Article Marketing Lesson (Part 1 of 3)

hello everybody and welcome back to another video tutorial for the online bez university today I have a very special lesson for you guys we are going to talk all about article marketing if you're not familiar with article marketing take a lot of notes I'm sure you will learn a lot today I'm going to take the keywords that we research on the last video and we are going to use those keywords to create and are very effective and very search engine friendly article I'm going to teach you guys the top secrets these things that I'm teaching you guys make sing like simple things but are things that take a lot of time to learn if you have no idea about and take some the kindness of another person to actually go ahead and explain it to you guys I'm here to teach you guys everything about starting your system successful online business and I want to go ahead and dive right into the subject of article marketing article marketing is are very fun and a very fun subject I'm pretty sure you guys will enjoy it a lot the only thing that it takes for you for article marketing is just knowledge of your own product if you have knowledge of your own product that you shouldn't have no no problems and writing about it maybe something between 600 words to 1500 words shorter articles are considered to be more effective when it comes to to online marketing it's highly recommended for you guys to keep it keep it done no longer than two paragraphs and ending ending which i'm going to show you guys how to do so and how to set up your you know your call to action and which customers could come in and click in after they read your article and click and land somewhere on your website alright so let's go ahead and dive right in this open google chrome now there are lots and lots of great article websites out there and wish you could research for the best but i'm gonna i got a little present for you guys as you can see here i have a folder my article marketing websites and i have a list which is one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve these are the twelve top articles article websites in the planet and as you can see here does this number on the right side is the rank the world why rank which means that that's up the number of english they are ranked um in the world right now so you can see the top the top article websites east side articles which is ranked 106 in the planet and it's not it's just the article website so as you can see here there's a lot of good ones taking consideration that there are hundreds of thousands of websites in the window in the world so i just created a an account with article base which is ranked 3 49 and i'm going to go ahead and take you guys to the steps are creating your very first article so let's go to article basin which i created a new a new account not too long ago I'm sorry guys he was a thing I got the wrong one what I meant was go articles here we go go ahead and uh I'm gonna go and log in okay so I already went ahead and all last night I I kind of like you know logged in and included this in here and it's gonna go into a diver end up as you can see this is basically the template of most of the article websites out there I'm just very simple it gives you the tab for your profile to edit your profile change your email address and your password and just log out and that's basically it add new article which means you know just start creating a new article so let's go ahead and do that or you do it so when you want to create an article you have by this point already um have the article saved somewhere maybe as a Microsoft Word document you know just take some time write write an article and then go ahead and just you know get ready to posted here on this website or any any other websites now the at the bottom of this video somewhere in the page I ain't gonna include a a file a link so you could download this file for a Google Chrome which will allow you to get this this uh this little bookmarks that I have in which I have a lot of our article marketing websites I have blocking websites as you can see i got affiliate folder i got a bunch of things here marketing tools things that you guys could use on your online business i'm gonna include this on this in a file so you guys get download it to your computer for those that have google chrome and so this will save you guys up oh my god and up by the time you research out there to come up with a top 12 article website this might take you months and i'm just giving you this for free I just as a gift so just so you know click at the link below and you're gonna go ahead and download it for your computer alright so now let's say you already have your article about fitness and we're ready to go it got the key words here who okay got the key words right here the ones that we research on the last video if you have not seen the last video I suggest for you to stop this video right now and go over and watch that video first that way you get the idea on how did we get these three keywords that we're going to use but actually we're gonna go ahead and use one keyword for for each of content that we create so right now let's go ahead of this three keywords let's grab the fitness guide sounds like a very that one caught my eye and it was ranked had low competition and he had a lot of i believe it was about 40,000 global searches and twenty two thousand eight hundred in the u.s.

So this is very good fitness died and we could probably add something at the end to complete the sentence so they're going to grab this keyword here i'm gonna copy it and that what we're gonna do once you become a member of each and every one of these are article you know article directories websites you become a member each one of these and you're gonna do the same thing for each one once you have an article you're going to want and pulsing on each one of them so you're gonna go ahead and create click on add new article this is the comment of template for to create an article but i'm going to create your category we're gonna go ahead and uh to put this put here if don't see fitness is him finances full health health is good health see here fitness there you go title gonna call it gonna paste the keywords if it fitness guy yeah you see all right let's just say that you want to talk about fitness in this article and uh yeah let's just say that you have you're promoting a product your main product in your website let's say it's a p90x for you guys to do not know what is p90x that is the consider extreme workout that you could do at home with our minor equipment and I will get you very fit everybody knows about it so let's just say that we are selling p90x for your you're talking about it then we are you know we're here well that's your affiliate product let's say that you make a 75-percent cut for every p90x a you sell pin in the egg cells about 1 149 99 you get 75 percent so yeah that's what we're promoting here today let's just say that so we could use that keyword fitness guide fitness guide that's why keyword let's just put for p90x you can see we're still using a keyword phrase fitness guide all right no and the article we're going to go ahead and grab the content or the article before this tutorial purposes already went ahead and found some p90x content on the internet see pending the effect this guy will help you shape up earlier you know and so forth this about the size that you want to keep your article is perfect so take a look at here see it's not it's not it's a lot of you know a lot of information but not too overwhelming people could read it read it very easily on their phones smartphones so it's very very convenient it's about the size that you want to do all right you see you want to copy you know your article that you what he wrote and you paste it here alright here will be your author bio so once once you create your biography for you know and your profile is going to come out as default and every article so sit here so what you want to do on your authors bio

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