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so this is us workshop media we're a video marketing company we're based in Lancaster there's three of us myself David forest and a man to Jason so what I'm going to talk to you today and it really picks up a little bit on kind of like what Mike touched on with the PMD stuff is if you are a Content producer if you're a business you want to build an audience you want to try and deliver stuff in order to make money ideally or if you're an individual wanting to make your way in the real world content can actually work for you and there are a lot of tools free tools out there that can actually help you so the first thing I'm going to talk about is creating content for your audience now this isn't necessarily the content you're thinking of the documentaries the films that kind of thing this might be spin-offs from those it might be kind of like behind the scenes blog blogs or it might be photographs that you take on set or in your experiences I'm going to talk about how you get that content seen how do you get that in front of people and pretty much ensure that at least somebody sees it because it's all well and good sticking up onto YouTube or kind of like launching a website but it doesn't necessarily guarantee that you will get c and then i'm going to talk about measuring results i'm actually going to show you how you can see that what you do actually is doing something hopefully that will mean results to your bank balance or kind of like your job of choice but it will also mean is this content working does this content kind of like attract the right audience for me are people actually engaged interested in this so what I wanted to talk about first is like we've talked about audience a great deal and i'm pretty sure you've talked about market so in terms of what is your target market and that kind of thing the reason why i use audience rather than market is because market is very much a cold clinical way of thinking about it in terms of business when you're thinking in terms of audience I always think when I'm thinking who is the audience for what I've got I think I am alone on stage in front of a cinema or theatre full of people and they're all looking they're not judging me they're not kind of like squinting their eyes and kind of Logan they just want to be entertained they want to be engaged in some way shape or form and that's my job and I've just got to kind of like work out a way of doing that but the first thing to realize is this number of 5,000 it's a very special number because it used to be 500 but 5,000 is in a 24-hour period how many marketing messages the average person experiences so what you've got to do is you got to cut through the noise and this is basically where things are starting to shift brace yourselves how many of you know this guy yeah how many of you have left the room to make a cup of tea when this guy is on how many of you got a set-top box or some kind of like recording device that you can record and fast-forward through this guy yeah how many of you mute this guy on general principle thank you this is what I'm talking about basically we are very familiar with marketing messages and the more sophisticated they get and the funnier they get and the more annoying they get the better we get at filtering them out so chances are that your audience is being bombarded with these messages you know buy iPads go on holiday you know do you pay too much for your car insurance you need to basically make sure that what you're presenting to these people is of value it is something that they want and you've got to work out what they want before they know they want it otherwise there's going to be a bit of a lag and you're probably going to miss the boat okay so not only will be very good a filtering out stuff but technology now is moving along at such a speed we're no longer program by TV we can watch on demand we've got channels for one hour ahead so if we let home we don't have to miss that crucial episode of EastEnders so this is where kind of like content marketing comes in it's creating content specifically to cut through the noise for your audience so they will want to hear your message and they'll stop what you're doing and do something whatever that may be so if you can imagine if you are creating a documentary that you plan to put onto YouTube you're building that community this is this is kind of like core stuff and this is basically what turned around my business okay how many of you like to go out and buy things who likes being sold to absolutely nobody this kind of I picks up on Mike's point in terms of there's room for everyone what you want to make people want to watch you've got to cut your cloth accordingly you know if you want to make that like special personal art house film you know or documentary specifically for you and maybe your core group of friends don't expect to get a million quid in order to make it because chances are it's not going to make that money back you'll never see that money again and chances are nobody because of that nobody will give you that money yeah but everyone likes buying everyone does like to kind of like get something maybe that's a mobile phone maybe that's a book maybe that's a download online maybe that's just not necessarily parting with money but parting with time and reading a blog online so how many of you heard this phrase content is king I love this phrase myself it's one of those nonsensical phrases that everyone throws out it means something but nobody actually knows what it means because too big content is important yes it is however the reason content is important is because it's what we're after whenever we made kind of like any kind of decision we're going any content for beforehand we're going to need to learn something we need to kind of like evaluate kind of like what we want to do in terms of maybe a buying decision it might be kind of like how to get somewhere it could be any question ever but it's not just about kind of the information when we stop in learning things and stopping doing things we want to be entertained we want that kind of like light-hearted moment where your emails are pinging the phones ringing the washing machines broke and you can't open it and it's full of water the really annoying moment in my life and you just want something to lighten the mood you want to be entertained and there's also kind of like those instances where you have no idea absolutely none at all and you want to find out how to do something so what do you do you go online you google it and usually there'll be a video there there might be a kind of like step-by-step blog maybe kind of like you have a remote control for your presentation that you don't actually know how it works so you go online and see what other people have said in terms of tips and tricks so it needs to be something of value and basically that value goes along those four categories entertainment guidance information or education content should never sell or preach it should always be relevant to your audience and that's basically where we're going with this presentation in terms of trying to find out what your audience wants and that audience doesn't necessarily be mean the audience for your project it could be the audience in terms of your employer it doesn't have to be a project it can actually be your career plan you

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