Content Marketing Objection #1: It Is A Passing Fad

so do I think content marketing is a passing fad I sure don't the content marketing is really a part of a big marketing picture so calling it a passing fad would be like saying television or radio or print is a passing marketing fat content marketing has been proven to be around for at least a hundred years with John Deere and I think it's going to continue well on into the future could be hundreds of years from now at least many more years than any of us are worried about content marketing is not a passing fad content marketing really isn't a fad it's still relatively new term but the intention behind it isn't new at all it's all about creating value and creating a relationship with your customers and getting something in return so it's not exactly a fad if you look at it in terms of what it is now but if you look at the intention behind it it's going to last for a long time and be around for organizations for years to come.

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