Day in the Life of an Internet Multi-Millionaire Tom Antion Part 2

Marc: This is our edit bay. Basically, itís my little cave area that
I come into to do my editing, do graphic design stuff for Tom. I check the footage. I also talk to mentees in this room. I also check my Emails. I do everything in this room. Iím connected to the Internet so I can actually,
at the beginning of the day, be shooting a piece with Craig and at the end of the day,
have it uploading or have it already uploaded to YouTube. Tom: Tell us about the programming, Extra
Mile? To boil this down, are you saying that itís
you more than any kind of vehicle, where the success lies? HaÖhaÖha…

Write that down too. I answer to all the people that invest in
me, that believe in me and I hold high standards for them. So when I joke about telling people to take
a hike because I donít like them, that does not mean Iím an arrogant guy walking around,
just walking all over everybody because I can. Colin: After our meeting today, Tom told me
that we have a new promotion for a new Reputation Management teleclass to be put out over the

So he released the sales letter to his list
but now itís my turn to go into the social networking which is a very popular place to
promote new products and teleclasses, start telling everybody about it. He actually made a video with Craig helping
and Marc helping him create this really nice video. Itís four minutes in length and Iíve uploaded
that to FaceBook. His FaceBook is very popular.

He has a lot of friends there, almost 5,000
people and now they will all get to see this video Iíve uploaded and watch it. And it links over to the sales letter where
they can purchase the teleclass. Itís kind of cool that way. And then of course when somebody likes it,
they choose to make a comment. It will show on their home pages that they
commented on this video and they may have 5,000 friends. So now, itís potentially 10,000 people that
can see this. So social networking is very important to
promotion, getting people excited about things, spreading the word, it doesnít cost anything.

We have a lot of profiles, Twitter, Facebook,
YouTube, all of these things and Iím in control of all that. So whenever Tom has a new product, I usually
love to get right on to these social networking sites and tell everybody about it. And thereís a number of different ways you
can do that. Tom: HaÖhaÖForty five minutes till my next
call. Iíll be right on the tennis court, folks. Practice my serve and toss. I got a ball machine if I want to. Whoa! That wasnít me, folks. That was the chair. Weíre going to go out there and get better
at tennis. Thatís what you can do when you work for
yourself and you got your own tennis court. Lady 1: Iíve been out there on the tennis
court with him once or twice, watching him. But even when heís playing, heís still working.

Heís turning his play into a way to work
and to teach people new skills. Tom: Now, if my dad would have had anything
to do with tennis which he didnít because he worked too much every day of his life,
the machine he would have made himself out of concrete. Because one day he was fixing the car, it
was getting rusty, and he had a big concrete thing in front of it. He was fixing our car with concrete. You could kick it and break your foot. You still there? Very humbling experience but it shows the
character of a person when things are bad. When things are good and youíre the big shot,
I mean I was the second largest night club in the State.

Everybody knew me and then all of a sudden
I was nothing, I was out of business. So I stood tall and I did what I was supposed
to do and I ended up paying everybody back. It took me a while but itís better than running
from them and having the creditors chasing you. Thereís no self-esteem in that. So I decided that whatever I did from then
on, I was going to enjoy it. And whoever I dealt with was going to enjoy
it. Lady 2: The best part about working for Tom
would be just being here, cleaning, keeping up, feeling needed. Lady 1: The best thing about working for Tom,
for me personally, is thereís so much here that I love to do.

Lady 3: The best part of working with Tom
is that I feel like Iíve become a part of his family versus an employee. I really enjoy being here. Man 1: Learning new things everyday. Marc: I love the dress code, thatís one of
the things. Craig will probably ask me later on what I
like best about working here. And this is probably my top five list of things. That is the best part about working here is
the dress code is very casual, as you can probably see.

I didnít know we were taping today. Man 2: The best thing about working for Tom,
I get to come in and run around barefoot. Man 3: The best part of my job is working
by myself, kind of able to do my own thing and being outside. Colin: Well, the best thing about working
for Tom is the knowledge that Iíve gained to create my own businesses. At most companies you would work for, youíre
just a cog in the wheel of their big operations and youíre not really going to be able to
specifically start your own business from whatever company youíre working for. But here itís different.

This is individual entrepreneurship. I can learn exactly the same things that Tom
learned to create this multi-million dollar empire for myself. And I actually do work on that when I go home
every night because instantly working here gave me the inspiration to see that we can
all do this. So actually all the people here at Tomís
house and his staff, weíre all in different aspects and different parts of working towards
our own businesses. So itís really kind of cool. The knowledge is invaluable what Iíve learned
here. You could never purchase this anywhere else. Tom: Oh my God, donít believe anything you
read on the Internet. Caller: No, the one which is on your site. Tom: Oh well, thatís even worse! You can't believe that.

So, itís 5 oíclock and I donít pay overtime. So Iím going to send everybody home and check
out. Iím going to have some more time to work
very quietly all by myself tonight after dinner. So see you around, and go ahead home now,
everybody. Yeah, yeah, you with the camera, Craig, out
of here! I ainít paying overtime, buddy. Iím a cheap ****. Alright, weíll see you later..

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