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did you know that Brazilians spend about nine hours a day on the internet on your smartphone or computer it means that if you have a company and want to sell a product or service if you are not on the internet already you know you don't even exist that person it doesn't matter if the business is small medium large if you want to have a digital marketing strategy you need to have a very solid online presence but you don't even need to despair was thinking exactly in this context that we decided to make this video here, stay with me until the end. show you how to start a digital marketing strategy from scratch dream vignette thank you guys, order coming another video from the channel that rocks my yesterday name is luiz rodrigues i am marketing manager 25 which means i I'm responsible for our community and university strategies rock accounts our channel you learn to market efficiently in digital world he wants to become an authority in the subject subscribe to our channel and tijuca doesn't miss any news some of the questions I get the most since I joined the roda I started my digital marketing careers are more or less like this luiza helps me for god's sake i want to generate more sales but i don't even know where i start should i make the instagram profile directly i make an account on facebook starts my website starts my blog helps me generate more income by please people usually arrive with this degree of despair for people who work with digital marketing and what happens, people are already thinking exactly in the end result I since it is to generate sales without knowing exactly what the strategy that is behind and even why we see the internet today full of content that people already want to start producing produce without knowing exactly where this production is going what is the ultimate goal of the strategy then the answer to these questions that I usually give is not having an easy answer, ok, it's exactly because that's what we're recording this video here to be able to show more or one less step by step because there is no cake recipe, so let's go learn step by step now so come on so number one said the object from your strategy, this seems to be a bit silly, everyone sometimes uses to pass over this tip but come on it has to be the first step because if you don't define the objective there at the beginning of your strategy how will you know if you've reached your goal in the end in the true so you gotta know exactly what you're wanting achieve with your digital marketing strategy are even more sane more followers on instagram are you wanting to increase the authority of the your brand you want to signal your customers what your goal is puts this on paper very clearly and preferably already determines some metrics you can use to measure if this will be if you will have achieved or not this goal in the end it's later i'll come back in this measurement tip to explain a little better then hold the tip and passes the number 2 sign up on google+ business to my business is a free tool that google offers you to register your company and that it appears on google when cute someone needs exactly the name of your company or so that it appears on google maps when someone go look around there, especially if you have a store physics, this is going to be one of the first essential steps you don't necessarily need to have a website at this point, you just need it have your company's name actually or maybe an address the phone number to contact but it is important to witness this register right away so that you officially have this company registered passes the number 3 define who is your ideal audience here to bridge the content marketing strategies of our clients, we calls this ideal audience a persona who is nothing more than a character without fictitious name that we create to be able to define or put a face even in who wants the audience we're talking to, this is very important because if you want to scream for everyone to talk to everyone at the same time you will end up being very inefficient with each of the people with that actually had a potential to buy your product or service what whatever you are selling then you define exactly a niche or a market segment to be able to attack and be more assertive with the your strategy with this the definition of your audience you should now I'm going to divide it into 3 to 3 b3 a then it's created your website really because it will align with the foundation of your strategy digital is independent of who your audience will be today we already have increasingly significant data that google especially here in Brazil it has been a very important search engine.

