.

I will show you how to implement them. This feature uses machine learning to transform photos into a series of numbers Then compare the visual or conceptual similarity of these images When we find that a group of three or more photos are similar in appearance or color We will present these photos to you as a category We found some great stories when we started testing the "subcategory" For example, how one of our engineers traveled the world with his favorite orange backpack Our product manager Kristi has a small habit Kristi likes to photograph objects with similar shapes and colors And I have received it over the years Series photos of family playing on the sofa We have a lot of interesting memories there But before seeing these photos, I myself didn’t realize that I had taken so many photos These photos are not necessarily meaningful by themselves But when you put them together, it will show you a unique story As usual, these memories are presented to you privately Only visible to your own Google Photos account In addition to using machine learning to better manage memory We also want to use leading special effects to make these memories come alive Last year, we launched Cinematic Photos Help you relive your memories more vividly I want to show you how we can use Computational photography function makes still photos more realistic When we take photos, most people actually take two to three photos for the same lens Ensure that satisfactory photos can be taken I think all trying to make the kids Parents who smile and look at the camera at the same time will understand what I mean Cinematic Moments feature will use neural network Process these nearly repetitive images to synthesize motion between image A and image B We insert photos and create new frames to fill in the gaps Turn static images into dynamic images The best thing about this feature is that it can be applied to any pair of images Whether it is an image taken with an Android or iOS device or an image scanned from an album It would take hours for professional animators to make this effect from scratch But after applying machine learning We can automatically create this experience directly based on the gallery We know that looking back has never been a panacea solution Only when you review those personalized content will it become more meaningful So later this year You will see new memory stories related to the celebration moment Whether it’s Diwali, or Chinese New Year or whatever For me, because my family will celebrate Hanukkah So I can review the wonderful moments of Hanukkah in the photo portfolio In addition, in addition to providing personalized review content We also want to provide you with more controls Because we learned Controls are helpful for anyone who has experienced difficult life events, breakups or losses In particular, we learned from the transgender community Re-showing certain photos to these people may cause them pain Therefore, we work directly with GLADD partners Listen to feedback and learn how to make nostalgia more inclusive These opinions inspired us so we set up a control that allows you to hide certain people Or photos in certain time periods, so the Memories function will not detect these photos Soon, you will be able to delete a single photo in your memory Or rename the memories, or delete them completely We are working hard to make these controls easy to discover.

You can easily make changes with just a few clicks So this summer, you will find some small categories Rediscover profound memories, or immerse yourself in movie moments You can achieve all this with new controls Looking back is an important part of the human experience This is why Google Photos makes people more than ever Can wake up the memory more easily, thank you thank you all! [applause] Shamrit, thank you. I am very excited about the progress we have made in AI As you heard today, we are using AI to enhance our understanding of information Create a better experience for Google search, maps, shopping, and photo albums Next, you will hear about the innovation of our computing platform We are happy to show you our latest open platform All the functional improvements of Android 12 Let me introduce you to the fundamental changes in the way of experience. Next, Matias will continue to share with you [applause] [music] [applause] Since the beginning, design has helped to improve the usability of computers Design can improve the ease of use and personalization of the computer In 2014, we launched Material Design to cope with the explosive growth of mobile phones Material Design sets a new standard for Android apps For Google, it helped us improve the product easily and smoothly However, the challenges we face today are greater than in the past Nowadays, the scope of application of computers is wide Has exceeded our imagination People nowadays are also very eager to express their individuality Want to gain control from technology We believe that we need to highlight the importance of emotions And the personalization of aesthetics This is a challenge for the entire industry To meet this challenge, we must rethink the overall situation If the form is no longer determined by function What if the form is determined based on user experience instead? We abandoned Google Blue and conceived Material You This new design allows you to become a co-creator Through the generation of a fusion of color science and the designer’s aesthetic Personalized Material palette helps you transform the look and style of all applications We carefully design interface elements to achieve real-time response So as to adapt to various styles The new design can adapt to various screens and devices Your application can be easily adapted no matter where you are The new design will never sacrifice accessibility And it provides a revolutionary function that allows you to control the contrast, size, and even line width Material can meet all needs No need to use the default design to cope with all situations Material You brings a new way of design thinking We spent years improving the interface construction Let all applications, not just Google’s applications Be able to maintain uniqueness and beauty while incorporating user style As a designer, it’s terrifying to share control over design details with others But it is this leap in belief that has revolutionized Google’s design work.

