Digital Marketing News 1-18-2019: New Email Marketing & B2B Content Marketing Stats

welcome to the digital marketing news
I'm Tiffani Allen and with your first story this week I am Joshua Nite hey
you know that old saying when somebody's getting married something new something
blue something algorithmic and something on YouTube well yes of course yeah well
it turns out there is a very good reason for that and we didn't know it until
today but YouTube has started testing some new blue buttons underneath the
videos thankfully these are not pop-ups that come on top of the video like
notifications we don't want that but they are testing these buttons that are
below the video that give keywords links to further stuff by the creator of that
video and related content Wow so these are things that are being pulled by
their algorithm kind of an expansion of their related content but in addition to
that related content so if that's not going anywhere
so this is something that they're testing out again this is just gonna
keep to their goal of having everybody on YouTube forever yeah yeah just
picture a human face staring at a screen forever and that is their goal but as
marketers we would love it if they were on there looking at our ads so I'd say
just keep an eye on this as it rolls out maybe we'll get some optimization tips
as we know a little bit more about it yeah I mean that sounds like a really
great way to keep viewers engaged mm-hmm can you guess okay wedding okay that's
fair so there was a study that was released by FBX that's called the
digital transformation and the customer experience oh yeah so it showed some
really interesting stats about b2b organisations how they are in engaging I
guess their customer base so of the 228 and 9 decision makers from b2b companies
that were surveyed 68 percent said that their firms are undergoing a digital
transformation okay the one that's a lot it's a few so of those that are not
pursuing a transformation 25 percent are delaying the project because they are
satisfied with the status quo not that that stat is intrinsically
biased but it's something to think about also 85 percent of the folks surveyed
agree that their firm has clear internal consensus of
what digital transformation means which is important because it could in itself
mean all kinds of things right right so the top goal is to improve the customer
experience through this digital transformation make it easier for the
customer to become engaged become a customer say a customer all that stuff
so 58% cited that as an objective the number jumped to 63% for manufacturers
that make sense the highest set of bottom among the group which is
interesting but only 25% of those surveyed so the best way to drive more
sales is to enhance the buyer experience I think they're mistaken yes maybe yeah
absolutely so again if you're going through digital transformation and
you're focusing on the customer maybe it's important to define what that means
right within your organization but also keep that focus on the customer as
you're making these decisions that you don't wind up having to redo everything
because it could be expensive and ultimately cost you long-term revenue
frankly though my favorite definition of digital transformation is when I evolved
my Pokemon and Pokemon go it's tell they're digital creatures they transform
Pichu becomes Pikachu becomes right shoe that is just the you know the great
circle of life you know it continues to be part of the great circle of marketing
tell me email marketing right you would think
that it wouldn't be we keep saying that you know it's been emails been around a
long time but it is a go-to method and our good friends at Aweber possibly the
grill company possibly the writer of such musicals as cats and Phantom of the
Opera could be Andrew Lloyd Webber has given us these him now Aweber has given
us this survey results from a thousand emails from top marketers so this is not
a random sampling this is them picking the most successful folks folks they
admire folks like Ann Handley who can turn the world on with a smile yeah and
they looked at what characteristics make them the top marketers so they looked at
for example the word count and an email 50% of those emails were 300 words or
less perfect now only 11% were over 900 were
38% were in that 300 to 900 range so basically they said keep it short unless
you have some really valuable content that you're offering
they actually cited in a hand lee's newsletter and this as being something
that it's over 900 words but it turns it so it's gotta earn it elsewhere just
keep it short subject lines 20 to 60 characters anything over 60 is gonna get
cut off in a mobile app guess where most people are checking their email I was
gonna stay in the bathroom but on the phone yeah in the bathroom Oh with the
lead pipe in the conservatory Frank's as far as subject lines go now this was
something interesting 60% said there they'd use sentence case for a subject
that's capital letter at the front and there are no more capitals 34% use title
case which looks very much more formal yeah so some people choose that because
it it kind of gives their brand a little more gravitas but they said that this
could depend on what works for your audience yeah people are more likely to
