[Ebook] Introducing The Definitive Guide to Marketing Metrics & Analytics

Now more than ever, marketing has to prove its impact on the success of the business. All too often, it’s assumed that marketing exists solely to support sales, or that we throw fancy parties with nothing to show for our work. With the pressure increasing,  it’s time for marketers to take control of the revenue process. The time is now to earn the respect of our organizational peers. We’ve earned a seat at the revenue table. So, what must marketers do to be seen as an integral part of the machine that drives revenue and growth?

In this 2019 guide, you’ll learn how to establish a culture of accountability, plan programs with ROI in mind, create a framework for measurement, and how to build dashboards to inform complex decisions. You’ll learn how to embrace revenue performance management and master the art of forecasting. And above all, you’ll learn how to make insight-driven decisions across teams, tactics, and technologies.

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