4 Ways Internal Brand Awareness Pays Big Dividends for Marketing

Do your front-line employees, like customer service representatives and salespeople, know how to communicate your brand story?

Most marketers laugh when they hear this question because they don’t have a high degree of confidence. In fact, according to my company’s research, 66% of marketing executives believe their brand message is lost by the time it reaches the front lines.

A company’s marketing investment is designed to drive demand, but demand isn’t valuable unless it converts to sales at a high rate. This investment is far more effective and efficient when it improves conversion rates, but Econsultancy reports that only 22% of companies are happy with their conversion rates. There’s obviously a problem somewhere along the way.

When companies don’t prioritize internal brand awareness, their marketing and advertising make promises to customers that their front-line employees don’t deliver upon. When a business falls short of … Read More

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