This is the first time we can consider Device details and details displayed on the screen We use common proportions, textures and shapes To integrate everything Google provides We provide you with stylish options Integrate into your home environment, perfect your dress We not only provide options, but also personalize your Google products to achieve the highest degree of adaptation In addition to dark and shallow themes, you can also choose a mode according to your mood These selection settings will be synchronized with your account Suitable for all applications and devices This fall, Material You will make its debut in Google Pixel Including all your favorite Google apps In the next few years, we will continue to work on realizing our vision Apply it to the web Chrome operating system, wearable devices, smart displays And all Google products Material You is a distinctive way of design We look forward to Material You can help you enjoy design and create beauty Next, we will introduce Android 12 in detail In addition to the redesigned widgets and the Material palette Sameer will introduce you to our most personalized operating system ever [Applause] [Music] [music] [applause] Hello everyone, I am very happy to participate in the Google I/O conference again! Just now you have a brief understanding Android’s biggest design changes in recent years I will introduce you in detail But first, I want to share some exciting news with you Just this week, we reached a milestone achievement The number of active Android devices worldwide has reached 3 billion The realization of this achievement is inseparable from the entire Android ecosystem But the road ahead is still long Android 12 is one of our most ambitious versions ever We focus on three themes First, the level of personalization of smartphones is high We believe that mobile phones should adapt to users, not users adapt to mobile phones Second, to protect the security of your personal information The operating system should have native security and be designed to ensure privacy Third, we want all your equipment, TVs, cars, watches, etc.

Can use the mobile phone as the center to complete better collaboration I look forward to introducing you more So, let’s take a look at the new interface of Android first. Everything from the lock screen to the system settings is completely new Subvert the way of using color, shape, light and motion All this comes from Material You Let me introduce you to the improvements in color We use color extraction technology New features planned for Google Pixel You can think of it as a combination of art and science See what happens after changing the wallpaper If I take this picture of children living in harmony Set as a background image, please see! The system created a custom palette based on the colors of my photos [applause] We use the material color target clustering algorithm To determine the main colors, supplementary colors, and colors that look good together Then the system will apply these colors to different parts of the interface In other words, the interface will become very beautiful You will enjoy a unique design The feature will debut on Google Pixel this fall But this new interface is not just a new look We have also simplified a lot of interactive operations and deliberately redesigned the system space Let me talk about the lock screen first Dynamic light and shadow enhance the fun of design When picking up the phone, the screen starts to light up from the bottom And when you press the power button to wake up the phone The light will radiate from where you clicked Even the clock works perfectly with you When there is no notification The clock on the lock screen is bigger to let you know that there are no unread notifications The notification bar is more intuitive Application notifications, and currently playing content Can be displayed concisely and clearly You can control the entire operating system through "Quick Settings" just by swiping and tapping The "Quick Settings" space has not only changed in appearance and style We also redesigned it to add Google Pay and home control At the same time still available for customization In this way, you only need to move your fingers and everything is under control And now, you can call up the Google Assistant just by pressing and holding the power button Use the power of Google to make it easier than ever The performance of our engineers on Android 12 Brilliantly optimized Make all the actions and animations of the interface extremely smooth We have also greatly reduced the number of key system services such as Activity, Window, and Package Manager.

