Cloudflare Namecheap Hosting // Cloudflare Setup 2021 (w/ FREE SSL)

cloudflare name cheap quick and easy hi my name is henry with my digital marketing empire and if you're new to this channel i welcome you to subscribe now so let's get right into this why would you want to set up cloudflare namecheap well if you're here already you probably already know why but just in case you don't cloudflare as you can see here on the screen offers a free plan what that means is if you have a website which you probably do or you want to have one you want to make sure that your site is protected and has ssl which is this little padlock on the top there on this corner on the top left hand of this url bar here and cloudflare easily does that for you because when you go ahead and purchase a domain from namecheap it does not come with a ssl automatically you actually have to purchase it so for example with this video i'm going to do a quick rundown and walk through on this new domain that i just picked up for the youtube channel and you'll see why in a moment and it is mdme dot link and if we go to it right now as you can see right there it says not secure but by the end of this video we're going to see that it changes to secure or this little padlock there as you'll see let's leave that open there for the very end to show a before and after for this cloudflare setup and the other reason is because you'll be on cloudflare's global content delivery network parentheses parentheses c d n which means if you just left it on namecheap or whichever hosting provider you're using without doing anything else your data which is your website data your traffic will just originate and go from into that particular data center so it might be chicago it might be texas it might be you know the east coast or it might be somewhere else in the world but it's just going to be one location generally speaking now when you use cloudflare you're actually tapping into for free there are 20 plus data centers all around the world which means you're actually going to get faster load times for people accessing your website across the globe and as we all know this economy is a global economy it's not just new york city it's not just florida it's just not canada so we want to think big and think in terms of our customers and making sure that it's very easy and convenient for them to access our website wherever they may be for your project for your website now if you don't have a website already if you haven't purchased one yet through namecheap and you're still thinking about it please go ahead and do so using the link down below in the description it will help so much it's a help support this channel i really thank you for doing that in advance here we're going to go with the cloudflare free account it's zero dollars a month it's free and this is what you get that that and that and that and three page rules please note you're not getting enhanced security with web application firewall waf but what you are basically getting here is i would call it in other words basic basic corporate security and you want to make sure you have that because check this out on this brand new website that i just purchased the domain for using namecheap a couple of days maybe a week or 10 days ago or so approximately look what we have here i haven't even promoted it yet i haven't even finished it yet i just put up a coming soon page and using word fence it's for free so if you don't have that go check it out get it installed it's going to provide you with awesome security for your website especially if you're on wordpress now look at this top five ip's blocked sweden 22 times india 22 times that country 20 times that country 19 times that country 11 times all these different ips top five countries blocked look how many times that particular country was blocked for a total of 110 ips 124 times look the united states where i'm from 41 ips were used and blocked for a total of 41 times and so on and so forth and look how many people or how many times top five failed logins for this website using namecheap and it's not just me folks it's everybody it's these are just automated random bots that go out there and try to log in to your accounts and so on and so forth as you can see here they tried that 187 times obviously i know better i know not to use these names and you shouldn't either for your username if you're using wordpress so what cloudflare was going to do or is going to do protect you against on a very basic level against such attacks but not all but remember if they want to do it they'll do it and that applies to anything in life all right so what you need is a namecheap account and i'm already logged in here and you need a cloudflare account setting up your cloudflare account is just as easy if you're looking at this youtube video you probably have a gmail account and some type of account to log in it's just as easy to sign up for that if you go to their website here click on login or sign up sign up process again it's very easy but i'm already logged in that's why it's logging me into my system so go ahead and do that and feel free to pause the video and once you do that you'll see a button somewhere it says to add site and that's what we're going to do we're going to add a site for my domain and i'm going to copy and paste it copy and add site right paste add site this is for cloudflare namecheap and right away they're going to want to show you their paid offers obviously they need to make money and you can see what's included in those later as you grow feel free to consider upgrading if necessary but i'm just going to go ahead and click on the free plan for now core features ddos attack mitigation global content delivery network and support via email continue it's scanning for existing dns records that's cloudflare setup for you and it found all this here you may think oh what's all this well all this comes right away when you have a namecheap account domain through namecheap so for this cloudflare namecheap i'm just going to [Music] keep it simple you may not want to do this but i do this to make sure it's very it's very clean because the purpose of this particular domain is going to be for my tracking link for my digital marketing empire and i'll get into that at the end of the video so stick around why you may want to and probably should consider strongly considered doing the same for you all right i'll leave that spf record for security as well that's for email security we'll leave that alone uh these two i'll delete actually i don't need those and again this setup is in particular for my tracking link setup for my digital marketing empire mdme dot link so you may not want to delete everything like i just did but for my purposes i am just to make it very simple and clear and i'm going to straightforward on continue and here's where part of the magic happens for a cloudflare setup we're given these new dns name servers click to copy it's been copied text to clipboard and we're going to go back into our namecheap domain currently it's set up for namecheap basic dns click this little drop down menu there we go a little upside down triangle go to custom dns copy and paste in there okay now the second one same thing click this little check mark to save it very important otherwise it will not work so click this little check mark here all right dns server update may take up to 48 hours to take effect so please take note of that but generally speaking with cloudflare such as such high level stuff and this being a very new domain it will take i would say less than 30 minutes and the cloudflare screen once we've done that and cloudflare is saying registrars can take 24 hours to process name server updates you will receive an email when your site is active on cloudflare now remember and we click there now remember we had that previously so let's configure our cloudflare setup even further click on get started keep that on i always press save just in case always use https yes on click that for on and click save auto minify to make sure things on the site load up fast i'm going to click on all of them and enable them you may or may not want to it's up to you leave that on and finish scroll down here check name servers cloudflare is now checking the name servers for mdme dot link please wait a few hours for