4 Facebook Messenger Marketing Strategies You Have to Try

Facebook Messenger is quickly becoming a widely used marketing tactic. It’s easy to see why—80% open rates, 60% clickthrough rates, and sky-high conversion rates.

Who doesn’t want results like that?

I’m going to show you the exact features that marketers are using to get those results.

Here are four specific Facebook Messenger features you must try:

Comment guard
Chat blasting
Click to messenger ad
Chat widget
1. Comment Guard (Private Auto-Responders on Facebook Posts)

Comment guard is a bot that you set up on your organic Facebook posts. When someone comments on the post, they will automatically receive a Facebook message from you.

You can think of it as a Facebook post autoresponder.

Person comments on a post.
Said person automatically receives a Messenger reply.

You can experience a comment guard in action by clicking on this link.

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