Lock contention The team also reduced the CPU time of the Android system server by 22% It’s amazing. All in all, the speed has increased. The design of the new version has many points worth exploring I look forward to you trying it out The personalization of equipment is not only about design Our mobile phone stores a lot of important information Privacy and security are paramount We will further introduce to you Suzanne please [applause] Hello everyone. From the first device to 3 billion devices today Regardless of equipment price We pay attention to the security and privacy design of each device We have built a variety of disruptive features for all users From file-level encryption to the default Transport Layer Security Protocol (TLS) To secure DNS All to prevent data traffic tampering and data leakage In Gartner's annual mobile operating system comparison report since 2017 Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy have always had the highest safety scores In short, the safest device is equipped with Android system Android 12 Going further in information security Let’s talk about a common experience first That is, to authorize an application to access sensitive information Based on your precise location information Turn-by-turn navigation is very useful But we realize that this kind of access can also cause privacy issues To give users greater transparency and control We created a new privacy dashboard So you can see what kind of data was accessed and when This dashboard will report on all apps on your phone Include all your Google apps And you can easily revoke the access authorization of the application Operate directly in the information center We also added an indicator Let you know clearly that the app is using your camera or microphone But we can go further Even if you previously granted app permissions If you don’t want any apps to access the camera or microphone You can use the two new toggle switches we added in the quick settings Disable these sensors completely for each application These few examples show the privacy improvements you can immediately feel We look forward to introducing you to more inherent privacy features Those privacy features that are deeply rooted in the core of Android As machine vision, speech recognition and AI technology become more powerful There are more and more opportunities to improve the usability of operating systems To make it easier for everyone to adapt to these innovations We combine advanced functions with powerful privacy technology Jen introduces you to several ways we build privacy through design technology Depends on the development of Android Private Compute Core We are able to use unique AI technology to introduce new features At the same time ensure your personal information Stored securely and privately in the local space of the phone Android Private Compute Core provides support for some functions, such as "Listen to Songs" Can let you know what song is playing in the background There is also a "smart reply", which can provide you with suggestions during chat according to your personal reply habits More features will be launched later this year One more thing to note is the processing of all sensitive audio and language information All on your device only Will not connect to the Internet to protect your privacy In addition, like other Android technologies, Private Compute Core is also open source Can be fully inspected and verified by the security community Android is the first to enable such technology-driven privacy features Commercial mobile operating system This is just that we continue to maintain our position as a pioneer in innovation One of the ways to maintain the highest standards of privacy and security at the same time There is more information about the privacy and security of Android 12 You can find out later in the "Android Privacy Update" conference Now continue to ask Sameer to show us how Build a multi-device world [applause] Thanks, Suzanne, mobile phones now occupy the center of our digital lives Mobile phones interact with a large number of other devices we use every day​​​ Such as laptops, TVs, cars, etc.

Android’s new chapter focuses on Provide a pleasant and rewarding experience on all devices connected to your mobile phone In this way, everything can work better together Let’s first take a look at how the phone works with Chromebook When your phone is nearby With just one tap, you can unlock and log in to your Chromebook You can receive chat notifications from mobile apps in Chrome OS Soon, if you want to share photos With just one click, you can access the latest photos on your phone To give another simple example, let's talk about the TV remote control. If your home is the same as mine Then there is no use of the remote control 50% of the time in order to let people comfortably enjoy the night movie time We directly integrate the TV remote control function into the mobile phone You can search by voice or type with your phone’s keyboard, everything is effortless For more than 80 million devices using the Android TV operating system This function works out of the box, easy and convenient We hope that all your smart devices can work together, not just the devices at home Even your car! In fact, more than 100 million cars are now equipped with Android Auto In addition, the vast majority of new cars from well-known brands such as Ford, GM, Honda, etc.

