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welcome back everyone to marketing
Thursday my name is Dmitry Lipinskiy accost this is our most popular playlist
everything inside and today we are talking about content marketing
everything you need to know and why you should invest in content marketing for
your roofing business I absolutely love content marketing you
guys see how much content we produce here at roofing in size but it started
years ago at my roofing business when I started to produce content and market my
roofing business through content marketing what is content marketing well
the concept is very very simple you market your service or your business
through content you produce it doesn't matter what it is you know blogs video
Facebook lives social engagement no matter what if you produce content on a
regular basis you will market your brand you will promote your company and in
this video I want to give you seven tips about content marketing so content
marketing is generating free content and monetizing it later
when people come to you monetizing the traffic that attention so if you follow
guys like Gary Vee and a lot of big big guys in marketing world they religiously
practice content marketing they produce so much free content but don't be
mistaken that free content always generates sales always brings brand
awareness and always transfers into sales and money in general three reasons
why I personally absolutely love Content marketing number one it's free
when I started YouTube channel for my roofing business the main reason was
because I didn't have money for TV as a radio commercial YouTube was free and to
this day is free and my number one medium is video YouTube so I started
YouTube channel for my roofing business because I couldn't afford anything else
number two it works people love consuming content as long as
it's organic and we'll talk a little bit more about it and number three it works
forever once you create a good content for your audience is there for the rest
of times to bring you value in traffic to your business I want to share a few
testimonials really quick just today I've seen this boss from my friend
Joseph Hughes heap he made this post keep sharing a
valuable content and charge the process just because you don't get a lot of
engagement doesn't mean people aren't watching most people observe without
engaging you never know who is paying attention couldn't agree more so I
posted it in our group orphan sized private group by the way if you're not a
member of that group and you own a roofing business I invite you to join
and we have few people here sharing their testimony on Campton marketing one
of them is Phillip saying yep people tell me yeah I've been watching
your videos and I'm like really just because you aren't getting likes doesn't
mean people aren't watching and sitting on the edge of their seats
Nate also said yeah I definitely hear from a lot of people about how they seen
my videos but I don't see them commenting or engaging even my wife said
the other night how all of her friends watch my videos and I'm like what
that's weird low so people will watch it's not about likes it's not about
comments it's not about dislikes it's about engagement it's about sales
and when you produce massive amount of content sooner or later you will start
getting engagement back in the forms you would never even think of like for
example when I start producing content on a regular basis for my roofing
business I remember going on estimates and people would tell me during the
estimate it's like you had to meet you I've seen your videos this is why I
called you we have literally people walking in their office because they've
seen me reviewing the products and they wanted to check from a real person if
it's a real business if we're legit we just sold seventeen thousand dollar job
four months ago a person walked in it was OSI flex review that brought him in
have seen the product review he was searching for OSI flags and he decided
to come in so let me explain on a very simple example a couple years ago I tore
my ACL by playing soccer so I needed 15 $20,000 surgery and I went on Google and
started searching ACL replacement surgeries and I stumble upon this
article by this doctor here in Minneapolis and he was explaining
different methods how you can replace restructure your knee ACL is very
complicated surgery but there's a few methods so obviously if you would search
ACL replacement or ACL surgery you will see a lot of ads from hospitals I go to
a really big conference in Cleveland called Compton marketing world and
actually seen it in action where big hospitals share their data how much
content they produced for free and how much business is generates them you know
even for the hospitals and my testimony is the same thing when I was looking for
ACL replacement surgery I did not see the ad I actually found the article and
when I realized that that doctor who wrote that article in my ceilin I can
actually book appointment with him I was sold immediately so the piece of content
that I found was free to me it was not paid ad it's probably been on internet
for years but because it was there it was relevant to my search it built that
instant connection with a doctor and he actually operated on my knee it was very
expensive couldn't run for like nine months after that but I found my doctor
because of content marketing not because of ad not because of Google
search of best hospitals because I've trusted that doctor through his article
so let's talk about how you can create content for your business and how you
can master a content marketing game so number one find your mediums find what
you best at are you a good writer are you really good in the camera maybe you
have an amazing voice and talk just as your media maybe you live Facebook live
crazy videos and you just travel document everywhere you go it doesn't
really matter what the medium is you just have to be really good at for
example writing is not my meeting people mark me all the time my grandma is
horrible you know I'm not gonna be the person who
writes a really big article so I hire people to write my articles we still as
a business we produce a lot of articles but that's not my
my medium is this as video but your medium can be pictures maybe your funny
guy like Baz damn roofer and you like to create a lot of funny memes maybe you
like music you can actually create a lot of content and music as well do one and
outsource other mediums but dominate one you can be number one podcast host in
your game you can be number one writer you can have most popular blog in your
industry you can have the biggest Instagram account doesn't matter find
