Article Marketing Robot (AMR) Article Creator And Spinner

hi everyone welcome to my video review
on article marketing robot biding sever sin in this video i will be buying the
software and then giving you a preview of its contents article marketing robot promises to help
you automatically create lots of backlinks to help get your website
ranked on page one of google quickly and easily it does that by automatically spinning
and submitting the articles you wrote to article directories and that's getting
you back links from those sites basically article marketing robot is a powerful
article marketing software that combines article spinning and
submission into one tool before buying this product i would like
to highlight that it comes with a sixty day money-back guarantee so if you're not satisfied with the
product in any way you can get a full refund with no questions asked now let's proceed to scroll down and
click the add to cart button after that we arrive at the clickbank
payment page if you do not know what clickbank is
well it's something like pay pal is the intermediary between the seller
and the buyer it protects your financial information
and it guarantees you get what you've purchased i'm now going to enter my credit card
information which has been blurt out by the way and then click the pay now button then icd confirmation page and i'm just going to click on the
complete your order button i know what the download page for
article marketing robot and we'll just download the software all right and i have installed and also
checked out the software and i can't wait to show you what he can
do you'll need to create an offer account
which basically contains details that the software uses when submitting articles to directories
so enter whatever you want the articles to be associated with i've already answered all required
information and we'll move on to that pop three
setup tab here you will configure simply email
settings so the software can confirm any
confirmation email sent during the signing up process it's real
simple as you just select your gmail account
type from the drop-down menu and the software will auto populate the
rest of the information accordingly you'll just need to enter your email
accounts password and click the save button okay the next step is to create an
article to do so cookie add button and you'll see the article editor one great feature of article marketing
robot is it's powerful built-in spinner that
enables you to choose replacement words based on its definition you'll no longer have to go through
times of words that are unrelated to the word you want to spend okay i've already entered some text so i can show you how to use the spinner he just double click on the word you
want to spin and at the top left box you'll be able to see the various
definitions of the word just select the definition that is
relevant to your article and you'll see the suggestions below double-click on those words that you
want and it will be added to your article and spin syntax if you want to replace all of this word
with the same synonyms just highlight the cinema group and click replaced all checking colored text will display the color code the spin
syntax so you can see them easily isn't as easy in time-saving melodies finish filling in the other
required information and click the ok button to save
everything finally is step three selecting
directories where you'll submit your articles okay for select those sites that you're
interested in i'll just select a few for this video
then click sign up after its completed click confirm and for sites that require confirmation
the software will automatically confirm those emails next will be to submit the articles
select those sites you successfully signed up and click submit you can then select if you want to
schedule the submission of your articles or submit all now all choose now so i can show you the
process and click okay similarly you can view the progress of
the submission process below i find article marketing robot a really
comprehensive article marketing software as it allows you to create spin and submit articles it's also really easy to setup and use and helps to save lots of your time so
if you're looking for a one-stop solution to help you with article
marketing article marketing robot is the product you'll need if you're interested you can visit the
official website for more details and to read the testimonials before
deciding if article marketing robot is suitable for you i wish you all the best in getting your
websites ranked high in google
with article marketing robot

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