relevant in which people go a long way for information, where and what are the most relevant content for her so it is through your google+ business registration that you have already done on previous past and the creation of a website that you will be able to do when your persona do a survey, you return with an answer to her and then yes you can close a deal then 3 to recreate your site now 3 b which is very important is also that you define a social network for you be present because when you determine your persona it it will probably have a social network or a channel where it will be more present this will normally be defined with based on age on gender sometimes or even on a that person's niche of interest so it may be more common to find this person through instagram through the tap through facebook and fed finally are several social networks on youtube itself too, right there are several social networks and the step with 3v is that you choose only one because if you're starting digital marketing strategies now it's better that you can focus your efforts on just one way and the measure that you are successful, I will have results, I managed to master this strategy and realize that your audience is in demand for you to be too another social network then you took the step of creating one second but a priori always focus on one and then from the moment you have your digital presence established in that channel you can create in others also pass the number 4 then a contribution of its differential in relation to its competitors that it means I already talked earlier than people usually create a lot of content and you're tired of knowing you want or no the internet is already bombarded with content from whatever niche where you look it means so you can stand out and manage to have the long-awaited consolidated digital marketing strategy you need to find your differential whether it is in your product in the differential competitive and the product of the offer you are offering be in the way of publicize on the channel you choose to speak to your audience in your language at last you have to find what will be the reason people go engage to interact get there to your ultimate goal in this manage it goal that we define, one year after one, whether it generates more sales to generate loyalty engagement whatever some examples I brought here to materialize and make it easier for you to understand is, for example, the channel of natália acuri spare me is a finance channel and what that's what she created a difference for her, right she managed to bring a much more accessible language in finance normally it's not a very simple theme and it's similar for those who aren't in the field and she it has achieved this differential that are in its channel, the largest finance channel of the world so it's an excellent example of making a different language or bringing a unique tone to your asphalt before you age it to your content you can generate results is excellent if your competition outweighs another other cool example is also for example vitor people here at roc that what he brings differential he brings his technical expertise in the area so when you watch a character video you can clearly see that he knows what he's talking he's already applied digital marketing strategies to thousands of companies have already done consulting services to our clients finally he has expertise in the subject and he will probably be able to help with your strategy, then the technical expertise, for example, is also a differential that can be applied, then sit down and put it all on paper differentials what you can generate differently what can you get add in the life of your different audience so that it can consume your content passes number 5 set smart goals that's it let's go few remember there at the beginning when I I talked about setting a goal that you could already leave in your Digital marketing specified what metrics you would use for determine whether or not you've reached the goal is right now here in the court.

5 that we will structure just what these goals are for you be able to direct your efforts and know if what you are doing is working like this is driving your digital marketing strategy so come on, what is this what I said about meta smart neves match is a method of setting goals so that you can make the most of the goals you have is creating is an acronym in English that in the translation into Portuguese are left with five goals, which is to create a goal specific measurable achievable relevant and non-moral what does this mean is I'm going to give you a practical example here for you, there are many Sometimes at a time when we define the goal, for example, the goal can be sell more but when it was time to create a smart goal same goal you'll be able to measure whenever you're selling more or not just sell more means nothing because selling more than that yesterday to sell more than my competitor what is the parameter of sell more right then when setting the smart target for example, we could sell ten courses, for example, from university high content within the period of one month this is specific it is measurable I can know if it sold 10 not sold 10 is related to time, right, so I know there's inside that same day with me it is measurable is relevant because it is what the doctor will take our business ahead, I'll know if the university has already invited me, for example is growing if it is not based on our sales and it is important for the our business as a whole, so exactly when we define the smart goal I will be able to measure and calculate your yes my goal that I traced there at the beginning of the strategy is being reached or not I show my that came out if number 6 passes, establish a publication calendar is that means let's go to the series' digital marketing actually being efficient one of the main snow based criteria besides of all that I've said so far, one of the main criteria is that you have frequency in your post this is important it's obvious we be able to have it every time we can provide quality content is that it will really add value to our persona but the frequency can ensure a regular frequent post it really is what brings value is what will make your persona your audience trust you as a content provider so it's very important for you to create a calendar here on the street that we has several post calendar template on social media calendar of blog post that I'm going to put here in the description, okay so you can download if you want it will make it much easier and that for you be able to plan your strategies very well what are you going to publish each day and then you can make this strategy work gradually this will make you not act based on the despair of my sky god it's coming at the end of the month i'm not even close to hitting the sales target, for example, which was the one I gave an example in the last point is if you guarantee you with the company have your calendar you will be able to do it step by step throughout the entire month of the entire period.

that you are following and seeing the progress of your goal the progress of statistics related to your publications what's working is that it's not working to be able to touch your strategy based on this calendar you will be able to do things calmly and then yes, focus on quality and not only on frequency, so this is very important this step is flame don't despair make a calendar to avoid this, pass the number 7 follow your results néel jamail I started talking about it right now that we defined the goals at this point in the editorial calendar as well.

