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What is Content Marketing All About?

If you ‘re not sure why content marketing is important, or how its supposed to help you make more money, watch this explainer video right quick,

As a business owner you are either selling a product or providing a service. Right? As a business owner you also know that not every prospect you encounter is going to buy from you, the first time they learn about your product or service. Only a small percentage of people will do that.

Just like you, some people need to be exposed to a thing or an idea before they warm up to it. If they keep getting exposure they may finally relent and buy from you. This is just the nature of human beings.

Sometimes people are slow to buy because they need more convincing about the product or about you.

People have different buying triggers. We are all different. But what’s not different about us is the more we are exposed to something the less resistance we have to it.

Content marketing is the process of recognizing how humans work and then working with it. Not against it.

Content marketing is a subtle yet ultra-powerful selling tool. No pushy sales offers and pitches every time they see you in their inbox.

Content marketing accomplishes two things in your favor. First, it answers unasked questions by providing insight and perspective from an objective non-confrontational perspective. It plants the seeds of receptiveness between you and the reluctant buyer.

Secondly, it provides an opportunity for the prospect to “buy” you! by gaining confidence in your level of knowledge and understanding of your topic.

So, content marketing is a long drawn out sales pitch in a nutshell.

Companies that track this kind of data report that their content marketing efforts feed their email newsletter pipelines and that sales by emails overwhelmingly surpass sales made on first encounter. Try it!

Content Marketing

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