Will support Android Auto, wireless and wired connections are a thing of the past In addition, we are happy to launch Support for Digital Car Key With Car Key, you can Use mobile phones to lock and unlock cars and start cars It uses NFC and ultra-wideband technology to be super secure and easy to use Just walk to the front of the car, get in the car, and you can set off If a friend borrows your car You can remotely and securely share your digital car keys with them This fall, Car Key will be released together with specific models of Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy smartphones We are working with BMW and other companies in the automotive industry Introduce this feature in their upcoming new car Well, the above is a brief overview of Android 12 that will be released this fall You can learn about many of these features through the Android 12 Beta Now you can try the Beta version on phones from 11 device manufacturers including Google Pixel, OnePlus and Xiaomi This year, mobile phones will usher in many transformative technologies, including personalized interfaces Industry-leading innovation in privacy and security And bring a better experience to various devices used in life Let’s talk about the mobile phone first, now let’s talk about smart watches We think it will be the next development direction of mobile computing Today, I’m very happy to share with you the biggest update in the history of Wear OS We have been investing a lot of work in three key areas First, work with Samsung to build a unified platform that focuses on battery life and performance And make it easier for developers to build great apps for smart watches Second, a new consumer experience Include updates for your favorite Google apps Third, new members of the Google family from Fitbit World-class health and fitness services created There is a lot of content to share Let’s talk about the cooperation with Samsung first Our cooperation with Samsung has a long history starting from the early Android Whenever we work together to solve problems, our respective ecosystems can be developed Now, we will take advantage of the two operating systems Wear OS and Tizen Integrate into a unified platform and focus on achieving faster performance Longer battery life and a thriving developer community Through cooperation, we have increased the startup speed of many applications by 30% Animations and transitions are also very smooth We are also committed to meeting consumers' consistent demand for wearable devices, which is longer battery life By using a smaller, lower power core We can perform tasks such as continuously running a heart rate sensor Allows you to better track your activities during the day And sleep at night to reserve enough power for the next day The unified platform is not just for Google and Samsung It will continue to be open to all device manufacturers This means that developers can use a set of APIs to build applications And reach millions of consumers all over the world by publishing apps on the Google Play store In order to let everyone better understand our cooperation, I am honored to welcome Patrick Chomet to participate At this Google I/O conference, he is responsible for all products and customer experience of Samsung's mobile business.

[Applause] Thank you, Sameer, Samsung and Google have worked together for the past 12 years Make Samsung Galaxy and Android a success We strive to create innovative experiences for Samsung Galaxy users Recently, we took the lead in launching a foldable device And use Google Duo and Google information to provide a rich communication experience Nowadays, our cooperation has opened a new chapter and that is wearable devices, which we look forward to very much. Galaxy Watch is loved by Android smartphone users We have an iconic design Cool watch face ecosystem and innovative health platform Working on integrating the excellent features of Galaxy Watch with Google into one platform Create a unified ecosystem for customers and developers We work closely to optimize performance Brings better responsiveness and longer battery life On the next-generation Samsung Galaxy Watch, you can also enjoy Numerous Google applications and services such as Play Store, Google Maps, etc. I’m really happy to welcome the developer community to join Our vibrant, open and inclusive new ecosystem Now I have Sameer please continue to talk [Applause] Thanks, Patrick is very excited about our cooperation And I know that our unified platform will excite many developers On this new foundation Wear’s consumer experience will also usher in a major update Now I have Bjorn to talk about this situation [Applause] Thank you, Sameer, everyone, in the past seven years We have a deep understanding of what people like most about smart watches And create a new experience based on people’s preferences First, our new navigation system allows you to process things on your watch faster than ever No matter what you are doing You can quickly access important functions through shortcuts Such as switching to another app immediately Suppose I am running and use Strava to record relevant data.

Now I am about to reach a long and tiring hillside. I can switch to the previous app Spotify with just two clicks Play an inspiring song and switch back immediately without missing the data record It's very simple, but it can bring a more helpful and smooth experience Some people reported that they like to swipe gently on the dial You can see some useful information So we are expanding the card library With the new Tiles API, any developer can create cards Provide people with more ways to customize the home screen carousel interface Now I can view the next meeting Switch to the weather forecast and switch to the new Calm app card This allows me to relax before participating in intense activities such as giving a speech at the Google I/O conference [laughter] We have also been working hard to update Material Design and provide extended functions To improve the experience of wearable applications Start with your favorite Google app For example, when the phone is not around Turn-by-turn navigation using Google Maps In 37 countries or regions around the world And use Google Pay in more than 200 public transportation systems From a library of more than 70 million songs in the YouTube Music app Download music for offline listening even if the phone is not around We look forward to your being able to experience Google’s great content in various ways on your watch Speaking of Google’s great content I am very happy to welcome Fitbit to the Wear family in the near future Health and fitness are essential for wearable devices Fitbit has established a world-class service So, now I ask James to share more information about our cooperation [Applause] Thanks, Bjorn About 14 years ago, I founded Fitbit with co-founder Eric Friedman Our mission is to make everyone in the world healthier To fulfill this mission we have sold 130 million Fitbit devices But over time, we have gone beyond helping people track fitness data Also committed to supporting people's health journey To this end, we provide a series of devices such as fitness trackers, smart watches, etc.

