5 reasons you’re NOT using video MARKETING (and why they are wrong)

What's stopping you from starting video marketing 
for your business? Whenever I start working with   a new client I always hear the same five 
reasons and the funny thing is most of them   aren't actually valid. So today I wanted to 
run you through the five things holding you   back from doing your video marketing and 
most importantly how to overcome them. You have no idea how many people 
stop themselves from making videos   because they believe they aren't very good on 
camera. I'm gonna let you into a little secret,   pretty much everyone's rubbish when they first 
try it. I mean just look at the first video on   my channel. 'I can't count the amount of times 
I've seen a video title like company overview   or event highlights video. A good video 
title should do two things for you'.   Stiff, wooden and painful, I hope you agree 
that I've improved since then. Presenting,   whether it's to a few people or a large group 
or even on video is a skill and like all skills,   it can be learnt.

But how do you learn? Practice! 
An easy way to start is to film yourself for one   minute every day. You don't have to talk about 
anything in particular, it could be what you   had for breakfast, what your plans are for the day 
or what you're looking forward to at the weekend,   it really doesn't matter because you're going to 
be deleting it straight away. It's just getting   you used to that weird feeling of talking to a 
lens rather than a person. After doing this for   a few days, pick a topic which you are passionate 

So that could be your favourite movie or   band or it could be your favourite charity, 
just pick a topic and try and talk about it   for at least one minute if not more. It's 
a lot easier to talk about a subject when   you're naturally passionate about it. Now it's 
time to watch your video back, prepare yourself,   you're probably gonna cringe. But by watching your 
video you can start to see the things that you do   and don't like in your delivery. So it could be 
that you don't smile enough or you smile too much,   your vocal range isn't as varied and you sound a 
bit monotonous or you struggle to keep your eyes   on the lens and you're just looking around too 

Just remember the only way to learn is by   making mistakes and then correcting them in the 
future. Another thing to keep in mind is that   we are always our own worst critics. That's why 
it's important, when you've got the confidence, to   show someone that you trust their opinion and you 
trust them to be honest and then if they say that   you did a really good job, believe them. We all 
want to create top-quality videos for our business   but you probably don't have the 10,000 hours of 
learning and practice to become a master. This is   why I always say for your important videos like on 
your home page or any type of advertising, to pay   for a professional but affording a production 
company for all of your social video content   might be a bit out of your price range. Why should 
this hold you back? Do you have a phone? Is it   newer than five years old? Then it's probably good 
enough to make videos with! The phone by itself is   a really powerful tool but there are a few cheap 
bits of equipment you can buy to make your videos   look even better, like a tripod to stop all that 
horrible shake in your videos and get it nice and   steady which is going to stop your viewers from 
scrolling on by.

Lights like the one I'm using   which really help improve the look of your video 
and allow you to control what your viewers pay   attention to in your shot. And a microphone 
so that your audience can clearly hear your   message. You can easily get a microphone, a light 
and a tripod for under £100 nowadays but if that's   just too much then just do it piece by piece 
starting with the microphone first. If I was to   ask you the one thing that you're lacking 
in your business it would probably be time.   I know it's a personal struggle for me finding 
the right balance between working in my business,   working on client work and actually working on 
my business and developing my company. But I bet   there are things that you do in your company which 
don't actually push your business forward! For me,   it's the overuse of social media. Now, I know the 
power of social media and what it can bring to my   business but is the one hour I'm spending each day 
really providing a return? Instead, now I plan 30   minutes of social media into my diary, after that 
30 minutes I close down that tab.

This also helps   keep my mind focused by removing distractions. 
What can you limit in your business to give you   more time to create videos? Could you add an 
extra 20 minutes at the end of your workday   as video time? Now I know what you might be saying 
'videos just take too long to create', that's what   I think you sound like in my head. Yes, they do 
but the more that you do it, the quicker you get   at it. Not only that but you can also make your 
video content go a lot further by repurposing it.   Take this video as an example, so I've got the 
full video which you're watching now on YouTube   but then I'll also edit that video into five other 
shorter videos which I'll use across social media,   which will then drive traffic back to the main 
video. I'll also pull out some quotes and put them   on top of images for more social media posts. As 
I've already written the scripts for this video,   it's easy to turn it into a blog post as 
well as a LinkedIn article with the full   YouTube video embedded up the top.

If my content 
wasn't so reliant on visuals I could also turn   this into a podcast as well. This is definitely 
a common concern but I wonder if it's actually   option paralysis. Think of all the questions you 
get asked by your new and existing customers all   the time. If people are asking you then they're 
probably going to be searching for answers on the   internet as well.

Just off the top of my head a 
few examples for me could be 'what's better a real   video or an animated video?', 'do I really have to 
appear in front of camera on my business videos?',   'can I make my own business videos?' and 'how much 
should video production cost for my business?'.   Once you start creating videos like this you'll 
soon start noticing more and more questions   that you get asked which you can then turn into 
future content. Do you want to take it a step   further? Why not introduce videos into your sales 
process? So let's say you get asked the same three   questions by every new client or customer, why 
don't you make one video addressing all of these   concerns and then when you're booking in your 
meeting your first meeting with the new customer   you ask them to watch the video before the 

This means that when you actually get   to the meeting them you can get right to the point 
and they're going to be a lot more knowledgeable   about what you offer and what you do. But what if 
you put your video out there and it gets 0 views?   I'm not gonna lie this is a possibility… 
if you do nothing to promote your video!   When you are starting out don't expect to get 
thousands of views on your videos straight away.   Video marketing is a long-term game, especially on 
YouTube and you may not receive results for a few   months.

You are building up a bank of content for 
YouTube to suggest to its users which will create   a snowball effect. So someone watches one of your 
videos, likes it and then goes on to watch another   five pieces of your content. That means YouTube 
is more likely to recommend those six videos to   more of its users and then those people who have 
been recommended those videos are going to watch   more and more content and it keeps going on and on 
and on. If you don't have any content on YouTube   then they are going to suggest other people's 
videos. Do you see how it works? But what if your   business is just too boring? I don't think you 
really understand how weird people are. Whatever   you make videos about there is an audience for 
it. So a guy sitting down smiling at the camera   for four hours, 25 million views.

A guy licking 
stuff, 230,000 subscribers. Ask a mortician, 1.3   million subscribers. There is an audience for 
your content and it doesn't just have to be your   potential customers right now but the only way to 
find an audience is by actually putting your stuff   out there. I'd like to finish just by saying that 
done is better than perfect. We are all striving   for perfection when it comes to anything to do 
with our business and that is a noble goal but   it means that we'll never put anything out, 
especially as our definition of perfection   changes over time.

Instead, release your content, 
learn what works and what doesn't and then create   better videos in the future. You know what? I want 
to see your videos so leave a link in the comments   below so that I can check them out. If you've 
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