Content-Marketing Strategie für Heilberufe und Coaching – Teil 1

content marketing strategy for health professions and coaching Part one of this series of articles is about getting to grips with the basic to familiarize yourself with the possibilities of location and content marketing this series of articles give tips with a case study from the health sector as an example namely a yoga school and you can simply Replace the handle yoga school with your area and you have one use simple content marketing strategies hello my name is markus physically i am an author of various books non-fiction books in the field of internet coaching and content marketing first note content marketing is not a quick shot and is not a miracle cure content & education marketing takes time and money to a large extent let them do it externally but need certain core areas Your cooperation and energy is the first question you will probably ask yourself is why should i become a business owner with content marketing occupy yes this woman is everyone's first thing through my head this question is easy to answer if you answer yes to the following questions then content marketing is clearly for you i want to show my potential customers my knowledge and my competence i want to show my prospects that they can trust me i want to convey my philosophy to my interested parties i want to be found on the internet i want content marketing install a customer filter so that only people who match me can find their way into find my practice or shop if you answer yes to these questions can then it is time to have a content & education marketing strategy to build what is content and education marketing here i go back to wikipedia content marketing is a form of marketing strategy with informative advisory and entertaining content the target group should appeal to its own convince companies and their range of services or their own brand and to win or keep you as a customer content is king it probably also has this statement already heard and read and wondered why content is so important that is quite simply whom you trust someone you know and who has shown you that he understands his midst or someone from which you have never found anything on the internet the task of content Marketing is easy through the 50 um of relevant articles videos and pictures help your target group to answer burning questions and solve current situations so that you can reach potential customers and position yourself as an expert or experts in an interesting and relevant manner content interesting, useful and relevant for interested parties and the media content must be in the foreground if you find yours search term on google a website on the top position you click on the link and find instead of the information you are looking for hot air what do you keep clicking or and you don't want to that something like this happens to them right because that would be a shame with something more effort you can provide the information you want and the picking up interested parties at content marketing interested in the center many companies do not yet understand that and confuse content marketing with a new search engine optimization strategy so in a nutshell there are no services in content marketing products or offers in focus but information and solutions for the Target group who wants to build trust must be informative and credible offer relevant content so the yoga school can next to the forever same texts in yoga, the following additional topics currently offer – so yoga trend yoga holiday destinations yoga clothes then advanced knowledge, for example spirituality and yoga then practical instructions, for example your own yoga videos and youtube videos then of course useful tips on how to behave, for example before or after yoga and finally some entertainment because here too Yoga can be fun of course, objections now come when I do foreign yoga videos on my homepage then they could Those interested in migrating there for the year will forget this yoga mindset Interested parties will be able to collect information everywhere and not only at You and if the yoga was interested in the information then your homepage will become a point of contact for you the man trusts I have to think like a media entrepreneur, yes, exactly you must if you want to be successful in the future like a media companies think, and i'll show you why the internet is right now is rapidly shifting towards mobile web me in my articles content marketing on mobile devices apps or mobile web and fight the internet titans apple facebook and google fight content extensively exposition, the mobile web has long overtaken the good pc in one or two years the music then plays on the mobile internet when you use the tablet or smartphones can control the building services technology can measure blood pressure can watch tv and much more, why do you still use a pc and that The smartphone is always within reach for almost 24 hours my 17 or 21 inch screen does not support my content and search results available but only a small screen and around this small one screen fight everyone and this fight can only contain content how do I proceed in this context accordingly, new challenges arise and there has to be one content strategy can be found the strategy depends of course on the Financial and human resources starting is important that you meet your goals and objectives Define your goal when you define goals you can control whether You can achieve this and, if necessary, make corrections if you give your Define target audience you can align content and language accordingly In the second part, you will learn how to quickly and easily find relevant content produced and distributed via the various channels and others information about content marketing & coaching can be found at

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