Content Marketing: So macht man heute Werbung

In the past, advertising was simply effective coverage was actually just a question the budget used because there were only relatively few channels but which were seen by a great many people As everyone knows, the advertising market is subject to a fundamental change in the course of this digitization we are experiencing a far-reaching fragmentation of communication channels but not only the number of media has changed Due to the large number of new mobile devices, the sea and usage habits in radical upheaval with dramatic consequences for them classic media because the second stream is becoming more and more popular for the actual fast screen the following is the result of the former flagship of the advertising placements the range of the advertising block on tv is decreasing more and more At the same time, we are experiencing a steadily increasing time and place-independent use of digital contents now simply product placement directly in existing ones integrating classic tv content offers only limited space and possibilities and only rarely does the whole thing really fit someone else's brand approach namely to cover the new channels with old strategies, however there is also no solution, after all, there can be technical advertising there hidden or simply skipped and video on demand services offer no advertising space at all all of this calls for a new approach with new opportunities content marketing with content marketing brands pursue the goal of people with to reach content that is relevant to you content that informs and entertains In the best case scenario, brands must therefore define topics and occupy those who both fit the brand and the interests of potential customers customers cover the intersection of these two areas the terrain for a successful content marketing strategy is the goal of one Such a strategy must be tailor-made non-promotional content to use it in a targeted manner to make a product or service known an understanding of the requirements of the individual channels plays a role here a very central role in terms of content is based on content marketing consistently meet the needs of people's brands So no more classic campaigns, instead you do the whole thing yourself year after year, this is the only way to make a purchase decision later in terms of the brand and influences a variety of communication goals Sustainable involvement can only be achieved with education, loyalty and development new business areas a content marketing strategy has to be implemented right from the start Well thought out in every detail his pilot has all the trades required for this become media technology and program maker everything under one roof and always in front of a digital background pilot from from here in the future

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