Content-Marketing: Die besten Praxistipps – Teil 2

we now close a lot of questions in our head when you say topic content marketing to generate links, so classic link building too operate then yes this content must meet certain criteria so it it is not possible to link natively or virally to everyone Do you have two or three tips from your experience or should you say it like that? general conditions because it often works and that is another topic because you you also need a feeling for where this quality level is ultimately you white quality is defined somewhere here and the question is if i directed me to and the target group how much how high do you have to be quality standard so that I can actually trigger the action if you now order a 100 g ba text, for example, I have the experience that is somewhere between 10 and 20 You can say din a4 pages or simply three to five or six seven 1000 words have to be so that you can start a topic adequately or to write as a soloist otherwise you don't have enough perspective the halo on the subject is certainly a contribution to the all-encompassing all aspects of a topic from who is that a little bit pointed formulates it almost infinitely long when I say something like that now a little bit exactly a little bit sharpened, of course, again on them Target group pointed but already so far that one has the feeling that the information is so comprehensive that it really can't be linked to it I'm not making a mistake that takes me to a little now the topic budget now tell me now for large portals for large customers who have yes, almost enough budget such articles such advice now we take the example also have to be created what is your tip smaller internet presences how you can deal with such a topic this is absolutely right when it comes to content worthy of linking my experience from the production of many content articles the this quality have this link magnetic effect so to speak yes there is mine experience that a budget whether it is agency since me or internally processed often comes out two to three thousand euros that of course have smaller medium-sized companies do not necessarily have to post individual content So my advice would be the content creation maybe over to move out for several months and you only have 500 euros per month then it's better to invest in proper content every four or five months as producing many smaller, incoherent pieces of content, so to speak So you can do everything at the same time, yes, of course, logically you can do a big one content piece with clothes could place a piece so said if it also with the area videos, comics et cetera and so on, so yours is concerned in my opinion, prefer to invest precisely in high-quality content is prepared according to the target group instead of doing half things when exactly because when I write to the same target group with one content for 500 euros and that increases five times in a row probability just not quite the opposite, the probability that the people are annoyed, it increases in comparison to when I when I that save money and then invest once in a really comprehensive work then the probability is high enough there is this threshold point of quality only reached that other people say hey there has the person who edited the website gave so much effort that we want now exactly whichever way the time for the interview is almost already rum sascha at the end of 123 practical tips that you can still give three tips for our viewers first you need a content strategy that means you have to think about which areas of your website man and what content is expanded, secondly, you have to think about it which parts of the order is called I actually only want content create the one that should wear on the left or I might also want to in invest in content that reduces or increases my support requests better customer loyalty leads to more new customers third point is ideally not to wait so long with the implementation but rather a continuous process of implementing the strategy Define topics via the target groups and then implement a process and come out regularly with this content because it is the other way around so that whoever tries again every year or from me two times a year somehow to do something big, yes, the likelihood that that in the pants it just goes very, very big and here it depends on you deals with the budget sensibly and implements a process and regularly for the different audiences let goes out there and for the various goals that the company pursues content implements unpublished sascha many thanks to good information and thus Let's say goodbye for today text broker klartext andreas wander and sascha ebach thank you

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