Article Marketing Explosion: Advanced Tip #1: Outsourcing Article Creation

advanced tip number one I wanted to give you before I cut you loose I wanted to give you a few more advanced tips you know if you're just starting out you might want to wait and review this later after you kind of get your feet wet and have some articles submitted but I just want to tell you some things that have helped me take things to the next level the first one being outsourcing article creation this is really really important because I'll tell you article marketing you know it sitting writing the articles can get a little bit old and I'll tell you even though I might be really excited to write about something which isn't everybody I realized that too there's only so much I can do a day you know it's it's really a hard push to get 10 articles cranked out in a day just because you know Adam again I'm not not the biggest writer however if you were to outsource it means that you pay someone so let's say that i would pay someone if I dollars to write an article if I can then turn that article into ten dollars or profit for me I've just doubled my money said you can see that's that's really powerful because if I can only write five articles a day but I'm able to pay somebody do 10 articles a day for me and it frees my time up to do something else so I'm not going to suggest that you jump right into this because if you don't know how to use the articles you could find yourself paying for articles and then not getting your money back because you definitely need to you know know how to ask people to write the articles you need to know what type of products to promote and where to submit them and and all that stuff but again it's it's something that's going to help you get over that barrier that once you realize you're our article marketing it really does work I'd certainly want to invest some time and money into it you can easily easily out sort this and have out sources and have somebody right you high quality stuff there are some places that you can go to find articles to get written for you need an article is one site elance of course run a coder there's some links listed in the resource books that accompanies this video series that you're watching but again I wouldn't be scared to try it I certainly don't sit down and say hey give me 50 articles you can all sit down and say hey can you you know i'd like to get two articles if this works out well i want to buy more and then check out the writing style asked to see samples at the the writers written but there are a lot of people that that have a side job maybe even make a living from just running articles and they'll be happy to take your work and as far as how much you to pay for an article i think it's anywhere between you're going to find anywhere between three and fifteen dollars again it's it's hard to find a good quality one for less than five and and depending on that the subject that you're going to be working with you might find a higher price depending on the quality of the writer a higher price but encourage you to shop around because I think you'd be surprised how cheap you can get some of this stuff

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