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no matter what you do on the internet you want two things first you want more people to see what you've got to show them there's no such thing as too much web traffic and right now you're going to find out a quick and easy way to get a lot more second you want people to really listen to what you have to say the more effective you are in delivering your message the better results you're going to get and you're going to discover a quick and easy way to do that too when it comes to getting more traffic everyone ends up doing some kind of search engine optimization when you get to the basics search engine optimization is really a numbers game the more backlinks you have the better you rank in Google right and to get those backlinks you do blog posts banner ads press releases and a myriad of other techniques including articles and you post all of that to as many places on the internet as possible you've probably generated a library full of text posts and articles already and since you're really smart you repurpose the same text for articles blog posts and the rest then you put a little different spin on the text and posted it again but today the best thing for driving traffic to websites isn't text it's online video marketing all the high dollar internet marketing gurus use video marketing in one way or another and let's face it they probably know something well here it is a video on YouTube or Facebook is more likely to be found for targeted keywords and people are using YouTube and Facebook to find things they're interested in plus good rankings and video distribution sites mean high ranking and search engines like Google too and fast not in weeks or months but in minutes or hours on top of that people like to watch more than they like to read video delivers your message to viewers and viewers are more likely to watch your entire message and really get it then to read a bunch of texts with videos you get backlinks better search visibility and better message delivery you're easier to find and you make an emotional connection with your viewers before they even get to your webpage today there are 50 video distribution sites with high traffic and more sites pop up all the time so putting a lot of video on a lot of video distribution sites generates a lot of web traffic simple isn't it at least until it gets to the point of actually making a lot of video that hasn't been so simple but now comes the quick and easy part using breakthrough technology you can easily and quickly repurpose your text articles into videos for very low cost and virtually no effort all you have to do is get your text article and copy it into our auto magical video machine and outcomes of video in 20 seconds that's it you get back the text of your article displayed over an eye-catching background and read by a male or female voice just like you're seeing now and you don't have to do anything nada zip zilch check out this real automatical example by Mark Jones TRC be calm who doesn't want to maintain a healthy weight but we all know how hard it is to shed those excess pounds we shuffle on the treadmill and exercise bike but somehow the results just don't seem to be there what if you what could be a simpler way to use video to kick up website traffic big time and more effectively get your message delivered if you want to find out more about this new way to make videos here's what you need to do you

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