how does it all work now when i do content marketing what exactly this glue is for us in this media convergence because i want This also makes it relevant for the consumer, because it also makes me actually make it through a wide variety of touchpoints too be perceived and please so that I also fit in with it at the end I can already think about how it works for the model I will still show you an example and stay consistent with it who have shown the process using the example of Warsteiner, you have to have one knowledge warsteiner has had the only real thing as a claim for a very long time we started now last year so we are in the middle of it, so to speak Allowing repositioning to take place is what makes the only real thing here inconspicuous with a little word a little different a little different sentence structure reads is very, very decisive, I am actually from pedestal of i am the queen of beers went down to the consumer the invitation to the consumer to say what is what makes that unique true what does that mean what exactly is the problem with his orientation is above all one thing i have a lot of them possibilities because what we simply have is for some lord it makes the only thing true hanging out with friends in nature.

For others, that's just that enjoying freedom again for others, the only real thing is everyday life completely did it, or now, especially in summer, the topic of time with us friends and who are paying attention now is actually when you look at this here on the one hand, I can see different motivators here up front yes, there are also other beer brands that we are just now have shown because we just see there are quite a lot of fields too actually occupied where warsteiner would like to go is there namely between vitality and recognition you have chosen a particularly exciting topic educator of the marketing team because it was opened here in the area of ​​tension is between in the end letting go and controlling when looking forward to this axes still remember where i have been since, but in terms of the basic topic i am in a field of tension, what is really crucial for us is what is called the person what does that mean if we want to go into the implementation and can there one here is just a bit as an example that means for example Skydiving means hitchhiking, for example if it is But that also means vitality on the other side be an artist or have an expert do now you can imagine how difficult it is to bring these two topics together simply in persian that's why you have to ask yourself another question if I then actually manage to bring these issues together how does the whole thing have to be prepared because I have an incredible number of them possibilities to process things and one has to say vitality we actually in the speed need to start communicating quickly need to start communicating differently with passion to communicate But the entire topic must be profound, so exactly this being an expert actually expressing what is in recognition with in it, we very briefly got involved in the implementation what have now seen is the tv spot i know it is not content marketing i showed it to you because we absolutely have the chance here in a short time exactly what I have seen on a couple of slides in pfronten I told you to summarize again Warsteiner but is beyond that gone and normally now they would We shouldn't have a discussion with a customer invite to say what is because makes the only real thing we did before ever heard that you should make that out in this day and age but we decided against it together with warsteiner and why overall for the relatively simple reason they were briefly closed their eyes ok now please imagine what makes the only real okay for you everyone has a good time then briefly open their eyes again please what is that the only real thing for you to play the piano anyone summer unfortunately i didn't understand friends world travel okay there we see the piano playing summer friends world travel different things when i'm now in such a repositioning start saying dear consumer tell me something what makes the only real thing for you is i'm just an example in this model to pick out friends is on socializing and that drove the other could halfway say okay playing the piano goes down with Acknowledgment, for example, but only to these friends, for example, and be there I'm pretty sure about 800,000 people would say that you can already see that it is incredibly blurred and that's why we're in Content area went to it and said okay, we grab each other protagonists out of this tv spot and let them tell you what it does the only true thing for her is that we will continue now and now We will also slowly open the whole topic towards the consumer just around to pick out two examples at the very top left very basejumping this is a video for about three minutes with a canadian base jumper in his Leben has already done 6000 base jumps and what did he tell us what for him Making the real deal is unsurprisingly that is base jumping though What is interesting for us is the topic of how it tells what he says a lot exudes passion when he talks about what makes the only real thing for he is and he tells about his very first base jump where he then accordingly has seen the sky above and exactly afterwards the world never again for him it was like she was before so here makes the only real thing about on the on the other hand to take up the subject of graffiti This is about the teeth, the most important force for the artist shaped and redesigned, we're talking about something that is almost photography-like pitti's very eventful history his studio lost in the end the great fire has his entire being afterwards whole life actually rebuilt again also with the help of graffiti and there comes again that is the only thing true to wear that is interesting for us because first you can see that here now even with the corresponding panda on it, one thing is vitality to the other recognition therefore precisely these two areas of tension in which we are actually then later the brand was also enacted the big problem with content