Don’t FALL For MULTI LEVEL MARKETING – The Network Marketing Scam

Hey Dan here and if you are young, if you are ambitious, if you are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, then you must, must watch this video because I am going to share the biggest mistake. I have ever seen people make when they want to start working for themselves back in my hometown of Vancouver. This mistake kills friendships. It kills families and it will destroy your entrepreneur career before you, even get started. What are we talking about here? We're talking about multi level marketing. If you hear someone talk Referring your friend, uh M. L. M. Multi level marketing. I want you to turn and run because it will destroy your network and your chances of any kind of longterm success. So one of the absolute absolute best things about living abroad. I've been out of my hometown Vancouver for about five years now is when I go to a coffee shop to work, not having to listen to someone pitching someone on some multi level marketing pyramids game well, I'm trying to get my work done because the pitch is always the same and it is always a load of bs.

Now I wanna tell you three reasons why you should avoid multi level marketing at all cost now. Perhaps you have not been pitched by a multi level marketer. Yet and if so, you are very lucky what multi level marketing is, is essentially a pyramid scheme, but not what usually is behind it is some kind of product that needs to be sold and yes, you earn a Commission when you sell that product, so usually Things like juices magic potions vitamins, all that sort of stuff, mary kay is one of the more famous ones, so multi level marketing usually involve some kind of a product.

You need to sell and more times than not okay always recruiting other people. This is where the pyramid scheme aspect comes in right sure, you could make enough money selling the vitamins, but it would probably take you about 300 hours each week to make minimum wage so the way you really make money is recruiting other people and when they join, they have to pay some kind of an initiation fee or now it's called a starter pack where they basically have to buy every single vitamin in order to be able to sell them. Ok. That part aside, you probably already know how that works now. What here's why you should not get involved and should not actually join so I have a particular fire for hating these people because I almost felt victim myself.

My hometown vancouver is playing by multi level marketer and when you are young and ambitious and you wanna get into entrepreneurship, they use all the right words to essentially trick. You and make you think That it an entrepreneurial venture to get into multi level marketing. It is not. So when they talk about sales and experience and learning that use all these kind of terms. That might pull you in if you are a good person and ambitious person, someone who wants to work hard they'll pull you in with this kind of stuff the reality is, is that you are basically becoming a unpaid sales agent to Commission only sales agent with very little support. Your training will come from someone who's almost as inexperienced as you are and really Only involved to make a quick buck off the whole system so first things first, the training that is promised is bs the other thing is who are you getting training from you're getting training from this system. That's really based on hype and what you'll find.

If you pay close attention to any multi level marketing pitch, they usually talk about that. One in a thousand person who made 10000 dollars or whatever it is in the system. They will never reveal the averages, ask them what the average sales agent earns and that will shut them up pretty quickly so everyone And this kind of a system are people chasing like a pipe Dream. They're chasing like this hypey, get rich quick sort of thing is that who you wanna be learning entrepreneurship from is that who you want to be shaping your future. If you're, a fan of the channel, I sure hope I taught you better than that so any training that's talked about is gonna be bs and it's gonna leave you worse off than when you started the second reason to run from multi level marketing as fast as you can is that you're teaching yourself to lie. If Look at multi level marketing. It all a misuse of language right.

It is a pyramid scheme, but it's not it's multi level marketing right using legal loopholes to get around the laws you are essentially a conditional lease sales agent, but are you called that no, you are called an entrepreneur, a business owner, all this stuff. What you're doing is you're training yourself. If you go through with it, which you will not, after this video promise me, that so you're, training, your brain to make language meaningless and that is not a pattern that you wanna get started with because it's going to destroy your ability to be disciplined to reach your goals to follow through later The future and the third and not final cuz I do have a bonus one coming up reason not to get involved with multi level marketing is that it will burn all your bridges.

I don't care who you are the people. You know your network is one of your most important resources and whether you have a wide network around the world or you're, just getting started out in business. Maybe you're, like I was your 21 22. You know you wanna become an entrepreneur and you're going to all these events, trying to meet people by the way that's where they get you, they go in swoop in at this event, right your network People you know is gonna be so important to your longterm success and what does multi level marketing do same thing goes actually with some other industries. I won't get into, but like insurance sales and and financial planning is they train. You to sell to your family and your friends because they say the most valuable thing you have is your network right. They don't teach you real marketing and business strategies. They say go, sell your friend goes out of your family guest. How many times you can call your friends and say hey um, let's go. Have dinner And then pull out some sales package before they tell you to p** off.

I have multiple friends like well, no longer friend from back in vancouver that I met when I was younger and every time they called me. They would have some kind of new multi level marketing. Some stupid pitch and the crane is like one of the guys he was a little crazy. He, I remember once he messaged me because I spoke out against it right. I gave them s*** about it and said you know do not call me. Do not. You know this is stupid you're throwing away your your life going down this road so there's, one guy messages me e once and he's like you know, I really sunk in.

I wanna thank you for what you said, like a few years back it's really sunk in and I I realized that I was just in this multi level marketing thing in my I was just obsessed and I might, I wasn't thinking straight and all that so blah blah. I'm like oh, that's great to hear you know what are you up to and he tells me what he's up to it's another multi level marketing scam just with a different way of describing it so it tricked him again the point is the most successful people you know the people who might actually have some money to invest in the future company of yours who might be able to open doors those people are To shut the door rip up your phone number, I guess if they still keep it on paper. I don't know why they rip it up, go out your phone number delete. It get rid of you from their life. The minute you start pitching the multi level marketing stuff. So protect your network. Do not get involved with multi level marketing because those people you know now five 10 20 years from now could literally be worth millions of dollars.

They could be your investors. They could be your business partners, but not if you start pitching them some stupid pyramid scheme. Now and if it this point, you needed More reasons not to get involved with multi level marketing I'll give you one more. Yep. That guy was a big proponent of multi level marketing. Some of the companies he was involved in have been dealing with serious legal issue since so now you know why you should not get involved with multi level marketing, but what should you do to build a business well to find out more subscribe to the channel up here and I will do my very best to teach you all about building a healthy sustainable longterm business

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