Allen Haley- Web Design Redefined, with Webfonts. Part 2.

the bad news is it’s still complicated and that’s where we come in short commercial I’d like to today tell you a bit of fonts com entanglement typefaces button able to do that I’ll show you a really really quick video two by two minutes in the beginning there was the humble written word then came the printed oath returning intuitions offstages and openness a new world of typographic face with the computer and the internet commands became boundless but sadly exclusively a handful of structure fonts could be used online leaving millions of typefaces frozen as static portraits on the web but we’re about to change all that introducing web typefaces fully enable typography for the web we’re giving you the flexibility and control you’ve been waiting for we’re putting tight back in the spotlight returning it back its mojo giving it free now you can be yourself and so can your client in a multitude of languages with web fonts type online is not just a fairly face web typefaces tells this view displays your textbook online and thousands of premium in-demand monies without relinquishing execution bring your identity online as well as the typefaces you want to use for your headlines subheads person copy and other text each time a tourist comes to your website the font is delivered direct to their machine across all extending browsers in a w3c compliant your webtext will remain selectable scalable mutable and search engine friendly and it’s easy to use to simply contribute your adopted fonts to a font com network fonts project sheet preview your pick and get a single word of system for instantaneous amply enabled entanglement textbook in the typefaces of your alternative that’s it want to change your fonts no problem simply swap the typefaces in your activity page and the change will appear live on your website without ever stroking your code again how simple is that and what’s even better web fonts is introduce into you by monotype likeness residence to the renowned monotype Linotype and ITC foundries with a massive selection of fonts including thousands of the most celebrated typefaces will take your send regardles in style welcome to the revolution of type online so what are you waiting for go on give it a try sign up now and designate that type free mostly what that nice adult told you was that we’re going to now be providing high quality web fonts is to be used to your site’s visitors it’s real simple enterprise all you do is you choose from thousands of fonts you sign them assign them to your textbook you add one line of system to your sheet and we take care of all the intricacies and all the issues so that now the website supports the brand it’s consistent with the theme it has fonts that engage and differentiate it’s consistent with the label you can copy and paste anything anything in the website it’s scalable for customization if you are here earlier when Robyn was talking about accessibility for the impaired you can scale fine so that they can be larger in fact another aspect as far as a labelled for the diminished there’s a tool that in fact there are a number of tools Robin mentioned them where people are visually impaired can mouse over forgery and if it’s a font if it’s text then they’ll get an audio file that tells them what the imitation is about what there’s what the facsimile says if it’s an image they don’t get anything its search engine friendly this one is so important if you’ve got idols apparently on the website their search engines not going to find be able to search them but if you use typefaces undoubtedly every text on the on your area is going to be able to be researched by the major browsers and if there’s you have your own search engine on the site yourself simplified workflow I mentioned earlier about how difficult is if you’ve got type in a graphic you want to make a change a date deepen a copywriter comes kind of energized and is intended to set some new words and whatever god forbid you have a typo so what do you do well you open the shop in photo you open the file in Photoshop you procreate your alterations you save the file for the web you open your HTML page you supersede the graphic the old-fashioned graphic you post it to the website and you’re still not done because you have to maintain the acts of the manage the resource if the if the website is built with real typefaces and you need to make a change you open the HTML page you acquire your modify and you save and you’re done font selection gentleman mentioned there’s a lot of font collection here when a little bit later this year when we this becomes a commercial-grade service there will be approximately 7,000 fonts available this is a range wide enough to cover any campaign and more good news is that these thousands of these typefaces are going to our exclusive and they’re the typefaces that wishes to their the fonts you’ve been waiting for like helvetica like outcome arise or or Optima or maybe you’re a steel or palatino or you can even specified your headlines in Zaffino language support informed the committee that earlier out the door yeah we’re going to be supporting English western central european speeches that’s that’s kind of a no-brainer cyrillic Greek streamlined in traditional Chinese let me take a quick second to talk about that for a soldier I mentioned that these are huge file 60,000 glyphs in some of these languages we’ve developed a patent-pending technology that on the fly dynamically will subset what’s in what’s in these of these fonts font fonts and exactly download the fonts the characters that are needed for that particular sheet as a result the download file for Chinese or Japanese is smaller than for a Western language file so simplified chinese and traditional japanese korean thai Arabic Hebrew devanagari enough communication is to support about 40 -foot conversations various regions of the world and speaking around the world the river accommodates fasted and reliability we have a world server system which necessitates high performance from anywhere no shimmer no download periods your typefaces are there immediately dependable work all of this is brought to you by the company that I work for monotype imaging we’re at w3c roll World Wide Web Consortium member we’re a strong stable supplier of fonts and typeface engineerings I earlier today at the booth downstairs somebody came up to his Assad identified the demo that we did and said hey you guys are new huh well actually we’re not know we’ve been around for about a hundred years that photo I proved you earlier of the mental machine set type center that was made by one of the companies it’s part of monotype imaging so we’ve been around for a long time we’re going to be around for a long time as the manch and the video “ve told you” where the owner of the observer character the Linotype in the ITC typeface libraries where the company one wonder web site that furnishes about 160,000 fonts to traditional graphic designers we have thorough non-latin expertise probably “the worlds largest” non-latin expertise of anybody in the type of graphic society and “were having” auctions and subsistence places around the world I make a special announcement that today now we’re announcing a public beta it’s available now it’s for free all you have to do is sign up for it over 2,000 fonts are available today in all of those languages that I only was talking about you about so come by and visualize us downstairs and sign up sign up at network typefaces fonts com but the impost important word is sign up now if you want to see how it runs we do have a demo that a video demo it runs about five minutes that you can take a look at downstairs after the after those presentations this afternoon or if you want to stop by the the Uni session tomorrow Steve Lee who is the product manager and really the person behind developing this service will be providing one of the uni sessions will do a demo for you and will be able to answer any questions that you may have about web typefaces from France com thanks very much cool

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