Content Marketing Strategy: Viral Report Secrets 2/12

okay number one you have to brainstorm to find your hot topic this is by far the most critical step if you rush this or if you skip it all together you're going to create reports that get no readers and you're going to create reports that might spread but fail to identify with your target market it's it's mike spread around but let's say you know it you get access to a million people but they're not paying customers they're all a whole bunch of you know elementary school kids they might be tired seekers they might not be buyers so this is why it's very important to brainstorm to find the hot topic in the hot market of the people that you're going to be promoting to and again remember that your goal is to create something of value something that scratches there is something that's easy to consume and I'm in a worksheet I gave some examples of this so you can create checklists you can create teach sheets spreadsheets top 10 lists linked lists reviews of popular products Q&A interviews and you can also ride the wave of hot products of political stories celebrities or hot button topics so you know let me give you some examples let's say the 10 things stay at home moms can learn from Britney Spears I mean sounds ridiculous right but if you can relate it to your business related to your offerings it can really work in your favor how to master your confidence by watching american idol you know these these can be completely wacky ridiculous things but if you again if you can relate it back to your business related to your products then give it a try it might actually work well it's in terms in an example of a Q&A interview you could have a one-on-one with tony robbins or tony robbins personal assistant or you know something ridiculous totally robbins assistants assistant the idea is it could be silly it could be cheesy could be gimmicky but it might actually attract that link bait from other bloggers from you know your affiliates or if you have affiliates I'm gonna get into that in a minute about affiliate but the idea here is to just attract some attention on the big social sites and the blogs an example of a product review could be Amazon Kindles buyer's guide it could be a no BS review of Tony Robinson ebook or some other big news maker the idea here again is to ride the wave of what's in the news and that might be a very short term effect you know just today's news or it could be a long term effect like the iPhone the iPhone had probably six months of time before was actually released and it was in the news pretty much every day for six months and it's even still even still know that it's released for a couple of years it's still a big news maker so that's just an example it doesn't necessarily have to be you know day old news an example of a linked list it could be simply a list of relevant links that people can refer to so it could be the top 50 personal development blocks or the top 20 stay-at-home mom resources but here's the really juicy tip anything that involves businesses people or bloggers it's actually easier to spread virally because those people will be completely flattered and they're going to actually be more likely to link back to you because they're you know you're mentioning them it's an ego boost and there's also a credibility boost for them so you know if you create a list of links of resources of people reviews site reviews that's actually really good link bait that's actually going to get you a lot of inbound links and people talking about you now if you get stuck on the brainstorming part then spend some time where your prospects hang out it could be the forums on Facebook groups Twitter and so on find out what they're talking about find out what their thirsting for what they want but maybe have some trouble finding fully understand their hopes and their dreams and the frustrations or fears and struggles you know the brainstorming is really by far the most important part of the process you do have to spend a quite a bit of time ironing this out to really nail down your viral report

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