Content-Marketing-Kampagne: So zahlt sich Deine Strategie aus

they want to be found better and generate more conversions with organic reach viral spread or even better through theirs content we explain to you what a successful content marketing campaign is my name is an in the vehicle and i work in online marketing consumption content can be produced in various formats in e books whitepaper as text on your website or in online shop and and and content increases its findability opens up new visitors and strengths the brand and customer loyalty content marketing is also an important one part of a well thought-out search engine optimization because google rewards good content that proves above all what is coming now corp date how do you create a successful content marketing campaign two simple tips in advance firstly, define your goals goals and a clear strategy are set in the conception of your campaign Above all, clarify the following questions, to whom do I want to reach which needs and questions to your target group and how do I answer these questions and guide them the user to the interaction second the interaction a one-time interaction usually does not lead directly to a purchase so motivate your visitors yourself to continue to deal with your website and in the online shop So stick to the conceptual phase as the user to which one interaction should be requested that can be the registration for newsletter from download to purchase please note these two tips when you start your content marketing campaign you have half of it rent further optimization tips for your content marketing campaign is available in our article on the www and of course at any time from our online marketing team we advise you [music]

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