your medium and dominate that medium number to only create content that
you're absolutely passionate about so if you don't feel like it if you don't feel
like it's your passion don't create content just because Demetri told you to
create content we're good in certain areas so if you're not good at it or you
don't feel like it then don't even talk about it can be anything if you're in
sales you can create a lot of content about sales if you're good installer you
can create content about you know installation if you're great doorknocker
you can create a lot of content about knocking on doors you get the idea
number three once you pick your passion show you an extra key show off all your
smarts all your insights information show how you're different show you
different thinking people like to follow smart guy smart chips why would I follow
you why you're different than others teach me something I don't know about
that area of expertise become true expert to me number four this is
absolutely math you have to produce content regularly not one time per month
I mean maybe if you create an really big video like one and a half hours once a
month that would be fine but I would recommend producing
something every single week even if it's just one piece of content but it's solid
it's okay I produce probably 1015 pieces of content every week between you know
three YouTube videos we do three videos for our online business school we also
post a lot of pictures memes we have team of four or five guys here who
constantly thinking about you know writing blogs right in articles guys
like you reproduce you know have 17 people on their team and they pump so
much content daily probably 10 times more than we put per month it doesn't
really matter what really matters is consistency
keep number 5 you have to optimize your content to the fullest there's no reason
for you not to dominate in your keywords whether you writing your blog's it's not
enough just to write a blog it's not enough just to film that video you also
have to optimize it make sure where people are searching for it they can
find it that's why when we help our students with the YouTube channel so you
can see some guys on the YouTube they create amazing content but if you even
source for that title even if you seen the video you still can't find it
because it's not optimized whether it's blogs on your website
whether it's YouTube videos or even Facebook you want to make sure your
title your metadata find someone who can help you to optimize it so people can
find it again this is your business it's your brand this is content marketing
well it's free information it still should be popular people should be able
to find it when they need it and if they don't was the point of creating it in
the first place so if you're gonna put all the work to
create the content make sure you also do the effort to optimize it so people can
find it number six promote your content regularly so if you
were youtuber make sure you have mentions of your YouTube channel or on
the Instagram or LinkedIn on your website in today's marketing world it's
all interconnected and you want to make sure that people can actually find it
they already love you love your brand if they follow you on one channel the
probably will find you on another one I know a lot of people that I follow and
it's almost impossible for me to follow someone just on YouTube so sometimes I
go to their Instagram account and I see pause that new video is up and I'm oh
that's cool I have to go check it out make sure you cross promote make sure
you tell people tell your friends tell your followers whether it's an email
blast I don't know what channels you're going to be
optimizing the Mo's but make sure you cross promote your content as well and
lastly just because you produce a lot of free content doesn't mean that you
cannot have service make sure you have small services that you can monetize
then you can ask something back like I want you to give way more that you ask
but it's okay every once in a while to have something all major creators on
major influencer they usually have a small in an e-book it can be small
service it could be you know small product you know like gloves Sporting
Goods it can be like whatever you can have you know a pair of like selling
your shirts your you know iPhone covers make sure when you start having fans and
followers and people engaging with you on a regular basis make sure they also
can do business with you may make sure they can buy from you for example ye
review he has you know army of millions of followers and when he introduced a
service like you know online Wine Library people will go and it's a
subscription-based service how many of them will do it not many but when I'm
looking for way to support Gary Vee at least he has a service and if I'm wine
drinker why not subscribe to his service just to show appreciation to Gary Vee
you get the idea when people like you and follow you and you bring value to
them every once in a while if you ask them something
buy my book subscribe here support that person make sure you have a cause make
sure you have a small offer something something that they can pay back and
they can also do transaction with you again it's not about you it's we don't
create free content always to have sales later but when you don't have any
service to offer you don't have any products you they your audience don't
have opportunity to give back to you and to show support to you as well
content marketing works all those tips they work they work for a lot of people
who have been doing it for years including myself let me know in comments
below if you struggle in creating free content for people I know a lot of
business on only think about transaction only think
about you know I'm gonna pay this dollar amount to this radio or for this lead
service company and I'm gonna get this in a return people in business
struggling often with a free content marketing world they don't understand
how blogging or creating free videos really can help them but people who
start doing it really fast realize the value of it so comment below I would
like to hear your feedback what's your pain points why is it so hard for you to
generate free content because we all can do it you know YouTube is free for
everyone Facebook is free we all can write but yet only few of us do I want
to hear from you I want to help you and if you need more help from me please
subscribe to this channel more videos like this will be common to this channel
every single Thursday like we've been putting them for years I want to hear
from you I'll see you guys in the next video if you're the roofing contractor
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