Article Marketing With Carin: Week 2

hello out there I'm so excited today marks the week 2 of article marketing with current and just wanted to show you guys some results that I've had within the last week and so that way you can see how much the just in the short amount of time that I've been doing this article marketing the results are starting to show already the last week when I did the video the total article views that I had was at 129 and 129 unique visitors and you can see that just a one week later it's already up to 236 and that's just with one week of article marketing now you know that i did have 129 last week but it's taken me three months of you know just not putting much attention or effort into article marketing to get the initial 129 views and so within one week time I've already been able to get a hundred additional and to me that shows the result right there something you can also see that you can compare to some of the articles that i posted up last week are starting to get more views and that is because they are starting to come out of review and as we continue to do these do these marketing videos you will notice these numbers slowly but surely creep up and there will be a point where that number will just explode and I my target is about five articles a week I was able to do three new original articles plus promote a couple of these articles that i had not promoted before so i did do a total of five art of articles promoting with the massive knitter and so you can already see some of these and it's it's almost interesting to go over these numbers to see the kinds of results and this one surprised me right here this easy article it's already gotten 22 views and to be honest with you that was one where I didn't really think that I was going to get a lot of results so that just shows you you never know what people want to read so you you know just write an article a day think of anything and everything that is in network marketing or in-home business or in your industry that you're doing and you are going to get views so I just wanted to kind of give you guys an update on what's going on and I wanted to let you all know that I will be switching to posting most of my articles to my blog directly which is this website right here and that's Corrine Davis dotnet and we'll be tracking the results from we can track the results from there as well but wanted to promote using this is from MLM lead system Pro right here and although the surface is great and I'm going to continue using this content area for MLM lead system pro if you're trying to get more track traction in Google then doing the article marketing on your blog is what you want to do you get better results they rank better in Google and so that is what I will be switching to so from now on you guys are going to see be seeing numbers from this blog for the most part and i'll be switching back and forth it for the ones that for the articles that i don't post on my blog here so you can keep track as well so if you guys have any questions on about what exactly I'm doing I'll be including a link to the article submitter that I do use a highly recommend into the content today and you know if you do any questions feel free to contact me look forward to speaking with you all then and by

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