7 Trends in Hiring Talent for Your Content Marketing Team in 2019

Are you ready to build and develop your content operations team in 2019? Kapost just released its Content Operations and Strategy Hiring Handbook, which offers statistics about what B2B companies look for when hiring content operations talent and tips for building out your team. 

For the report, Kapost surveyed 506 U.S. marketers and filtered responses to include only B2B-focused companies with dedicated content teams or employees. 

Here are eight major trends covered in the report that you need to be aware as you head into the new year.

1. Most Companies Are Hiring Specifically for Content Teams

Kapost notes that five years ago, very few organizations hired specifically for content operations. They cite a 2013 report from Altimeter that found very few of the companies had content divisions or staff with the word “content” in their titles.

Today, things look much different — 67 percent of respondents told Kapost that their organiza… Read More

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