an update so as you remember they're going to send you an email once it's activated this is the email that i'm using for the account it's not there yet it's not in social it's not in promotions and as you could probably tell i paused the video and now i'm back so we got the email from cloudflare and let's open it up and the subject is cloudflare in brackets then your domain name has been added to a cloudflare free plan status active save the email of course before it's telling you what your name servers were and what it is currently so i'll just close that out now we know that's active let me see what happens when we refresh this page now it's not secure for mdme dot link and it's saying site cannot be reached and the reason is is because we don't have it pointed anywhere currently let me close that don't need namecheap anymore for right now and let's work on getting that pointed to somewhere for dns records and i need to add a record and here you generally want to add a record with the instructions given by the application software that you'll be using to send your traffic to or through obviously in most cases it could be a cname record and we would type in the add symbol for the root which just means this part and nothing else and you'll see that in a moment and the target here is where the actual data will be coming from so if it's hosted at x y and z company you'll need to know the data from that x y z company to enter here you'll generally find that in their resources and knowledge base but you could always hit up their live chat support and here we would type in something for the target so that we just start seeing data for this purposes i'm going to type in one that i know off the top of my head just for demonstration purposes and it's and we're going to leave that like that let's check to see what it looks like now nothing yet because we just did it while we wait for that to happen you want to also for security reasons make sure that you have a mx record that's for your mail service so if you're using one attached to that domain you want to leave that alone or at the very least double check with your email service provider now remember i deleted a bunch of those records before because i'm just using this for my tracking link and in a little while i'll show you why you want one as well but for this purpose let me add a mx record as you see here cloudflare tells you what's missing so or suggestions rather and again i do this for securities that make sure that nobody else could be using my stuff my email for this and again this is what i feel comfortable entering that's why i'm doing it i'm not saying that's going to be the same for you but please if you are having a email address attached to this domain double check with your email provider for these details i'm just adding this again for security reasons to safeguard my email so that nobody could be using it since we already know there's lots of types of people out there that may want to and why well so that they could spam and so on and so forth and we don't want to contribute to that and you also want to make sure you have this spf record as well very important all right but that will be for another video in terms of email marketing and best practices and so on and so forth and security so let's see what the this link looks like now okay nothing yet ah that's because we have the www probably so i'm going to type in www and host and by the way if you'd like a free account for a life currently you could get one and to do that just go to my link down below and not only are you going to get a free account for life you're also going to get free email as well that's right email as well where you normally have to pay 10 20 a month well you don't have to do that anymore just go to the link in my description and you'll be able to do that for free so you'll get hosting for free you'll get up to three websites slash projects for free you'll get a free sub domain you could use up to three custom domains you're gonna get a free email marketing service included right that's your autoresponder and you're going to get membership site building software service video service and so much more all under one roof just click on the link in description below it helps support this channel and i would really highly encourage you to at least pick up your free account today before it goes away forever now you may not need it today but more than likely if you're online you will because you'll be coming up with new ideas new projects and if you're paying ten dollars here twenty dollars there thirty dollars here fifty dollars here why you don't have to just use the link down below in the description for my groove link and you'll see that click on it get your free account all right now let's go check mdme dot link refresh and yes voila here we go as you can see we saw the before and now it has the secure notification connection is secure now i'll be changing these in a little while because i want to use for my link shortener service that i have and a link for that will be in the description down below as well because you should have this service this capability as well without paying an arm and a leg for it all right so enough using bitly because that's not your brand you're just building up their brand enough using rebrandly for example and all those others because that's their name that's their brand you want to be using your brand name so since mines is for this purpose my digital marketing empire i said what wait a minute let me just keep it simple keep it short and this came to me last night and i said let me do this today and i'm showing you how so i came up with mdme that's short for my digital marketing empire and the other options were as you can see here in this notepad i had i could always use something like forward slash something or i could also use i could also use these which i have go here dot click or mdme dot link forward slash something which is as you can clearly see the shorter of these options and you want to keep it short and what i'm talking about right now is branding which is very important it's something out that's out of the scope of this video but if you stuck to the end you're going to get a free quick masterclass mini class on branding you want to keep your branding on point and memorable and for youtube and other places you want to keep your links short and how to do this is mdme dot link in my case right so since i have such a long name for this project where i'm tracking and doing everything and showing everything and sharing everything and what i'm learning on my entrepreneurial journey of building a nine figure online empire i want to keep it short and on brand as well and not use someone else's brand and build up their business while i'm building up mines i want to use my brand and you should want to do the same as well and this is the solution i came up with from all the way up here coming all the way down here mdme dot link so if you have a long domain name shorten it up keep it short and here's why this is my youtube channel as you can see here this is the youtube link to subscribe to my youtube channel and by the way if you haven't done so already please go ahead now find any value from this you'd want to it's a smart move so you see how long it is then it gets cut off let's click on read more and as you can see it gets cut off there not very user friendly looking right it gets cut off there and the shorter it gets it's shows up completely but if it's long like that like that like that and why do you want a tracking link associated with your brand name specifically just for your branding because what doesn't get measured cannot be improved and what you want to do always is continue measuring and improving so you want to know where your traffic is coming from you know and this is going to help you easily and that will be covered in my next video which should be coming up pretty soon so if this doesn't blow you away if this doesn't help you at all let me know if it did let me know either way i want to see you succeed so please if you haven't already subscribe to my digital marketing empire because together we can do so much more thanks so much my name is henry with my digital marketing empire and i'll see you soon

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