but this is one of the most important points of a strategy of digital marketing and which is even one of the main differentials of a digital strategy promotion even from our laine because sometimes in marketing online is when we publish a magazine and a magazine a newspaper outdoor radio or finally we have a certain difficulty in measuring who was the ad who saw how many people were able to see when general sales from that ad for example then one of the biggest differentials of one of the most important things we have to even grasping this possibility is this measurement of results. which is one of the differentials of digital marketing online marketing is and how you're going to do it there on the smart goal, you've determined exactly what yours are numerical time-related goals and then you'll have to use some tools that are not necessarily paid tools are often the people can use free tools even there are many on the internet is for you to be able to measure and etê is to be able to have knowledge of these data in the video we made about instagram analyzing, we already talked a little about specific metrics on this social network I won't let that video pass also for you if you want to start with this social network you can go there and watch also that we've already talked a little about it but in addition to instagram we have for example within the facebook within the linkedin or even on google analytics that the tool we use to measure traffic and everything everything that happens inside the blogs and websites properties that are locked on google you can have various information such as sessions that are how many people entered your site page dwell time is how long it people will stay inside your page is which way people did went from page to page and finally there are several possibilities of metrics that you can use it and all this for free, it's obvious that as we go developing the strategy will sometimes need to buy one.

tool to go a step further and to be able to measure results or will improve deeper metrics but that's not a thing you necessarily need to worry at this point since you're on your first step in digital marketing strategy insinuation ta so remember you need it there when setting your goal. which was step 1 and when the doctors were defined which was step 5, you will already determine what are the goals and metrics you have will follow and then yes, now you already have it in your posting calendar. is publishing with a frequency is relevant significant you keep following the result but don't be careful be careful not to mix things up too much teams are a problem too a doubt that many people come to me like my god in heaven I'm going do have a lot of related metrics I don't know what they mean like they relate to each other so that's what you do you determines three there or at most popping 5 metrics that are key for your business by turning to your goal your goal is sell 10 courses a month what you have to know is which ones how much do you cost sold there other metrics that are interesting what were they where they came and who were the people, for example, I'm already a doctor enough for you to start reading this strategy, you can already compare it with the result of last month to find out if, for example, one channel generated more income than the other thing in that sense if you don't need at that moment to start worrying too much about many metrics with the length of stay while it was that not all happened within the site but all this you will determine what the metrics are based on any of your goals and from the moment when this reasoning was developed, this is data analysis maturity will be able to add other metrics beauty it's clear let's pass the number 8 the last step by step of our step by step here is to hope that this means is to repeat do this cycle over and over because it's a marketing strategy digital it doesn't have a beginning and an end is something that we will developing over time, it always improves.

so what will happen? you did all this planning, did the calendar set your goals checked me followed the results did not measure the right result, he saw that, for example, he didn't hit the goal, or he got hit but button barely so anyway some other metric you had determined that it was important not to lose formed very well you go back to your planning to see if there are any changes you can make advanced uol on instagram fragrant well but now it's not so good i can change if I change a little the language I'm speaking can be better will your segment a little better the ad keeps doing will to be more efficient for the strategy is to make these hypotheses not small changes follow the result with always is obvious is always the goal to improve the final result so this interaction is to make this lupi on us, always doing is looking for continuous improvements in our digital marketing process so that we can determine goals that are more and more specific and that bring more and more results in our strategy as well and then you liked our step by step to starting your digital marketing strategy from scratch will be able to put your goals on paper and then take them off the paper to put into practice comments here which channel will you start your strategy I prepared for you 2 little gifts that will appear somewhere here on this screen the first which is the complete digital marketing guide that is ours and book complete with these and many other tips for you to put into practice and this is the second, it's the link to the happy hope university where we have several courses with different disciplines difference in digital marketing for you and still in addition to those in this video here and put into practice your strategy generating each more and more results here on the street channel glad you find these and many other insights into digital marketing and various other related topics so stay tuned here so you don't miss any news, beauty then that's it guys until next time

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