And many software and services allow users to enjoy excellent health and fitness content And get rich data insights and analysis Fitbit is now part of Google We are working to integrate all the advantages of Fitbit into Wear and put it on Wear watches Provide some of Fitbit's most popular features Including tracking your health and progress throughout the day Congratulations are displayed on the dial to help you stay motivated In the future, we will build high-end smart watches based on Wear Combine Fitbit's health expertise with Google's environmental computing power All this is just the beginning, hand in hand with Google There are many things we can do to inspire and motivate people to embark on a journey to improve their health Now I have Sameer please continue to talk [Applause] Thank you, James.

I’m right from this fall Very excited about the various updates launched Stay tuned for our developer keynote to learn more about new tools and libraries To help you build great smartwatch apps From the unified platform jointly built with Samsung to the one brought by Fitbit New consumer experience and world-class fitness services We ushered in a new era of wearable device ecosystem So, there are many updates moving from Android and Wear Before the next topic I would like to share with you something for me personally Very important content as the world’s largest operating system We have a responsibility to consider everyone's needs when constructing As part of the ongoing commitment to product inclusiveness We are working hard to make technology more accessible and fairer One of the most important parts of a smartphone is the camera The photos are very personal Will greatly affect how people perceive you and how you perceive yourself But for people of color, the camera function doesn’t always look at us the way we hope Even in some of our Google products In order to make smart phone photos really suitable for everyone We work with a group of industry experts to create more accurate and Let's take a look at the inclusive camera People tend to think that the camera is objective and fair But many decisions need to be made when manufacturing these tools Moreover, such decisions in the past did not take into account people of color It is still reiterating the notion that black people are not worth seeing Up to now, we have cooperated with many professional photographers who have taken thousands of photos Greatly enriched our image data set This helps improve the accuracy of our automatic white balance and automatic exposure algorithms And provide aesthetic feedback to make our pictures of people of color More beautiful and accurate This process is almost like a guide for collecting skin tones I can’t help but think of my mother because of some of the photos she took when she was young She still thinks she is not pretty How many little girls will be because they are the darkest people in the photo And the photos don't show their true appearance and think they are not beautiful? This is the work we have to do, people should not change their appearance We should change the way the tools work [Applause] Our engineering team is working with A lot of knowledge gained from the cooperation of these experts We are improving the computational photography algorithm To solve long-standing problems For example, we are in the process of automatic white balance adjustment to reduce stray light through algorithms Makes natural brown complexion visible and prevents excessive lightening of dark complexions Reduce saturation at the same time We can also use new algorithms More accurate representation of curly and wavy hair in selfies Such algorithms can better distinguish the characters in the picture from the background But there is still a lot of work to be done We are working hard to introduce the content shown here and many other content In the Google Pixel that will be released this fall We are committed to sharing our gains with the entire Android ecosystem Let us work together to create a camera that "sees" everyone fairly, thank you [Applause] As Sundar said, we hope that Google can help everyone Enhance knowledge and help success in an unprecedented way And promote happiness and health Today, I want to show you How our recent progress in the field of image recognition will help solve some of the world's major health challenges Let me talk about breast cancer first About one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime Mammography helps to detect breast cancer earlier But in the ten years of screening, half of the women have experienced misjudgments Therefore, we have been working hard to improve the accuracy of mammograms Last year, our research showed that AI has great potential in analyzing screening mammograms Accuracy comparable to clinicians Now we are working with Northwestern Medicine Cooperate in a research device clinical trial study to better understand how to integrate AI Applied to breast cancer screening process Let's hear why this is important That was when my grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer in the late 90s At that time, people didn’t discuss this topic as extensively as it is now.

