90-9-1 Rule for Content Marketing (Neville Medhora of CopywritingCourse.com)

90-9-1 rule for content marketing.
Hi I'm Brian Pombo,   welcome back to Brian J. Pombo Live.
We've talked before about different ideas   when it comes to content marketing. And this may 
be a big surprise to you if it's new for you.   If it's not, then you'll recognize it and you 
won't have to get freaked out about it.
  So I first heard about the 90-9-1 rule 
by Neville from CopywritingCourse.com,   you can go check out he's got a lot of great 
content out there in social media land.

  Now, this isn't a rule that just applies to 
Facebook, or just applies to whatever your social   media is of choice. It's really a rule across the 
board when it comes to content. And I bet even for   offline content, if you were able to track it, 
you would find a very similar situation. Because   it really comes back to the 80/20 rule, which 
is it's just human nature, that if you put out   enough stuff, and you're able to track, you'll 
find that a very small percentage do what   do the most of what a very large 
percentage have the chance of doing if   I could say it in that sense.
So let me explain this.
  What this means is that if you add these 
up, they come out to 100%, right?
  So 90 plus nine plus 1, it comes 
out to 100.

And represents 100%.
  If you took 100% of the people that are consuming 
your content, you would be able to take 90% and   they're the people that are just lurking around, 
they're just watching, they're listening,   they're reading, whatever you're putting out 
there, but they're not going to interact with   it much further beyond that, okay, and this 
is just just the stuff you could track.
  I mean, let's take video for 
instance, this is just tracking views.   So if you got 100 views only about somewhere 
around 90 are just gonna watch, they're not gonna,   let's say it's on YouTube, they're not 
going to leave a thumbs up or a thumbs down,   they're not going to comment, they're not going 
to take the link and share it with friends.

  That's about 90% and these 
are all relative terms.
  Obviously, the more the bigger your numbers 
are, the more solid these turn out to be,   they're probably even more skewed in the direction 
of a large percentage of people not doing anything   when you have fewer and fewer numbers.
So 9% are going to interact a little bit. Okay,   they may leave a thumbs up, they may leave a 
thumbs down, they may do something every once   in a while they're going to do something.
And then 1% is going to be your star   players.

So literally one out of 100, 1 out of 
100 are going to leave a comment, they're going   to want to talk back and forth, they're going 
to want to learn more about you, they may watch   more than one video, they may go beyond that.
And so you have to understand that you got to hit   a lot of people if you want any type of measurable 
response back. This is not to say that the 90%   aren't useful, or that they aren't doing anything, 
or that they won't view more of your stuff.
  That's not what we're saying here. They might or 
they may not. But you don't know you're not going   to be able to track them other than a view other 
than a hit click here or there, that there's not   much else that you'll be able to do 
with that you just have to realize,   you have to get enough numbers, everything always 
I know some people really poopoo the numbers game   of things, everything comes back to numbers.
No matter what you're doing in business,   everything comes back to numbers.
Yes, you should be good at what you're   doing so that the numbers you're hitting matter, 
and that you get better rates.

But everything   comes back to get more people through the 
quote-unquote funnel and that's all this is.
  This is a percentage no matter what you do if 
you're in if you've done any significant amount of   sales, or, or, or any type of direct marketing of 
any sort, especially direct response marketing,   you understand this, you understand this 
concept. If you're new to content marketing,   this may blow you away a little bit and 
you may really be shocked that you can   get hundreds of views and not a whole lot 
of action measurable action beyond that.
  This is the game you're in and 
you just have to realize it and   you can look more into the 80/20 rule.
One of my favorite books, especially for someone   just starting out looking into this is 80/20 Sales 
and Marketing by Perry Marshall.

It's a fabulous   book on this topic, one I go to back to on a 
regular basis because he really takes this really   deep idea and splits it up a whole bunch of 
different ways for you to be able to consume   it. And so that's worth looking into.
Also if you're wanting more help in terms   of strategies that you can use to stand out.

going beyond the numbers, go check out my book   9 Ways to Amazon-Proof Your Business, you can pick 
up your own free copy at AmazonProofBook. com.
  I'm back here on a daily nightly basis. 
So come on back, watch, listen, comment,   please let me know you're out there and you 
have a great night. We'll be back tomorrow.
  In the meantime, get out there 
and just let the magic happen..

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