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so with the rise of social media there's this need for an endless flow of video content video contents very engaging on social media and it's something that your small business needs to be competitive problem is what type of video content do you create well here's 16 ideas to get you started idea number one is a brand video a brand video is like your company video it tells your story talks about your mission talks about your why maybe what makes you different if somebody were to ask you hey what's your company's mission and what makes you different what would you tell them right what would be your two or three minutes sales pitch on that take that make it your script and create a video around it idea number two is a meet the team video a meet the team video is a good video and your sales process maybe your sales people can send that out to say hey here's the team that's gonna be working on your project or doing XYZ for you get to know them a little bit better it could also be a video you send to new customers hey we really are excited to get started I'm gonna send you a video so you can get to know the team a little better this is a great video to just kind of showcase your staff the value that they bring how do they fit in the process and what makes them different idea number three is a product demo video if you sell products really this video is explaining those products that's the how-to around the product if somebody were to ask you hey tell me about your product how it works and really why I should buy it what would you say to them turn that into a script and make a video around it idea number four is a service video it's a service explainer video really talking about the process and the value behind the service that you provide this is a great video on the sales process to put on your website to post on social media if somebody is interested in your services this would be the video that would really help them pull the trigger on that because it explains to them the value of your service really the quality behind it the process behind it so they're comfortable and ready to move forward I do number five is a sales presentation video really it's the overview of your company and the products that you provide it's something that your sales people might want to show on a sales meeting or in a presentation it could be something they want to send their prospects prior to signing up to get them excited just think about what's the best video to sell your company and the products and services that you provide and a real short and sweet two minutes script create a video around that idea number six is to create commercials for your brand think of a short inspiring maybe funny commercials short explainer video type commercials stuff that you can put on social media you can put on your YouTube channel you could potentially even run on digital TV it's a short ad write about your business it doesn't have to be too detailed right if you think about commercials for BMW or Under Armour and these sorts of things it's sometimes just an inspiring story with their logo at the end that works too so think about the types of commercials you can create around your brand idea number seven is to create snackable content snackable content is very short video content you could put on social media it's just snackable content it could be fun it could just be a short animation with a statement on there it could be something funny like somebody dancing through the streets right with a short tagline on it think of these as animated banner ads essentially create a lot of videos around this snackable content you can continually share across social media idea number eight is to create weekly tip videos maybe even monthly tip videos if you don't have a lot of time but the tip videos really are the ideas around how your product or service can solve problems right then the tips around that think of these as educational you have a lot of knowledge in an industry knowledge you know from where you come from how do you share that right how do you become a thought leader in your space tip videos work really well for that a perfect example is the one I'm doing right now how can you make a tip video like the one I'm doing right now for your business idea number nine is to do some webinars or some podcasts and record the podcast here again it's like the tip video idea but this is a little more longer form content where you really dive into something in particular that you're an expert around create content around that whether it's a webinar or a podcast record that get that up on social media and on your YouTube channel idea number ten is customer stories find some of your best customers and create a short customer story around that customer right these are like video testimonials essentially it shows how these customers are succeeding by using your products or services and how they're so happy about it right that's going to get people excited to want to do business with you in the future idea 11 is user-generated content by this I mean have your customers actually send you content maybe videos of the products that they purchase from you or maybe a short testimonial video that they just recorded on their phone and send it over give them a gift card right thank them for this kind of stuff you know give them a reason to do it and then share that on social media and post that on your website this kind of contents really good because it feels authentic it's not something that you created and you sent a whole video crew to go do it's somebody that somebody that felt compelled to do this video content on their own and you're just simply sharing that on social media idea number 12 is to do project videos this can be like a before after video or a design real or a an annual project real of sorts where you really highlight case studies and projects that you've done in the past so that people can see that you do a good job and there's actually results that come from it idea number thirteen as training videos or help videos so if there's additional instructions that need to be provided for the products or the services that you offer maybe you provide a service and there's some sort of maintenance or management of that service needed after the fact think about the things that your customers might need additional training or support on in the form sort of of help documentation where you can create this type of content for your website your help site for your social media channels your YouTube channels etc idea number fourteen is a company culture video think of this like a recruiting video if somebody's interested in working for you they want to kind of see behind the scenes of what your company's like what's the culture like what does it look like what's the work environment how do people interact you know what's the day-to-day look like create a video around that it's going to be a great asset you can put on your apply page idea number fifteen is an employee spotlight video maybe take somebody that's been with you for five years or ten years and and put them on the calendar to do an employee spotlight video right highlight their story what were they doing before they worked for you right what has their experience been like what's some things in their life that they're interested in outside of work right tell their story and what they're passionate about this will fuel their fire it's also good content to kind of leverage behind the recruiting video where you can start to highlight some of your staff as well and show people that are interested in working for you that there's some pretty cool people that work for you also that are pretty happy an idea 16 last idea do an annual party for your company and show a video at the party get them excited right this is a great time to kind of schedule an annual refresh of your company video your inspiring message that not only really fuels up your team but also can be used on your website and on social media to get your customers and potential customers excited about you as well it stays relevant that way because if you do a company video and then don't update it for like five years it gets kind of stale right so if you do this every year it always stays fresh and relevant and it's really something exciting to show at your company party so that's it thanks for watching there's 16 tips to get you started and good ideas around video for your company if you have additional ideas for video or tips around video for small business please leave it in the comments like the video if you liked it share it with your friends and follow us for more content like this down the road happy marketing

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