Content Marketing a SEO. Czy 2 tys. znaków + link nofollow to rzeczywiście CM?

My name is Adrian Pakulski, and you are listening to an article called: "No, a 3,000-character article with a rel =" nofollow "link is not content marketing. SEO and contemt marketing are two different worlds. " Half of the influencers in Poland will probably disagree with the title of this publication, but you need to know that combining positioning with content marketing strategies it is more like adding an AliExpress sports exhaust to a city car. It looks better but there seemed to be no more horses under the hood. You spent PLN 500, and nothing has changed.

Leave content marketing to interactive agencies, if you really know how much do you have to pay for a good campaign. You see because it is like this. SEO agencies use the concept of content marketing, because it's convenient. Because it looks nice in the report. Because it falls out. Because these are already the standards. Because if they do not offer content marketing in their offer, this deal will not come into force. Because the contract will be caught by the competition and it will not be for a new chillroom console, gluten-free dumplings and soy milk for latte. I don't know for sure but content marketing in the context of SEO will be laughable must have large interactive agencies. Eventually, the concept of content marketing has been successfully devalued and reduced to sponsored articles with a volume of 3000 characters with sewn nofollow lines, which fly to the archives of regional news services and they fly out of them after 12 months.

Well, because such regulations. And now I will give you two reasons for whom it is wrong to believe that the tangible effects of content marketing in the context of SEO are wrong. The first reason. The first reason is that that this content marketing that SEO agencies do, does not give real feedback. In practice, it looks like this. You spend PLN 300 net for the link, which could be obtained for half of this amount.

Everything under the guise that a pretty lady from stock and product placement in content is the reason why for which the items will eventually pinch together and brand links will get you to the TOP 10. And if they don't hammer you, your budget is simply too small. Reducing the SEO campaign to this "content marketing", let's call it that, you actually pay for a color PDF report and the feeling that they write about your products on the internet. You see, because if you order a mechanic to remove a scratch in the varnish … he will do it, but probably not as well as an experienced painter. And vice versa. After all, you will not come to the painter to replace the brake pads. You feel the difference, don't you? Another thing is the publication of graphic material, video, text that someone is working on, who is firmly in the subject and the text is something else, in which the SEO copywriter explains in 3 paragraphs, how to arrange a small bathroom. Hundreds, if not thousands, of publications of this type and not necessarily in written form.

If the brand produced a video on YouTube on the selection of accessories, towels and a laundry basket, this is your article on the same topic, formatted as bare text with a volume of 3 thousand. characters it is ultimately irrelevant anyway. Conversion will be none. Because you don't think that the article in which footer the link is woven into "A publication sent by the XYZ brand," will do a good job.

Tell yourself. If I wrote articles on this blog about how to set up an AdWords account, what is positioning and how to choose a good SEO agency, would you come back to me? Don't speak out loud because we both know the answer. Content marketing as I understand it it is communication with the customer and not necessarily in a typical sales form. If your company's offer includes furniture, it's probably a better idea to publish a report, in which you prepared the statement the most popular directions of industrial design in Poland and an attempt to "connect" to specific universities + educational services than buying another article from a random copywriter. You can also make a mock-up, decorate a bathroom, equip them with the accessories you sell, take a picture, tag each product with an internal link to your store and push it to the phrase "small bathroom inspiration". It's just that it requires the involvement of someone who will write the script, copywriter and – what is key – you, the business owner.

About building materials, e.g. cardboard – gypsum, glaze and the rest of the model, I do not even mention. Oh, don't be. I have nothing against content marketing. And every company should put money into it, because I do it myself and content marketing successfully sells and it's really fat, but if I believed that in a lump sum of 1-3 thousand PLN net monthly, SEO agency will guide for the client a full-fledged content marketing campaign, you know what? I don't [ __ ] have a hand now.

Maybe two years ago a PR slot went under content marketing, today, however, the barrier is much higher. The internet is flooded with low-quality content and the consumer is not satisfied with the first better guide, because he will find much better content e.g. in a blogger's entry on Blogspot, which not only, unlike a copywriter, he had the product in his hand, he also took a few pics of him with the SLR. And if you want to make something fleshier as a brand, you have to try. And that doesn't cost 30% of your SEO budget.

Content marketing costs a lot. A lot. It requires the attention of all parties: the client and the agency. Forget that you will be absent from the content marketing strategy. You outsource SEO and you actually forget it. Content marketing, not necessarily. In addition, you will need the appropriate substantive background. And the second reason is this: Content marketing in the context of SEO it is simply a dubious investment. Sure, you can pay PLN 3,000 net for the publication on Murator, but you probably don't believe that a brand link (or worse, a bare url) tucked in the editorial footer, will save your positions? It would be different if it was a link from the home page for at least 30 days and with some derivative Exact Match anchor.

But yes? Free jokes. But there is no need to blame the SEO industry for that he does poor content marketing. It is important that she does not lose her competences, which the client requires from her. Doing the position. Because an interactive agency will not do it for her..

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