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Hello friends of software entertainment, today we're going to take a look at page layouts in the Sulu CMS and block layouts. That simply offers optimal possibilities for your editors and your content Marketing. Have fun after the intro. Here we have the current page of Never Code Alone and today I will practically show you the result of my work. Can be called directly on GitHub, but I just can't always reprogram everything here. More complex things in particular that you are probably interested in are perhaps shown more simply. Please give me Feedback on whether you like it that much. That would be of great help to me. Come First of all, let's go to our normal page configurations, as we have them from the previous ones Know videos here. For example, we have a PHP training course for a Codeception training course. And we see here there is a video element, a headline, then another headline, a description text for the training, there is a quote from a participant, then what it is needed.

That is maintained here as a list. There is a schedule and that is of course a very practical thing when editors simply keep it in one place enter it right away and don't reorganize the layout every time. This is for both CMS editors, as well as a really important thing for the user. And I would think for a long time whether I make the freedom of Sulu Blocks available in any context. When does that make sense But I'll show you right here too. We will now look again at the existing one Configurations here. As I said, this project is as it is with all the knowledge I have practically via GitLab Pipelines, Docker etc. just published on GitHub as open source. There we have configurations and we now have templates here and under the templates we have Pages and under the Pages we have a training.xml and this is training.xml the page that presents the Codeception training courses. Let's take a quick look again. And funnily enough, I've set up my local area here as my homepage.

And when I'm logged in here, I can easily go to my trainings and have here the concept training and the editor sees this schematic structure practically. Up here is the YouTube frame, here you could also add a price. A remote PHP training course costs 750 euros, takes eight hours and the level is medium. I don't know exactly what to write there and we had them remote PHP training definitely made public. That would mean come here also add the date and at that moment we have the box here again, that we haven't got here yet. But it is definitely very easy for the editor who just always works in the same structure that can be easily applied. Here I can now just add more things. Who the trainer is can find my course information here. This was here Of course, somewhere for the location, back then before Corona I could only use the location insert and have this quote and all the information that I need and at a glance.

Can just save it here and publish it and the user just comes here always clear with each side. And here I can easily say, okay when I'm in that I am Codeception Training and I go into the PHPStan training courses, then I have level experience made. Yes, a maximum of six participants is another limitation that I just put in here have and have all the information here and that's really good. The other is Sulu Blocks. Yes I For example, I have a landing page for the Websprinter and that is a landing page for that is content marketing. Yes, there will always be new content elements coming up here which we might want to get into here. We just have the references now, we have here somehow even a call to action with something like that, we have lists of some kind and our team and have our web sprint process here and I could now say that we should now say again, I would very much like to have another call to action here below this item list or I would like to move this item list up here.

That’s in one normal page layout unfortunately not possible or maybe deliberately not possible. As I said we don't want to let the structure of a PHP training get mixed up at all. That's why I have the web sprinters here now. With the web sprinters you can also see here already blocks and when I say, okay, I have references here and I have the icon list, the team and when I say, okay, I'll move this icon list up once, Then I see that here in the layout that my icon list has moved up here. Yes, together with passion, then comes our icon list, here is this device. Look that let's get the icon list here, at first I thought it was the icon list, but this is the icon List. I have now pushed it up, can say ok save. Refresh page and have this icon List stop directly under the references, it now overlaps a bit here, that may now be an open question.

So with Sulu blocks we give the editors unlimited freedom to simply add new blocks here. We just have that here. Let's take a look at the code level in a moment. Our corresponding content types that we defined, yes headline and description, references, team, references, call to action, or just our PHP courses. In this case, our courses are relevant references, if an editor would like to have a new content element or we say, well, we need something here that is made available on all sides and if necessary halt can be used.

As I said in our typical content management system pages, that we've published now, our projects have about ten to fifteen content types. Which in the end are needed for a really good corporate web design website. Then we can here very simply under templates / includes I have the Pages layout again. You know, that I've built in different layouts here. I have a blogs.xml. In this blogs.xml I just define which blocks are loaded here and these blocks are just mine Content elements and I simply have a call to action button here, for example.

Look now let's look at the content element headline and description as free text and the button below Left. I can simply define that here and then via the blocks.xml provide. In my opinion, the headline and description is the content element that comes with the is used most often. I have direct influence on the order for the editors here, I've packed the call to action further down, is perhaps more important.

I have a video for her made it a call to action, I've also linked it again here. It arrived very well, however, is a marketing context. As I said, Tuesday evenings 6:15 p.m. Sulu tutorials, Friday evening 6:15 p.m. your opinion is asked. So follow the channel, give me a like. At the position gives me a lot of flexibility, if I've done that, I'll have one here Unique names, such as team of the block and this name can be used dynamically in the Templates can be loaded here. I have here a blogs.html.twig, which just gives me my block shows that dynamic loads do not have to be adjusted here at all. I just have to be here Throw in the appropriate template and I'm already happy. Got my call to action button for example, or my team, which has worked accordingly here. As I said the whole The project is published on GitHub.

First of all, thank you very much for your interest, as I said, this is a somewhat new format here, in which I will definitely test you soon, would like to introduce my quality gates and all the features of Never Code Alone. So I had the journey started. First of all, I made the first videos here, that he can just program them or that I have preprogrammed them.

Now I would like to show you things. However, practical things are coming soon occasionally. For example, I will definitely now deal with the navigation in the context of TESTIFY do. Please give me feedback on how it is received by you and then have a lot of fun..

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