7 Reasons to Upgrade from DTM to Launch by Adobe

Dynamic tag management (or DTM) has been part of Adobe’s offering since 2013, and users have done miraculous things with it. Companies have cut digital development times from months to days or even hours, added functionality, and improved digital experiences — all leading to increased conversions.

We’re proud of what users have done with DTM but digital technologies are on the rise in both numbers and complexity, and current tag management systems will soon be unable to keep up. As a result, the minds behind DTM have created the system’s successor. Adobe Cloud Platform Launch — or just Launch for short — has been in development for two years to be the next-gen replacement for first generation tag management systems, like DTM.

Launching the Next Phase of Tag Management

Launch comes as the preemptive solution to meet the present and future needs of digital technology deployment and management. Let’s look at seven reasons to upgrade from DTM to Launch by Ado… Read More

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