marketing is, on the one hand, always finding the right one to get content that is what we have now done here, and that is the other samsung topic range a problem i can remember that was mine name my first week when i started at the media agency i come from the creative corner i come from the digital corner you have just such things started too we somehow have to make videos like that and we have to do that that was the time and then came the all-important question how many people can you reach with it and then it was relatively quick for me actually the chain of arguments to end because then my opposite He told me that for the money I needed, I could just as well put on a tv-spot talking about effectiveness wasn't there yet just see it's not all alone it's not just about tv spots and it it's not just about the entire topic of content marketing, it really is not about print ice or car shape anything else it's about that interaction you need to understand your outside again target group media uses why i am telling you the whole thing because afterwards we for Warsteiner then brought exactly these stories back onto tv that now with the max made here together where we actually then three minutes airtime got around this interview format again afterwards To broadcast is crucial for us because we are with it actually exactly this ecosystem of what we have seen before with the a lot of different arrows now just the illustrations, so to speak and, in a very simplified way, namely make full we had classic advertising and the corresponding message had a hook on it, of course, also in the media convergence planned not only for tv but also for online video scp we had this entire topic of content which we then in turn on the channels but plus could also play in the board channels in digital Keyword, for example, to advertise corresponding spots on youtubes and that really big for us, in fact, exactly this content again due to the fact that we simply had a lot more space around the brand message to let it work accordingly is the exciting question with something like that what's the point, I've talked a lot about it, what are we doing actually and there we can actually see that we on the motivators where we wanted to go, that's the one, so to speak measurement right after the campaign we see that we are making a positive change we wanted vitality and recognition as where we wanted to go seen a little more about power that's ok we'll take it if you remember in the model lies exactly between vitality and We can also take recognition with us at the same time is not so tragic this point has annoyed a bit even if it is only one percent this is exactly the topic of security but so be able to do so from the basic principle we say yes worked well what I'm showing you now is something unusual because normally you show when you like to talk about results usually rather the positive side, but I'll show you here anyway still negative numbers and why am I telling you that because I did earlier In other words, it's about clarity in the model and just as crucial for us as that increase on the desired motivators is decrease on the other because precisely because of this, the profile becomes clearer for all of us, the worst thing that would have here can happen that all motivators evenly passed +10 I would not have been reached if it was a very good instrument for us to say yes she can hang has already heard good for us I already told you two things, on the one hand I am what must be the right one content and how does the right content actually have to be be prepared there are of course others ask the whole topic which touchpoints and that's where we actually come turn back to the topic of what before he said we have to Understanding the target group but the brand is just as important not to forget now I'll switch over to red bull for a moment, that was it easier to grasp you can perhaps ask yourself the question where would they take place regularly in the digital or in the daily newspaper i think i is pretty easy to answer in digital as a motivator ish fits but that's actually why you get this feeling Logically, I also have the option in the digital world just to work with long texts or with videos here too the motivator ical expression of what your gut is telling you namely to say okay red bull should actually be more in the video area to be on the go and not in the boring text from the council can now consider it is usually relatively time-consuming to shoot videos and create content to spread the and so on and so on what you like to do are yourself To look for cooperation partners but they have to be careful by get an example of red bull in your as a volvo volvo number so for you in this model you have to be safe because volvo can do what you want probably want to be there in 20 years there is still security in what volvo actually stands for is just as popular in order to actually increase the relevance testimonials are had themselves to bring in any celebrities and to include them in the content up to the exemplary made and since you can see a Schweighöfer fits not to red bull why not continue through its entire romantic comedys out there makes you perceived differently in the motor model he is on sociability and also pleasure and not on vitality why do we say the whole thing because we know when we find the right fit we can increase the communication effect accordingly and That is precisely what is very, very interesting for us, and then really that the company is also bringing the best of this entire topic of media convergence can because the content is no longer correct I can actually use it For us, once again very briefly to conclude, why can we do all of this say because we have a study that already has quite a few cases in hand So 40,000 cases that have to be said is for us or about 40,000 is now a huge pound for us where we actually make brands touchpoints behave et cetera pp everything on a quantitative basis and can not only prescribe on the gut feeling so for actually a friend with whom one should book accordingly

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