So I was very frightened when I had a mammogram for the first time While waiting for the results of the examination, various ideas came to my mind What should I do if an abnormality is found? This feeling is terrible Tormented waiting is one of the greatest anxiety caused by mammography It may take a few days, sometimes even weeks, for a radiologist to read many Mammograms to be examined This is a national issue We don’t have enough manpower to do what needs to be done In this research conducted in collaboration with Google We use artificial intelligence to scan mammograms Help mark which patients may need further imaging I will receive an email notifying me that a patient has been flagged If I approve the examination, we will make corresponding arrangements for the patients, and they can take pictures for examination immediately Artificial intelligence can bring us a lot of help At the moment we have only touched the tip of the iceberg We hope to use this system to speed up the patient diagnosis process If research proves that AI scanning is feasible, it may change the way radiologists work Allow them to prioritize patients who need special attention Therefore, we are very much looking forward to the results of this study This example can give us a good understanding Can AI support clinicians to triage patients? At Google, we want everyone to receive the highest quality medical services Technology can and should help close the fairness gap Because of this, we are working on applying this technology to Responding to major global health challenges whether it is diabetic retinopathy Or do we use chest X-ray image recognition New work to improve tuberculosis testing We also believe that AI can assist people in daily health management People use Google to search for questions about their own health every day For example, there are billions of queries related to skin diseases every year This is not surprising, because about 2 billion people worldwide are affected by skin diseases But there are not enough experts to meet the needs of patients Therefore, we want to know how AI can help when you search and query "What is this?" So we have our AI-assisted dermatology auxiliary tools This tool uses machine learning with the first class of CE-certified medical devices Help people from smartphones or computers Find answers to common skin questions If you have skin, hair or nail problems that you want to know about You only need to upload 3 photos of the problem part taken from different angles from your mobile phone And answer some basic questions about your symptoms The AI ​​model can handle the rest Within a few seconds, the system will list possible matching skin conditions Then we can help you get relevant information so you can learn more This may seem simple, but the development is effective Dermatology AI models need to interpret millions of images Covers various skin types and skin tones After the tool is released, you will be able to use it in your browser Which covers 288 skin conditions Includes 90% of skin-related issues most frequently searched on Google We are working hard to make Google search users in the EU as early as the end of this year You can use the tool We just showed how to use AI to support people and medical staff all over the world But health is not just driven by medical care Health is also about social and emotional health This is what it means to keep in touch with the outside world In order to understand how Google can help in this regard, I now invite Sundar to talk about -[Sundar] Thanks to Dr.

DeSalvo for the wonderful sharing Seeing AI and image recognition as the medical field The changes it brings are really exciting AI will also be in two other research areas Have a long-term impact The first one can be said to be timely rain In the past year, we are grateful for the video conference The convenience it brings it helps us keep in touch with family and friends And help companies and schools to maintain normal operations But there is nothing to replace Close communication between people So a few years ago We started a project to use technology to explore more possibilities The project is called Project Starline It is based on what I talked about today Different computer science fields And rely on custom built hardware And highly specialized equipment The project is still in its early stages, currently only in Trial in several of our offices But we think, let everyone see The scene when people experience the project for the first time will be interesting Let's take a look -When I walked into the room, I felt a little suspicious what is this? I do not quite understand What happens when that screen lights up.