open an email that looks like it comes from a friend and friends usually use
sentence case or all lower caps me none of my friends use hollower to be weird
yeah all uppercase no but sentence case could be a better look for your friend
than total case so I thought all that was fascinating for email marketing that
is interesting now I know how to send you read yes no more all caps
thank you shouting I mean I know everybody on the internet now knows that
I use the caps lock case instead of the shift key when I'm making capital
letters I added myself on Twitter I understand it's a mistake however I'm
already down the path so here we are very well right so speaking of mistakes
all right go for it so there was this interesting story where Google's John
Mueller reminds us all of something important
oh somebody I know live chat with him was saying hey you know what
whoops hey it's great its back technically sound technically there's
nothing wrong with my website why won't it rank to which he responded in the
situation like this it could arise when you're so focused on the technical SEO
on your site that you forget about the actual content of your site the big
picture of what keeps people there engaged
reading if your page loads really fast but there's nothing of value on it
can also acts it really you can make a page load real quick just by putting no
things on it exactly it's so easy so of course that's paraphrasing the point but
just a reminder this is apparently news which is great you need to have great
content on your site keep users engaged also that content should be optimized it
should load quickly but look at the big picture when you're thinking about
optimizing your site I'm making sure that yes the technical details are in
place but you also have great engaging content I think that just comes from
thinking of ranking as it goal yeah and the gray King is not a goal it is a
means to a goal like revenue like people converting people hanging out check it
out yeah yeah but what do you suppose makes content good well Josh I have a
feeling you know having me write it no it's true there was a recent analysis
from the folks at buzzsumo who know a thing or two about content they have
some big big data that they put to use on b2b content analysis they looked at
over 50 thousand articles oh yeah and they looked for the characteristics of
top performing content now it means stuff that earns shares and backlinks
and stuff that's evergreen that people continue to want to take a look at year
after year so some of the top characteristics the top headline phrases
that you could start out with the future of how to use need to so like need to
boost your blah blah blah not just like you need to know cuz
that's further down how to create here's how and then that you need to know
here's what you need to know so those are interesting not because those are
magic phrases but because they indicate the type of content that people have the
intent to search for hmm how to do stuff what they need to know they found that
between a thousand and two thousand words seems to be a nice sweet spot for
content anything shorter you're not gonna get as much engagement anything
longer not as many shares interesting well I thought it was interesting that
there was some really cool top content types
oh yeah that's what were those yeah how to's how crazy is that right yeah
infographics videos so the more of that visual
we've been talking about and lists so if you're like me and you're like okay
there's a lot of words here but there's a bulleted list that's exactly where I
go so just cut out the middleman sometimes video and infographics are
evergreen in this instance they just tend to run a little more evergreen yeah
yeah unless they're based on you know old data or something like that it might
be something worth updating but you have video absolutely and guides tend to earn
the most backlinks those massive thousands of word guides think about I
thought it was interesting nowhere on this list is that leadership right
content but that's to say that that leadership is maybe not the most shared
and the most engaged with but it is absolutely crucial for building your
brand and getting the people that you most want to respect you to respect you
so I thought that was an interesting sidenote
thought leadership has its own set of goals and should definitely be included
in there all right but if you're thinking about getting
more backlinks to your site increasing your SEO presence doing things like
guides are great original research those two things combined maybe add some
influencers probably on there right now yeah sprinkle in some infographics for
people you might want to check out they pointed out the top publishers for b2b
content are tech Tech Crunch yes kawrench entrepreneur coin desk and
Business Insider and the Harvard Business Review so if you're looking for
some inspiration that'll be a good place to start all right well that is all the
news we have for you this week you need more in the meantime you can check out
the top ranked blog top ranked blog calm or follow chop our ground Twitter at top
ranked yep you can find me on twitter at nitrites that's an ite WRI TDS and her
on Twitter at Tiffany underscore Allen that is true thanks for tuning in we'll
see you next time bye you

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