Amazon Advertising + Prime Pantry: What’s the deal for paid search?  

For many consumers, joining Amazon Prime is a no brainer. From free 2-day shipping to unlimited movie and TV streaming, Amazon Prime offers its members tons of benefits that make our lives easier.  

Prime Pantry is one such benefit that maximizes convenience and cost savings for consumers. Prime Pantry offers grocery and household items in every day pack sizes (a single box of cereal or a single tube of toothpaste). Amazon ships these items to the consumer in the same box. This means that Amazon can offer free shipping for thousands of lower price point items that typically could not be shipped for free individually.   

Consumers pay a monthly fee of $5.99 to get unlimited free shipping on Pantry orders, or a flat $5.99 shipping fee on individual orders if you do not order more than once a month. There is also a $6 coupon applied to your order when you add five or more items to your basket. And, Prime Pantry orders of $3… Read More

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