Article Marketing Strategies – Should You Post The Same Article In More Than One Place?

hello today I'd like to discuss with you the topic of article posting and ask you the question should you post the same article in more than one place and also I'd like to discuss the seven places we can post the same article and generate more traffic posting articles to online publications is a very effective method for building backlinks and generating traffic to your website however if not done correctly it will not yield much success writing your article is just the first step towards marketing it most article marketers simply write the article then submit it to ezinearticles com currently the most popular article directory as of this video if you want to maximize the effectiveness of your article you should post it to several locations speed you post your article and more than one place content is king on the internet and the more ways you distribute your message the better because you reach a wider audience posting your article to only one location limits the number of eyeballs viewing your content for example some article markers recommend not post in the same article to multiple article directories because search engines will view it s different content and will only rank the site which publishes it first if you're not concern with audible rankings and want to reach the audience who visits a specific article directory then post the same article to multiple directories you'll build some new backlinks and receive some new readers if you consistently submit your articles to multiple directories your traffic will increase alternatively if you want your article to receive multiple rankings rewrite some or all of it make sure you create a different title rewrite the content and halter the resource box let's look at the seven places to post the same article and get more traffic number one is targeted Asians five tired I signs in your niche and subscribe to them to build a relationship these ain't publishers are always on the lookout for new content to feed their subscribers if you submit your should if you submit your article to them even if it's not the same one you submitted to an article directory or posted on your blog it will save them time hunting for new material a target easing will generate a greater response than a general directory where your content is not competing with another article written on the same topic to submit a blog post a guest blog post bloggers are constantly under pressure to create new content often become a guest blogger for a popular blog check with the owner if you will allow it they'll allow you to publish the same article you submitted elsewhere if not rewrite it and combine it with other articles you've written to create more substantial content opposed to document sharing sites these are sites on the net where millions of people share their original writings and documents simply convert your article to a PDF file and upload it to these sites they less rules than article directories for instance you can include anchor text links within the content here are a few just to get you started scribd com doc stock com you do komm doch share com instance com post to social media sites every time you post a new article on your blog and also on social media sites such as Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn use excerpts of your article for blog comments and forum posts the while your net the more people will read your message 5 convert to video repurpose the same article to video and submit it to video sharing sites such as youtube viddler dailymotion etc YouTube is a second just search engine after Google so your video article will reach a different audience sex convert to audio create a podcast from the same article and submit it to podcast directories such as iTunes millions of people visit iTunes so you'll reach a new audience with the same content 7 create a report bundle several of the same articles you submit it elsewhere into a short report or ebook then submit it to ebook directories or offer the report as a free download and exchange for contact information from an opt-in form on your website by implementing any and all of these methods you only have to write the article once then repurpose it into multiple formats to expand your audience and increase your potential for generating more sales and or more subscribers thank you learn how to write and post articles correctly to build backlinks increase rankings and generate traffic download a copy of my ebook article marketing strategies by going to article rewards com

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