[Fudamentos de Web Design 2] 5 – Introdução a linguagem JavaScript

people let’s continue here it’s thanks to our video grades it’s today’s I do of javascript parts that flow mathematical objects and play video games a a little bit about the time of these two sessions now, which are very interesting here is a grid on the other base for the latest developments in the works within the activities here in functions a code block function that was execute which pays someone to call is it’s a personal function is for you and me to use tendernes of system glasses is because it happens sometimes if you write all the system block next to the mfk to organize this function with balance of do I use being called again and it’s a topic is very relevant to the tribes generate java dialogue usage functions we dec the merriment keyword merriment the name of the function and its cleavage block leads in the middle of the java language write don’t try administrator intends the following we’re frame the team owner here because the language doesn’t have it, it’s not strongly for not you lead unlike other similar ones we take and expressions and words and java language iek actor ok let’s start playing that through of the lessons is that it’s a little small to see, it seems but let’s go here these functions do here, gaze the little button put one across the tac button put one over the lipstick and strip and by clicking on the button will be called the function let’s say then have fun with that’s generate a new platform that the 8th teles that my template that leant the street efe jad script here is improved in template 7 will be the eight dot html this is what happens here is it has a button boot taiko button button afternoon button has an phenomenon a paraphernalium associated with it I necessitate when the guy wants to stay when the person clinks he will call the run hello examine the there opens the opens and closes figure indicative of government functions this account will give that I extend the operate was your button word and I will close my lipstick here ok now your granddad imparts this little program to change it here mashai where there’s a centre that doesn’t even 61 claw that the developing world planneds refer 8 ac with firefox decapitation clink here he is doing nothing right he will do nothing because he attempted to do nothing because the button is next, when I click on the button you call a function the gym labours the role there does not exist and they were already forming it resounded hello that the part there speaks sense firstly instance of function in javascript will work let’s see it revised it didn’t work find out what was missing here what was missing the look here in code the affair there is written sort text javascript At the moment, the thing is, the team is focused on the code “ve arrived” and it arrives exactly this code that I shoot this is not really not ensure what the different types text scripting question will be javascript leant the bottom time or la to find out it’s going to try to find the trouble here employing the light barrage photo called free on board to start bandit may want to do buggy after writing the word that is buggy or buggy, which is the act of doing accordingly and others Portuguese would be debug or soul these people are to do in extension of the our source system at runtime is as follows so the source code and sits some inspection details should need their receipt to face to identify the problems and let’s see what will happen when we open the caribbean now is to open with this face here I came here street laden the html months here leave him out of bulgar right, that’s a dirty event okay, so I want to say that first if you entered the program, it’s going to be a problem. rib that is in the cinema something better now special scheme here then it will close the bar framed a type carry a sound or implement the part called my precedent in this small town having is not the eternal here but then it comes to call the function to roll in the spare tire tom is strange how strange and invests to this idiot of return our video class now I find out what the problem was the program over 60 in the world if we look here previously there were two points here instead of a content and these two consisted of and literally resolving our platform here now the business here and we come here to dig it will receive from love of life problem again is fastened there is a script now tends to shine before bronze let’s go she is showing the program childhood firstly operate let’s create a brand-new run now the cord here is good now announce serve calculate that this other there that likewise what is love just for this to the wizard now a new perform next to this one show rotation I’ll create a brand-new button and this is the button it will call oh there a dinner the run I will change here over there and here I’ll switch to scroll one is that the role there shapes the visitor with the chrome is to see the name frontera visitor I penetrated with your call li zhi late missed interesting thing that register the visitor after testing if the visitor’s specify have filled in and from the motorist the following, the new guest are similar as the next o tourist o syndicarv tac visitor else Visitor then do what exhibits an artistry welcome to the brand-new area called must in dual locate but the visitor name I weighed started the rotate that goes down with handout it last-minute we use it happening to console itself with your inspect call eduardo welcome to the guardian site in november will be visited was from welcome offend to the visitor locate is as follows chaps, I have two buttons for the first button, I’m going to call a function there for the second place to call with equal offer is a farr following where bento gonalves visitor and articulated a brand-new visitor here if we now have the motorist interrogation here the very beautiful collaborator there not very common and use a bang forgets the question block is if the visitor’s name this one, the one who touched the mouse over it, was different then the answer of this one running here is this, otherwise I take it here and hurl the result to second variable here complex don’t reproduce if this person who is the light-green one participates here, inspect if this chap here was different again if this guy that the mouse cursor for up was different again the answer is this one if it’s not this another here that gave the following if I entered the visitor’s call if I logged in as a patron and if that’s recently in then make the names of the visitor and I bring apportion months if you have not logged in as a guest this cell phone I’ll allocate tourist around and presentation after sunup the name of the very interesting tourist here the illustration of artistry I’m going to create here now a new operate which is the next speciman which is to calculate the ringlet now calculates rectangle neighbourhood of calculate and tango not discover here kessy that calculates the street rectangle that calculates the rectangle receive comparison 5 and 10 is so that we can pass, we stop here 2010 and 10 the chakra function the digital create a function called the calculus is tango will have two constants saturday 10 at mtur and let’s do the calculation of the stage now how is the calculation of the area of ethanol the area is based on the height of the country like booze it says height and I get perimeter then it’s what the basi more elevation but at the high levels of these two why is the rectangle area or a is height cornerstones and the period is a only from all sides with you have two bases two heights of the most height durations aches and then the program will do 26 of the region and depict the boundaries of countries around the world let’s go to alerting the area is more the range the more the perimeter intention a brand-new boundary that looks cool two new boundaries the bound and sheik ok two points again I’ll keep it now now and I’m going to run the program on the role button there, rolled the office, I won’t modify that now is to run the part which with Saulo calculate the crop of click this button the area of the s-5 0 and the perimeter is 30 for a rectangle like base five and height 10 ok very quiet there very easy then this example of personal affair I can take this with these functions here now and reuse it in various system blocks then I could do external affairs created here external to accumulate these functions I’ll show you eventually how we’re going to do this kind of thing orman and you’ll insure there’s this one there’s no need for now stop giving a looking and play video games and then we have here now stringhi c math objects vote for this video to rj with 15 times will close it and then the next keep on there beauty max

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