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My name is Frederick Webb, Jr. and I take a personal stake in the success of my clients right from the start. I have had pretty good success ranking my clients on page 1 in Google search results for their service areas consistently.

I have also been able to craft automation solutions that make it easier for a small business owner to automate certain processes so they can focus more on running their business and stay on top of their digital presence without much effort or interruption by occasionally logging in to their own custom monitoring and tracking portal these days.

At the end of the day I am truly just a geek at heart hiding underneath a pretty cool and rugged exterior.

The Digital Marketing Scene for Small Businesses

I noticed that digital marketing or online marketing needed to be simplified for most small businesses to understand exactly “how” these methods or strategies related to digital marketing could help them in their brick and mortar business.

I also noticed that most of the digital marketing services you might find in an average search were just selling services–not actually solving problems or improving internal process for the businesses that fall for them.

“Hustling” unsuspecting business owners who trust these agencies to help them. Hustling them by selling them services that do not even move the needle toward anything that will bear fruit for that business.

A website needs to be more than just pretty. It needs to do things. Technical things like tracking and analytics.

My Approach To Digital Marketing

In surveying this situation, one of the things I reflected upon was from my days of selling cars many years ago in Wichita, KS.

Mike Steven owns Steven Chrysler in Wichita, KS, (among other brands) and one day he walks over to me on the car lot and says, “Fred, I’m gonna teach you how to sell cars in the best way.

“Never be the guy who’s spouting on and on about what a car can do before you learn what problem they are trying to solve by showing up to look at cars.”

He said greet them warmly and smile. Then ask them what problem are you trying to solve by looking at vehicles today?….and then LISTEN.

Ask clarifying questions if you need to and only when you understand what problem they are trying to solve do you proceed to show them inventory based on what they told you they want to achieve.

I have used this approach with customers since then although I no longer sell cars.

Whenever I meet with a new or existing client, the first thing I seek to understand is, “what problem are you trying to solve?” Everything else flows from there.

I have no problem explaining the possible options and strategies when a client is interested in how things work.

I love educating clients when and where I can. Educated clients always ask the best questions and pose the best challenges.

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