Eddie! [Laughter] -You look so beautiful-I can feel her and see her Like a 3D experience I feel like I can really touch him! -I saw my sister as if she was right in front of me -I really think she and I are in the same room Right by my side-hi-wow [applause] Some important advanced technologies make this experience possible First we used a high-resolution camera And custom built depth sensor From multiple angles Capture people's body shape and appearance Then blend them together Create extremely detailed real-time 3D models The amount of data generated is huge Reach the Mb/s level in order to be able to send through the existing network We have developed a new compression for such a large 3D image And stream processing algorithms to reduce the amount of data to Less than one percent of the original We have also developed a breakthrough The light field display system can display vividly The person sitting opposite you 3D image of When you move your head and body This system will Adjust the image according to your perspective You can talk naturally with each other, make gestures, and make eye contact Everything is so realistic, it feels like We are sitting face to face with each other This technology is complicated But people don’t feel it exists and can focus on the most important things In Project Starline We have brought together a series of advanced technologies Aims to build The best possible communication experience We spent thousands of hours in our office Test results on it are encouraging We also received exciting news from major corporate partners We plan to expand the coverage of this project to allow medical and media professionals Partners can also benefit from it In the process of breaking the boundaries of remote collaboration We have made technological progress This helps to improve our entire set of communication products We look forward to in the coming months Share more ways to get involved The second research area I want to discuss is Our work to promote sustainability For more than 20 years, sustainability has always been ours One of the core values In 2007, we became the first company to achieve Large carbon neutral company In 2017, we became the first company to fully use renewable energy Large companies that carry out operating activities And has been insisting on execution ever since Last year, we eliminated all carbon legacy issues And our next goal is bigger than ever We plan to achieve all-weather use of carbon-free energy for operations by 2030 This means that each of our data centers and offices Use clean energy every hour of the day Compared with current practices, carbon-free energy is used 24/7 Is a huge leap This means setting a higher benchmark Ensure never to emit carbon in operating activities This is the same bold innovation plan as LaMDA or quantum computing It also brings a series of equally difficult problems First, we must source carbon-free energy at all locations where we operate This task is more difficult in some places than others Today, we have five data centers Already fully or 90% adopted carbon-free energy for operation We have built five new solar power plants in Denmark to supplement our power grid in Denmark Current wind power generation To support the newly built data center to achieve the goal of carbon-free From the first day, the data center has 90% of the time Achieved carbon-free operation Another challenge in adopting carbon-free energy around the clock is Data centers need to operate 24/7 So last year we launched The world's first carbon smart computing platform The platform can automatically The timing of many computing tasks shifted to The most abundant period of clean energy Today, I am happy to announce We are the first in the data center network Implementation across time and location Companies that carry out carbon smart load transfer By this time next year We will put more than one-third of Non-production calculations are shifted to easier When and where to get carbon-free energy In order to achieve the all-weather carbon-free goal In addition to wind and solar energy We also need to use geothermal heat, etc.

On-demand clean energy Geothermal use of the earth Continuous heat to generate electricity But it is not widely adopted now We hope to change this situation I am happy to announce that we are co-developing Next-generation geothermal power generation project From next year The project will be connected to the grid that powers our Nevada data center We believe that our Cloud AI Expertise with partners And fiber optic sensing technology And other new technologies combined to help us in many new locations Flexible use of geothermal energy In order to achieve all-weather use of carbon-free energy, such investment is necessary Mountain View is also making related investments We are following the highest Building the new park here with sustainable standards After completion, these buildings will be equipped with The industry's first solar power generation device that looks like a dragon scale skin Equipped with 90,000 silver solar panels Power generation can reach about 7 megawatts The park will accommodate the largest in North America Geothermal reactor system, which can heat buildings in winter It can cool the building in summer Sustainable is One of the decisive challenges of our time Advances in computer science and AI Play a huge role in meeting this challenge Therefore, it is appropriate to conclude our I/O conference keynote speech with this I think the I/O Assembly More than just a technology event It is also a celebration for people who use and build technology Including millions of developers who watched the conference video today In the past year We have witnessed how the use of technology can Helping billions of people through the most difficult times This allows us to pursue our goals more firmly than ever Let Google provide more help to everyone Thanks for attending and watching this lecture Please watch other Google I/O conference videos And continue to pay attention to the next developer keynote I hope to meet you in person at the conference next year Please pay attention to safety and take care of your body [Applause] [Music]

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