Article Marketing 101: 4 Basic Types Of Article Titles

hello this is Fred Hopkins from traffic rain calm just wanted to do a little bit of the serious here videos to kind of give you an idea of how you want to structure your articles and later on in the series going to get to also so what are the benefits of using articles as a method of promoting your business so the kind of kick this started off one of the first things that that is one of the most important things that gives people attention when taking a look at an article and what makes them read the article it all is having a good title now there's four different type of titles that I see with a lot of people when they're writing articles in there you can argue that there's more but these are kind of the general different types that you will see people write their your article titles and some article titles are just kind of way out there and makes you go to whether world they were thinking what he did it but the first one I like to call the list and then there's the watch out title and then there's a conspiracy the bad guys are out to get you kind of titles and then there's the how-to again there are others that you get throwing this list but you'll see that the vast majority kind of follow to this this format of these four different types and I'll explain each of these and give you some examples directly from some article directors so you can see what I'm talking about here now the first one is the list and again David Letterman probably make this the most popular on his TV show where you gives you the top 10 of whatever is coming the flavor of the day and so you see this slot this has kind of been played to death as everybody say hey you know these lists have been overused and and nobody uses anymore nobody pays attention but the truth is that this is one of the best types of titles that you can use all together because people like seeing articles that are very succinct and straight to the point and so that they can look at the title to know that there's going to be some definite few bullet points that they're going to get from it that's going to draw their attention now here are some examples directly from using the articles itself when the that I saw there was the three best affiliate marketing networks for newbies five steps to quit smoking pot the beginning I wonder what somebody was a confessing in that one also the five top tips for beating recession well they should have thought about wording that one a little bit better but NESN you get the gist is they're giving you a few different points in each of those articles where there's 35 sometimes you see seven and sometimes you'll see ten and more but typically you see three five seven or ten so very frequently when you see these lists now the next one is the Watts Alison this is kind of what I said this is what your grandma would tell you if she's giving you any advice now some examples of these again straight from using articles would be getting traffic to your website or you might end up starving well you know this other article marketing would definitely help you get traffic to your website next one is beware the gemologist that sounds almost like a slasher film but again you kind of get your point to get the point where they're trying to warn you about something and last example here is do you have a business continuity disaster plan it's not complete so again you know think of your grandma when you would come up with the atty potatoes and you just kind of get the point in essence of saying hey there's something that you need to watch out for and you got to get that information obviously to read the rest of the article so that's the watch out type of titles at you see the next one that these are kind of fun to see because people kind of go overboard and with the way they do this but this is the the conspiracy where you know they're all out to get you danger Will Robinson and and so some of more examples of this are the first one that I found was the weakness of shared hosting your providers would never tell you weight loss and diet the truth about artificial sweeteners revealed or how can you ever hope to make money online the secrets revealed so you know there's you know a little bit of a hush-hush conspiracy thing because it's obviously a lot of stuff that people just do not want you to know and there let you know the what those secrets are in the article you know this definitely catches people attention you know there's definitely a error of I don't want to say craziness about the bucks you can get the point there they definitely want it to let you know that there's a few things that you need to know about that you didn't know before you read the article it is effective but sometimes can go a little bit crazy and you can see the last two examples that are used they both are revealing these secrets that they've unlocked out of the dark deep dark dungeon where all the secrets are kept from normal people but anyway so that's the conspiracy type of titles effective but you know you use them use them wisely I should say and the last one is the how-to article in essence you're channeling martha stewart and bob villa now the examples that found here are no high roundhouse kick defense counters okay so if your martial arts that might be something that you might be interested in the guy to purchasing a christmas tree okay well this very timely one this time of year this is right now it's November right after the elections and Christmases on people's minds now and last example I have here is how to plan your travel in a recession in target topic of recession so you know those how to's are also things that people looking for everybody who's looking for information online and looking for how-to information just about any type of thing and if you can come up with a how-to article about whatever your initial subject is about having that in the title will definitely draw some attention now I I listed these four different types of titles just as an example of different ones you can use now you can definitely mix and match different styles of titles together and have many elements all in one time all together to make it kind of a super title where it's definitely going to catch people's attention and you get that all the more click throughs and people taking a look at that article as a result so again you know this is just kind of quick overview giving you some examples of the types of titles that you can use for your articles in the next video that's gave you will go into information on how to structure the body of the article you know on the most obvious people say hey you just had to have good content but there's a little bit of a twist so go into that information with you there as well and we're also talking about we'll talk about how to use a resource box to in essence give people something extra to do what's enough reading your article and I'll give you some best practices on how to do that as well so hopefully you found this video interesting and amusing at times and and that's so definitely look out for the next one again where we're going over a little bit more information on article marketing and and you can also if you want to get some additional information on not only how to do this but if you're looking for somebody to do this for you if you just not like the whole prospects of thinking of these titles or writing articles at all we do provide a service at traffic rain up communist as you see in the screen to our AFF i see traffic rain re IG n not the weather re and and get some more information from us so that's it for today again for a hopkins traffic rank calm and look out for the next

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