#CMWorld 2015 – How to Adapt a Mature Content Marketing Program – Felicia Yukich & Sarah Nabors

so we're looking forward to walking you through a few key principles that guide our content marketing efforts day to day there's a lot of content marketing out there there's content strategies content marketing we do both we absolutely do both because they are not one of the same and again just applying that lens of the luxury guest the luxury traveler what are things that we need to keep in mind that much more when we're catering to those folks so I'll pass it over to Sarah to talk to the first one yeah so um I'll start with number one cut through the clutter this is something we heard a little bit about this morning I'm from Christina and I'm sure it's going to be a consistent message and that's really knowing what differentiates your brand and focusing your efforts there and it's something we see other content marketers struggle with is something we've struggled with ourselves it's very easy to get in a place we are trying to be all things for all people you've invested in a program so you feel like you need to stick with it or you you know have your checklist of these are all the things we need to cover and you keep running through that checklist instead of really stopping and thinking about what's going to mean the most to your audience and what's going to stand out so we actually have a few different examples of that three different ways that we've applied this four seasons applied this principle to our content marketing I'm gonna start with real weddings or weddings collectively there was an opportunity a few years ago were food and beverage and the catering business really wanted to push real weddings it's a very profitable aspect of the business it's very accessible to people that maybe don't have as much access to the Four Seasons brand and there was no one really owning the luxury wedding space so we came together with the Four Seasons team and we built a Four Seasons weddings content program that was entered in a Content hub on four seasons magazine com weddings blog where we really built out four seasons as the expert and luxury weddings there was a huge social component to that there was a lot of appetite in the luxury market from Tiffany and Oscar de la Renta to help tell the story with us because we were all reaching the same audience and we you know saw a lot of success with that over the next couple of years following that and where we are currently we've seen that the way that brides are shopping and making decisions about where they're going to have their wedding has evolved even more and that social influence of seeing real brides and their weddings is that much more powerful so we've shifted our focus a little bit so rather than trying to be all things and luxury weddings we're really focusing on letting these Brides tell their story we have editors that work with brides that have recently had their weddings at four seasons they interview them they help really tease out the details of how four seasons brought this vision to life and we present that in this beautiful format using their own images in their own videos another way we do this is through our extraordinary experiences program so I think many of us know that experiences really are the new social currency that doesn't just apply to the US market as i mentioned we're catering to a global market and even in the brick markets in the chinese market you know in brazil and india they're absolutely evolving in terms of that luxury life cycle and how they express themselves through luxury in that even for those markets it's all about experiences so this is a great example of how we weren't just creating content around what we're doing we actually operationalize our content programs so we offer some of the most fantastic experiences and exclusive experiences around the world from you know dining on the dinner having dinner on the Ponte Vecchio bridge in Florence to you know teeing off ice glacier and we'll in in Whistler to sunrise elephant track in Thailand things that can really only be brought to you by Us exclusive partnerships and relationships that cannot be offered by any of the other competitors so it was right for content as you can imagine but what's more exciting is the fact that we took this collection of experiences and then worked with all of our hotels around the world to then invest in and create similar experiences so that we can merchandize them and really immerse people in them online the whole idea here is that even for people who will never be able to afford that exclusive experience of you know having dinner like i said in florence on the Ponte Vecchio bridge it really had that brand halo effect and it let people realize understand what makes four seasons unique will make some difference what makes them different and really romance that idea by immersing them in real I'm so this is a rich content experience that we created everything from immersive imagery to video that really takes you there as well as a really engaging grid of experiences that you can sort by location you can sort by interest whether its culinary shopping art whatever it may be and we have all these extraordinary experiences there to really get lost in and what I love about this site is that it is so engaging I think the time here is I think people were spending about 15 minutes getting lost in this experience and we have proven that not just with this program with other content programs that people who are engaging with this type of content are not only staying longer but they're also spending more so that's proven we have tracking in place to do that and that really helps with our business case that we're making to our you know senior leadership team in terms of why we need this ongoing investment not just from a Content perspective but why we need their partnership to operationalize these experiences because that is a big ask for anyone who works in marketing is to partner with operations there's a bit of this that goes on and to be able to show and prove that these experiences that they're creating operationally are resulting in this amazing residual branding effect and actual revenue effect that's really important to close the loop in that regard so this is a definitely one of our favorite experiences and we continue to evolve it it's evergreen it's not a campaign per se it's something that we launched not too long ago and we continue to add and evolve these experiences so that people can continue to get lost in what four seasons has to offer

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