Aktuelle Studienergebnisse – Warum Du JETZT Dein Online Marketing optimieren solltest!

If you are wondering why now is the
right time to invest in your online marketing, stay tuned! More and
more people are online on social media. This is also shown by the ARD ZDF online study, which
is updated annually. As you know, it is important to us to combine theory and
research with practice. That is why we have decided
to provide you with the latest study results in this video, which provide hard facts why you
should get into online marketing now. Check out our other social media channels as well
. Here, too, there are always valuable tips on exactly this. Insight no. 1: Imagine
a customer is on social media and does not find the right information or even
contradictions there. That's a problem. We know from research that such perceived dissonances
and disruptions and contradictions can lead to a customer buying a different product and that of
course should be avoided. Consumers are increasingly using
social media to find products they want to buy, to compare them and also to
evaluate risks in the reviews are searched and analyzed. You have to know that, of course
, and you have to be prepared for it accordingly .

This applies to the B2B as well as
to the B2C area and therefore it is of course important to have a social media strategy in
order to get the right information to
the right target groups via all social media channels and to communicate with it. Finding # 2: Emotional
messages always work in social media. This applies to the B2B as well as to the
B2C area. Of course, in the B2B area, as in this context at least in parts, you can of
course work very well with hard facts and also achieve good results, but the emotional
messages work much better. In addition, it is important to encourage engagement in the
community, i.e. to activate and motivate people and followers to engage with the
brand, to post things, to share and so on. Because that promotes
the perceived value of the company. The Covid-19 pandemic has massively changed
consumer behavior in social media in online marketing. This is proven by
current studies, e.g. people are increasingly looking for products, getting information and wanting, as we
have already indicated, to assess and exclude risks and also to buy products, not
only in an online shop, but also directly on social media.

So that's crucial
and that's why you have to be targeted with the right strategy in online marketing.
And the good thing about the topic is: Online marketing activities, including social media activities, can
be specifically promoted! You can find information about this in the video description! Finding no.
4: The Covid-19 pandemic has completely changed our entire behavior in leisure time, at
work and in the home office . These changed properties and
behaviors naturally affect the way we use the Internet,
for example how we look for products, what products we look for, how we evaluate them,
how we identify risks. Of course, you need to know that for your online marketing strategy
. Of course, it is now becoming more important to advertise and offer certain products and services directly
and also to sell products via an online shop. A current analysis
by Google shows, for example, that the behavior that Lockdown displayed, as always
, will remain. So more than 50% want to maintain their behavior, such as
looking for, evaluating and ordering things online. We will of course help you to transfer these findings into your
online marketing strategy.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!
Let us now come to the last insight for today. I brought you something from the legal field.
A new law was passed in April and has been in effect since then – I read
here – it is the law to combat right-wing extremism and hate crime. What
is associated with it? A reporting system for social media providers – that means in the future
hate comments, right-wing extremist statements and criminal offenses must also be reportable and
reported. Whether that really leads to fewer shitstorms
and more problematic statements happening on social media, that certainly remains to be seen. But it would of
course be desirable if there were fewer shitstorms and negative comments.
If that were the case, we would also point it out in current videos – so it
remains important information at the end. Which of the findings and study results
that we reported today was the most interesting and most important for you? Where
is there perhaps a need for discussion? Please write us in the comments!
We look forward to the discussion and of course we will respond to it.

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